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move newbie zone away from the biggest hotspots in the game

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Wherever they move the newbie area, is going to make it a new hot spot. Its a hot spot because of the new players. Great location to go to recruit, market, show off, intimidate.


What you should be asking (if you like segregation for the lulz), is to simply say "have a sub server that is purely for newbies... and when they complete the main tutorial or 2 weeks pass, they are ejected to the real full server at a random location on Alioth".

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it shouldnt be completely separated, but letting newbies out where people go on and about their daily business is not a good choice, anywhere else but the markets is a good spot really. newbies should also be able to directly everywhere they want since its a sandbox, but it wont hurt to have a trainingcamp somewhere remote. it might be less overwhelming and create less lag. speeders can be wiped more often etc. just makes sense to separate markets and starting zone

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