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The Ore Problem - Suggested solution - Also it is a problem and not even Eve Online has it.

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OK so I have noticed the ore problem for myself, which I had heard some streams saying its not a problem, which naturally made me think at the time it must be fine then. However, it does seems its all been mined from the planets - Obviously this excludes T1 ores. The biggest issue with, to the games existence at least, is this is the wasted time incurred by players trying to find ore and to put his in perspective: A basic ship can spend 6 hours flying there and back again (To the loser places), this includes the searching for ore time and possibly an extra 3 hours fixing the ship you crashed at the end when it was too heavy.  This is kind of a game breaker in my opinion since there are not many people who will be willing to pay for that as an experience (time and again), especially when you consider actually not finding what you are after on the planet or moon even though the map states these ores are present. Anyway


The proposed solution: (There are several parts to this solution)


The first thing is to indicate how much of each ore is actually present on the planets and moons for each ore type (not including the meteors on the ground) on the map itself.  I would suggest actual value out of how much there was to start with however, a percentage would work too. I would also suggest that an indication of the closest depth to the surface should be shown shown on the map. This part will at least cut out the wasted trips since you know what you are able to get before you set out.


The second item I would suggest is to actually encourage people to migrate out to other planets is to make claiming a tile enable an auto respawn of ore on in that tile, a daily respawn assuming you mine the ore. I personally would prefer the mining tunnels be refilled too along with random spawn location, which would keep some realism. Ore types and amounts would need to be guaranteed though to make it work. This would also encourage risking PVP (once it is out) since people would be everywhere not just on the shield moon waiting for someone who can find some of the ore to sell it. I would also suggest this would centralise the corps to the closet planets with the ores they need and push the independents (Like myself - currently) to the outer rim, as the game progresses, which I think is more realistic anyway.


I think these suggestions would fix most peoples issues with the game however, it still needs some work to allow newer players to reach the stage of claiming tiles (can afford to buy a territory control unit) and without spending hours/days travelling in a ship to find an area (I think the developer sounded like they were going to add new systems to prevent this but I do not know that for sure).


Lastly I tend to suggest and run rather than defend any suggestion I make thus allowing them to be accepted or not as happens naturally, so I anticipate that some people will object to this on the grounds or respawning ore not being realistic. For those arguments I would like to say, I support realism as a solution because this would actually involve making even the most basic moon have so much ore to mine that even with the entire community (at its peak when ever that is) working at the goal of stripping an entire Moon dry  would need 100 years to actually complete that goal. I would compare the billions of people (I am including anyone buying the furniture) trying to deforest the rainforest as a gauge for this estimate.

(No matter how much we might wish it we will never have billions in game - though it would be interesting to be proved wrong on this point). 


Have fun and all the best



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The DU team already said re-spawning ore would not be a thing as they want people to go to new systems when added and to mine asteroids.


as for flat out showing how much ore left is on a planet... that’s a bit op however, adding an item like the territory scanner which can be used from space/ high altitude to scan more than one hex at a time so you get a general idea where ore Might be and how much of each type would be great to have in the game.


Also I have to agree that it’s not a problem you didn’t find the ore you were looking for as that’s just how things go sometimes when you bet on searching for it.


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It really isn't a problem yet. Of course in more crowded areas ore will be scarce, and high-tier ores are more rare anyways. But it's not even close to being mined out. If you want to be a miner beyond your Sanctuary claim, you have to use the tools available and progress, it's part of the challenge.


There is a new system coming with new planets, can't remember when but I think in interview with JC he said it may be only a few months away.

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Ok, a few tips...


Don’t scan ore one hex at a time. A correctly set up ship can do three at a time. Or just deploy with D cores.


long travel time is fixed by warp drives. Just add it to your margins like other costs such as repairs etc.


If you are crashing coming in two often maybe a little more playing around with your ship, practice more exits and re-entries or maybe ask somebody if your ship is badly designed.


we have Org members coming in every day with mega kilo litter after kilo litre of ore every day. I know a lot of people like playing MMO’s by them self, but maybe reach out to a few people every now and them for advise on any issues you are having.


If you are  in a org and they nobody offers to assist maybe try a different org.

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Just thought I would check this and I can see some people have read the post and got stuck on the, scanning for ore and respawn of ore. This is not really the big Issue and so I will state the issue clearly:


The issue is that you can spend as a new person easily over 4 hours getting to somewhere near by, to try and acquire some ore not found on the sanctuary planet. The example I gave in my description is what it took me last weekend, 9 hours from start to finish and I did not end up with what I was after.


So I do not mind what the solution is for this issue but to make it clear, I myself will not be paying for a game that has over 4 hours of wasted time without any success and I do not think that anyone else will either (when it releases).


Especially since the map advertises the ore is on these planets this is an issue.


To be clear Eve online has a map that tells you where the ore is and if you go to the systems early enough in the day it is there (people do mine it all out every day but it is at least there in the morning to afternoon periods).


I would to be honest say that if you want this game to succeed and be mainstream then you cannot really waste more than 2 hours of a persons time without something come out of it on occasion, including due to PVP. People like to succeed and make things in these types of game so its not an optional component.


(I think I would enjoy a long mining trip now and then, one day on a weekend)


Hope this makes this issue clearer.


Thank you in advance for suggestions.

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