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Ministry (Recruitment!)

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Join Ministry!



- One of the Fastest Growing Organizations in Dual Universe!


- Help us build and prosper & Design with our in game Professional Web Dev teams!


- Learn from the ground up at our local Academy from day 1.  We will let hold your hand or let you learn the hard way if you prefer.


- Get a head start with our Industry for Ore Comprehensive contribution trade plan!


- Do Battle and Defend our Organization from threats and Carry Out the will of our High Ministers in one of our Fleet Battle Cruisers! Pew pew pew!


- Explore the unknown parts of the universe, unravel the puzzles and help us solve the mysteries of DU. Lead a fleet of pilots on an Expedition of unexplored planets. 


-  Help transport goods  and ferry people as one of our local Haulers. 


- Graduate from our Academy, go through a rite of passage and return as a recognized well trained Official Citizen of Ministry and settle down at a reserved spot in our City :)

- Speaking of Cities, when you join our organization, you are apart of the Ascendancy, one of the largest alliances  in the Dual Universe Community to date. 


-As you grow in the game, advance in the ranks and work towards a spot on our High Council where all Major Decisions are made. 


- Build Build Build!!!!!





For more Information Please contact us on Discord! Yes we will get back to you!

- WhiteMeat

Discord: WhiteMEat#0726

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hi so I'm grave! made this lil thing and left it! I got scared of what it needed to run a faction. WhiteMEat was there to create it with me and he kept faith in it. After a lil bit of time he got it running and recruited a whole lot moar peeps. Now they're making LUA stuff that renders even me jelly xD. They went and made themselves allies with the largest alliance in da game (the Arch Confederacy) and are aiming to get the title of Archons. They only need 40 ppl as I'm writing this and are already halfway done so uh yeh join em, they're gud.

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