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Arise, minecrafters!


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So, here is pretty large and interesting thread for Landmark vets, It makes me little bit jealous : ) How about hardcore minecrafters?


Lets show them power of Old Block Ways. Post your best things with nessesary comments and how you plan to rock world of DU with all your experience.


I'll start.


Most builds are from high-fantasy city project called Kingdom of Merovia. And there is a lot. Mostly mine disigns and global planning/coordination, but some things built (or updated later, when I quit MC) by my great building-buddy angvar -- also he made many of presented screenshots. Ships disigned by several other talented people of our building crew. Lots of people participated during years of building.




MORE in spoiler V





Island keep.




Merovian countryside.




Tavern and traders cart.




Bridgecastle and golden field.




Handmade nature.




View from nothern forest.


Картинки по запросу "новости герольдов меровия"


Panoramic view on city from gates.




Rainy day and thiefs guild stash near sewer entrance : )




Harbour at night.


Картинки по запросу "merovia minecraft"


Another view from harbour.




Castle close-up.




Way into the castle.




Castle yard.




Docks District.




Gdansk port crane.








Streets and Shakespeare Globus.


Картинки по запросу "меровия дракон"


Tavern and channel.



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@pipestein, never late to try MC, but if you seriously go building, try some fancy textures and shaders, helps "modernize" visuals quite a bit.


@CSSUcommand, well, build has complicated history, in short:


0) this is surv server;

1) several years of work, with pauses;

2) ~ 90% of project itself done by me in creative, 10% contributions of ther players;

3) on sever many people worked on resources and building, 6-8 very activly, 50 or so others done minor work/help at some point.



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13 hours ago, WaRtrO said:

Very nice construction. I would like to see this on DU 😂
You'll send me a private message when you've built something so beautiful on DU.

Join Us

Thanks! but I fear it will be long time : )

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