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I've been watching tutorials made by J.C on YouTube, and I saw that there was no video about robotics but only on programming. So, I was wondering if, in Dual Universe, i could be able to create, for example, a huge mechanical arm for an industrial use, create articulations for maybe ... a human-looking robot, or even functional undercarriage for my spaceship !


So, will i be able to do such things ?

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It's not planned for release and close period. Though they said somewhere at later 'addons' such features may be added.

The main reason I believe is that moving parts add much more complexity to game physics like collisions and multy-grid interactions. 

I agree that having modules for Rotors, Sliders, Pistons, Hinges, Rails will contribute significantly to creativity. But on the other hand it's better to have less functionality that is properly tested and polished than more features that can cause troubles. 

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I just stumbled upon this, it is from 2016 but still.

all answers are here: 



Q&A 5: Tuesday 5th July 2016



Which features from Unigine's Physics Engine are being considered for use in DU? ( https://unigine.com/en/products/engine/versatile-platform )
Will the game feature moving parts that allow us to connect multiple player built structures? like sliding rails, rotors, hinges, and everything that connects one voxel structure to another?


So far, we use Unigine's Physics Engine only for the collision system and the force/torque engine.
We are aware that  it can also offer various joints and motors but the dev team might develop this feature in a different way:
We have a plan to go with small size moving parts, but it's really far away in the roadmap. You would have "joint units" that can be use to connect them, and then script them (in LUA). Could be used to make a large door or... battlemechs? giant spider robots?

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