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  1. We all know that DU is a game based on it's community, which is supposed to build civilizations : cities, politics, economy etc ... Players will act according to their personal feelings and by their own means to reach their goals. What i was wondering about, is that it could be a very good experiment to observe all the different behaviors player could have (builders, traders, warriors, diplomats ...) and their interactions, like a huge mini-world with potentially thousands of guinea pigs (us ^^') ! This kind of stuff happened in WOW when a bug just spread a contagious virus in the game that created a real plague situation (The Corrupted Blood incident), and it has been a really interesting event for people who were looking to analyze player's behavior (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrupted_Blood_incident#Models_for_real-world_research). To me, DU is an opportunity for social scientists to look for similar situations.
  2. Got it ! Thanks for all answers !
  3. I've been watching tutorials made by J.C on YouTube, and I saw that there was no video about robotics but only on programming. So, I was wondering if, in Dual Universe, i could be able to create, for example, a huge mechanical arm for an industrial use, create articulations for maybe ... a human-looking robot, or even functional undercarriage for my spaceship ! So, will i be able to do such things ?
  4. Hi, quick introducing for a organization looking player ! Contact me
  5. Assault failed. Btray. In distress. 901 offline. You don't see nothing in the dark. END
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