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  1. Too bad, you could make a lot of cool stuff with robotics.
  2. Do you mean Radar? and this may be an NDA topic because you're saying something about the UI if the 2D is already a thing, so watch out.
  3. I'd say that everything you put in it should be decomposed to raw materials. Because if you put a component in a grinder for example, it won't deconstruct, it breaks it down to the original element. and maybe even a mixed element maybe?
  4. It's a strange idea and don't know how it would work, but it sounds interesting!
  5. discordauth:LldyF7Cr1Y69wQds5dP_Dmb4Kdt8KxcPxMlsAwtc_dc=

  6. Hello everyone, I think I've got a cool idea that to my knowledge isn't in the game. When you're coding you need to connect all the lights and buttons etc. one by one. My idea was to make a tool that you could select a big area of lights and buttons etc. with instead of just doing it one by one. example: you're in a freighter's bay, you want that if you walk in all the lights turn on. If you need to do it one by one it's going to become tedious pretty fast. So instead you aim in one corner, hold down a buttons, then aim diagonally at the other side, and voila! you've got a box in w
  7. discordauth:LldyF7Cr1Y69wQds5dP_Dmb4Kdt8KxcPxMlsAwtc_dc=

  8. Hello everybody (moderators). I would like an approval from a moderator so I can get the discordauth. And where do I get my key to install the game?
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