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          The Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord is a multi-organizational union that aims to provide a strong up-building environment for its partners while giving them the ability to retain full control over their sovereignty and freedom of choice, as well as providing options for political, territorial, and economic growth. In no such way will the CCPA interfere with a member organization’s laws or form of government. We also ensure the security of each of our members, by giving them the option to call upon the combined forces of every other member organization.

          We achieve this balance by having each member organization appoint a representative or representatives to be the voice for their specific organization. These representatives interact with other members in order to forge new, modify existing, or remove old policy. This is achieved by a simple voting system based around a simple majority vote.

For more information feel free to check out our full document: CCPA Pact Briefing





           The CCPA structure was designed with efficiency in mind. There are only three ranks that are assignable. These ranks are described below:


  • Representatives: The individuals who have this rank are chosen by their respective organization leaders. Their purpose is to voice their ideas and concerns, as well as guiding the development of the CCPA by proposing new, modifying existing, and removing old guidelines. Ultimately, they are the ones that shape the direction that the CCPA follows.
  • Mediators: These are individuals assigned from the pool of representatives to serve in more of an administrative function; in that they are to manage the website, moderate the discord server, and assist the community as a whole. They are chosen by a majority vote by the council of representatives.
  • Organization Leaders: These are individuals who lead organizations that are current members of the pact. Their purpose is to assign the representative or representatives that they want to voice the ideas and concerns of their organization.




           The CCPA’s whole purpose is to provide an environment that is safe from the influences of negative forces within the community that ultimately would hinder the development of our separate communities. We know that as a combined force, working together in unison, we will have more opportunities to build up or infrastructure, develop laws, build fleets, collect resources, and evolve our economies than if we tried to do so separately. Ultimately, the Contractual Cooperative Peace Accord objective is to combine our strengths, while using our specialized fields of operation to boost our individual weaknesses. We aim to provide an environment of peace, equality, and economic strength.  

           In signing, you are ensuring your security, as well as others. It is our unity that will ultimately lead us to great things, however, none of this can be achieved without your support…




           If you’re interested in becoming a member of the CCPA then it’s all you have to do is go to our website, or join our discord server.


           Once you have applied your application will be processed by one of our representatives in order to make sure everything is filled out correctly. If it is, then it will be passed on to a vote. The voting process takes up to three business days. If your organization is accepted into the CCPA you will receive a message from a mediator on how to proceed. If your organization is not accepted, a mediator will contact you and explain why your application was denied, and if there is anything you can do to correct your application. 




Our Community Page

Our Website

Our Discord



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UPDATE 5/13/19


Genova Federation has joined the CCPA

Corrected from GSLU at bequest of Zerifis 

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UPDATE 5/15/19


Work on a public bot is nearing completion. The first iteration of the bot will add some critical features:

  • Ability to anchor a channel to create votes / commands in
  • Ability to anchor a channel to automatically display all finished / created votes
  • Ability to limit scope of vote to specific roles
  • Ability to limit the time available of a specific vote
  • Ability to for a vote creator to remove their poll before time ends
  • Ability to display via command who voted for what option
  • Ability to set custom poll questions
  • Ability to set custom poll answers / multiple answers
  • And much much more

The next version of the bot will focus on verifying Dual Universe accounts to Discord Accounts using a unique identifier. 


On release the source code will be made public, to appease the "critics" out there. 

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On 5/13/2019 at 5:50 AM, Wilks Checkov said:

UPDATE 5/13/19


Genova Federation has joined the CCPA

Corrected from GSLU at bequest of Zerifis 

I don't quiet know how they can join seeing they have an umbrella of organizations under them(Kind of like what your pact is doing...).


Now if each one of those organizations want to join your Pact that would make more sense. Seeing that by your Pact, Genova Federation will have all say for those under its grasp, due to it being the only one with ranks under this Pact. Seems they might have to much power over their own agreement.


But if each of the Organizations under Genova Federation want to sign individually this would make more equal rights to each of those organizations. Each having a Rep/Mediator/Org Leader available to speak on their behalf.


Alliance > Under a Federation > Under a Coalition > Under who knows what the next 20 higher ups are doesn't make sense and only leads to an implosion when the bottom group gets shafted.....Just look at the history of EvE Online...........Or don't its bad lol

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There is a possibility they have a clear voting system that takes the voices of all members into account, i know we have that in CATS and i would think others would too.

But that sort of information is not known to the whole community and takes a readup on statutes for all these organizations comprised of more than one :)


Doing a nice Job Wilks on first sight, i hope we will meet often in peace to make DU a good place to be!


Greetz Aaron

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