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  1. @Scoopy “I knew we were gonna get in trouble but we did it anyway and the ban isn’t fair it’s all NQ’s fault”. If you know something is wrong, and you intentionally break it for laughs, you shouldn’t complain when they lay down the law and ban you. You had an expectation of the consequences, and instead of being a responsible community member you exploited it and broke something that’s gonna take some time to bring back online. You’re not getting sympathy from the community dude, they lost out because of your poor judgement.
  2. If a part 2 is wanted by anyone, feel free to reply and ask for it! I didn’t expect this to that well received
  3. It was a long deep silence before the neural simulations started, it was a silence that was deafening, but simultaneously lulling. I felt like I could sleep for eternity, and it felt like I did. I floated in a warm darkness that caressed me and comforted me. But then I awoke to the false reality, to the Simulation. It was Alioth. It was bright, vibrant, teeming with the Alpha Team that got to work almost immediately, testing the waters of the world so to speak. I stood there for a long time, wishing I was back in the stillness and silence. The AI in my helmet piped up, a dim, robotic, feminine
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