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  1. Welcome Varg! I am PoRsChE, PiNkPoRsChE...
  2. Welcome! Do as the Romans, build us a masterpiece. Or maybe fight for your life. Join a battalion and wage war? The Age of Voxel's is among us. ?⚒️⚔️
  3. Welcome aboard! Alpha 2 shouldn't be to far from the near future we all hope.
  4. Welcome! You might look into the puzzle contest they have going on, they have some cool things you can combine with LUA and elements. Show us what you're made of! ?
  5. Get Ready for this next session its only hours away!!!!!!!!!! Welcome & have fun!
  6. Sorry for jumping the gun then didn't mean to call you out just seemed a little off. That makes more sense, I didn't know it had changed. Thanks for the updated info.
  7. discordauth:4Du_e8cgdRVOxSkQoeGUe6Wr77aeaUqmqBD7d5dkw9M=

  8. I don't quiet know how they can join seeing they have an umbrella of organizations under them(Kind of like what your pact is doing...). Now if each one of those organizations want to join your Pact that would make more sense. Seeing that by your Pact, Genova Federation will have all say for those under its grasp, due to it being the only one with ranks under this Pact. Seems they might have to much power over their own agreement. But if each of the Organizations under Genova Federation want to sign individually this would make more equal rights to each of those organizations. Each having a Rep/Mediator/Org Leader available to speak on their behalf. Alliance > Under a Federation > Under a Coalition > Under who knows what the next 20 higher ups are doesn't make sense and only leads to an implosion when the bottom group gets shafted.....Just look at the history of EvE Online...........Or don't its bad lol
  9. Welcome! Was that from France? You didn't use cheap Cook's did you.... You know that's bad luck right?
  10. Hello & Welcome! I see your alpha tagged. Better be ready for some testing on this new R15 release. Did you get some game time in DU this last test? So worth checking things out. Fly Safe o7
  11. Welcome! What discord you been hanging in? DU's? Great place to check out upcoming info or org's.
  12. .....Bacon? Can I have some...... Welcome I hope you Fly Safe on your strip of BACON!
  13. Welcome! I see you stopped by our discord, are you interested in SilverLight Industries & our focus in DU? One way or another get some Alpha time in if you can, things are starting to get interesting with updates. More to come soon we hope. Hope to see you in game. Fly Safe o7
  14. Welcome to DU! Enjoy what things are to come and keep up with progress. Fly Safe o7
  15. Sup? Sounds like Bot talk.... Will be watching you (>.>)
  16. PiNkPoRsChE


    Welcome! Get ready for the R15 release for this next session it has some nice new features. May the DU be with you!
  17. Welcome Aboard! If you haven't played get some DU game time in next sessions and check out the new patch they say is to be released.... Will see what they have in store for us!
  18. Welcome & Wow! That's some nice modeling you have there, great detail work. If you're interested in working with a design team for future DU constructs you should stop by Silver Light Industries & Check us out. https://discord.gg/Z2Frz59 Otherwise, fly safe and hope you find your work in later DU gameplay.
  19. BUMP THIS THANG! ? Come! Join! Build! Explore! Discover! LIVE DU! JUST DU IT! Drop by our Discord and see if we're the right fit for your future in DU!
  20. WELCOME! Now we want to see you in game.?
  21. Welcome! Help us alpha members figure out where all the ore is and map it.....So release day they can change it on us and make us start all over again. Watch out for the mole men, they'll get ya!
  22. Welcome Purple! I am your friendly neighbor PiNk LOL Hope to see you around in DU.
  23. Welcome! That's pretty awesome for Eve and the market. We could definitely use this inside of DU or even my organization. Best of luck to where you land! o7
  24. PiNkPoRsChE


    Welcome to Alpha, Load up and let DU this thing!
  25. Great to see you on the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay in joining with Silver Light Industries.
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