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  1. Hey, so I apologize if we weren't clear enough (seems to be a bad habit), but with Genova Federation, members refers to individuals, not full organizations as it did in GLSU. Pengo made a post with detail back in March that mentioned it. The alliance system, which deals with full organizations, was designed to have more clear cut relations between us, and other organizations; things like trade agreements, military alliances, etc. Hopefully that clarifies everything.
  2. The Planetary Federation is a small organization that hopes to govern like a modern nation. We are in need members to further develop our infrastructure, and grow. For a Planetary ruling system, we aim to balance the power between the upper and lower levels of government, allowing residents and officials of the planets to live as they wish, with little infringement any of their neighboring planets or systems. Similar to counties within a state or country. We are completely open to any who wish to join, and there are plenty of positions to offer to suit everybody’s interests. Whether you want to be a miner or a government official, there is an open house of positions waiting to be filled. Lastly, we are happily a member of the Cinderfall Syndicate, and accept all no matter how many organizations you may belong to. I hope to work with you all soon. See you in the stars. Sincerely, Manzaa President of the Planetary Federation
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