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  1. PiNkPoRsChE

    I am in fact a real person

    Sup? Sounds like Bot talk.... Will be watching you (>.>)
  2. PiNkPoRsChE


    Welcome! Get ready for the R15 release for this next session it has some nice new features. May the DU be with you!
  3. PiNkPoRsChE

    Finally pledged to the game :)

    Welcome Aboard! If you haven't played get some DU game time in next sessions and check out the new patch they say is to be released.... Will see what they have in store for us!
  4. PiNkPoRsChE

    Hello all of you :)

    Welcome & Wow! That's some nice modeling you have there, great detail work. If you're interested in working with a design team for future DU constructs you should stop by Silver Light Industries & Check us out. https://discord.gg/Z2Frz59 Otherwise, fly safe and hope you find your work in later DU gameplay.
  5. PiNkPoRsChE

    SilverLight Industries {Now Hiring}

    BUMP THIS THANG! 🔊 Come! Join! Build! Explore! Discover! LIVE DU! JUST DU IT! Drop by our Discord and see if we're the right fit for your future in DU!
  6. PiNkPoRsChE


    WELCOME! Now we want to see you in game.🧐
  7. PiNkPoRsChE

    Hiiieeeee yall.

    Welcome! Help us alpha members figure out where all the ore is and map it.....So release day they can change it on us and make us start all over again. Watch out for the mole men, they'll get ya!
  8. PiNkPoRsChE

    Long time lurker, first time poster!

    Welcome Purple! I am your friendly neighbor PiNk LOL Hope to see you around in DU.
  9. PiNkPoRsChE


    Welcome! That's pretty awesome for Eve and the market. We could definitely use this inside of DU or even my organization. Best of luck to where you land! o7
  10. PiNkPoRsChE


    Welcome to Alpha, Load up and let DU this thing!
  11. PiNkPoRsChE

    Hiya folks

    Great to see you on the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay in joining with Silver Light Industries.
  12. All types of assets are needed in any feature of this game, with age brings knowledge as long as you're willing to integrate with what's new. Silver Light Industries might be a place for you to look into. More designers & builders welcome.
  13. Hello community! First time posting in the forms here even though I have been reading through them. I figured I would put myself out here first to introduce not only myself but explain what I am looking to do for DU. Looking to expand both my organization's & personal DESIGN BUILD FLY by doing collaboration on ship builds, consultation, or start to finish DBF contracts. Current Member of SLI - Operations & Procedures in Dual Universe(Not looking to move). The idea behind the DBF is to ensure exactly what it means: First, the design is not only aesthetically pleasing to the buyer but logical to its function & size. Next, building effectively in materials, production time, & delivery if contracted. Lastly, make sure it doesn't only FLY but the pilot is able to understand & fully pilot the ship to its potential. Lessons may be included if part of the contract. Random facts about myself. I have a wide background of game history from FPS to RPG new & old(Just a few of my favorites: BF Series, Borderlands Series, ARK, Rust, Warhammer Series, EVE Online, Secret World, Battleborn). Some of my best personal skills include CAD(Aerospace/Mechanical), Photoshop, Management(Currently ASM), & Customer Service. Everyday I deal with customers & employees and want to integrate that in to the future of DU. Obviously a Porsche enthusiast as well . Design style falls between the power & sleekness of a Porsche, the industrial raw materials of an EVE Minmatar Ship & Guns, lastly a balance of those with the balance of user interface and ship logic. Alpha Founder - Loved the 2 week test session and wanting more... Please if your interested or have any questions feel free to contact me and we can setup a meeting on Discord to discuss further details on a project. This is one design of my own DBF Concepts that I intend to do a collaboration build at a later date due to immense size, utility, and LUA scripting. CAPITAL CLASS: Mothership/MultiVerse Transport CODE NAME: SCC-WOLFGANG-0011 FUNCTION: Life & Death Ferry SHIP DETAILS: Classified