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Gifting Backer Packages

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I understand that during the post-Kickstarter phase when Founders packs were available, it was generally discouraged to be gifting backer packages, however now that we have Supporter packs it would be really cool to have a built-in feature to allow us to gift pledges to others.


I don't want to go into explaining how I've been able to gift pledges to others, suffice to say that it does not involve sharing passwords. However it's not really a straightforward way, and it's somewhat risky to be doing I'll admit. I did ask NQ whether or not what I was doing was allowed, and they did say that it was. So I know I'm not breaking any rules by doing it.


So I suppose I will consider this thread as a request for us to have the native ability to gift pledges directly from the pledge page.



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Hi Yamamushi,


Yes the "gift a pack" feature is planned.

However, it won't be before several months (probably not before Alpha 2, at the earliest): there is a significant development time to allocate for such feature and it's not - unfortunately - in the top priorities right now.


Best Regards,


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