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The Dual Universe Yellow Pages is an organization directory sorted by service category. We are non-biased when it comes to who lists their org here. Listing is completely FREE and only requires you go through our application process which will give you a channel that you will control and be able to post and advertise in.


The Dual Universe Yellow Pages has the largest rolodex of organization categories, as well as over 60 listings. Our categories range from Autocracies to Transportation, with numerous categories in between.

Here at the Dual Universe Yellow Pages, we want to make sure everyone in the community knows what they're going to do after launch. That's our sole purpose, to host a list of organizations that allows anyone to join and instantly find the organization type they want to join. As such, we want to reward the people who have listed organizations by offering additional promotion. Every month, a single organization is chosen at random and receives the status of "Featured Org." They are then added to the #featured-org channel and their representative gains an additional role.


If you want to list an organization, find an organization to join, or just be social with the community, swing by our Discord and say hi.

Discord: https://discord.gg/VvvVXM2

Community Portal: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/du-yellow-pages-tm



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2 hours ago, gravetender said:


it's 1:12 am, it's my first time commenting on a threat of DU forums. Why the first time? Because people say there is a lot of "unnecessary drama". I saw there was new stuff in the forum and checked it. And here I come to see exactly what I was warned of.


Regarding drama


Beware potential confirmation bias though. Frankly, I don't get some saying the forum is full of drama (implied or literally), as I hardly see much of it.


Now just because I don't see or perceive some things as such doesn't mean there is nothing going on, but I so far think some seem to blow things way out of proportions. Exaggerating doesn't help players or a community however.


So my little PSA is: maybe it's not as bad as some people think it is.


And I think the forum or community can survive an occasional joke or sh*t post or some organization taking a jab at another. Whatever makes it past a certain threshold, moderation can deal with.


Last but not least, there is usually also always at least two sides to (public) "drama". While you cannot always influence the other side, what you can influence is how you deal with it or specifically, how you react and respond. Often you can de-escalate or escalate further.




Regarding the group


Interesting idea. However, I see a potential manual work aspect where automation might be better. Orgs have go through an application and you have to manage it. Now, not counting the featured org status, for all players it might be more beneficial to have DU integrate categories into the organization hub at the community section where all orgs are listed. Think of like how Star Citizen does it with. Pre-defined categories and tags so as you create your org, you can already pick a category yourself.


No offense to your idea but for convenience features an integration into existing systems is always more preferable from a community POV over having to go through private entities and manual work to keep things updated.


But this mostly depends on whether the devs add this or not. If so, you might have to adapt your idea a bit.



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@Warden I absolutely agree, it is for the most part quite labourous. Honestly the only reason we started this org back in April was because of the lackluster org registry on the portal. If NQ adds an automatic category system to either the portal or in-game, we'd be perfectly fine to start winding operations down.

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As the A3 stage approaches ever closer, I want to bump this thread to do a couple different things:

  1. I want to let any new organizations that have been created this year know that you can create a listing for your organization in the DUYP for free.
  2. I want to remind any older organizations that you also can create a listing for your organization in the DUYP for free.
  3. I want to let any new players looking for an organization to join know that the Yellow Pages sorts organizations into what they plan on doing in DU, allowing you to find a specific type of organization to join.

If you are looking for a good organization to join, want to list your organization for the world to see, or just want to visit yet another community resource Discord, feel free to join using the link below.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/VvvVXM2

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After close to 2 years of operation, I will be stepping down as project lead for the Dual Universe Yellow Pages for varying personal reasons.


I am leaving the remaining administrative team to continue running the service as they see fit so please direct questions about the DUYP to @[ Ψ ] ???????? ????? and @Captain_Hilts via this thread or the DUYP Discord.



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Yes, the Dual Universe Yellow Pages is still active. We've opted to shift our focus to developing a web-version of the DUYP with the same level of accessibility and customization as our current Discord server—with the website undoubtedly offering higher levels of both in the long-run.

With the launch of the Beta phase last month, all 77 listings were updated to include:

  • Updated Discord Invites
  • Updated Community Portal Links
  • Forum Thread Links (for listed organizations that have them)
  • Primary Language(s)
  • Summary of Said Organization

For individuals new to DU or for individuals wanting to find a space to hang out and chat with others, swing by the DUYP. We can help direct you to an organization/Discord that fits whatever interst(s) you have.



no necroposting happening here

still waiting for NQ to add a category/filter feature to the portal so we can shut this org down lol

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