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  1. Yes, the Dual Universe Yellow Pages is still active. We've opted to shift our focus to developing a web-version of the DUYP with the same level of accessibility and customization as our current Discord server—with the website undoubtedly offering higher levels of both in the long-run. With the launch of the Beta phase last month, all 77 listings were updated to include: Updated Discord Invites Updated Community Portal Links Forum Thread Links (for listed organizations that have them) Primary Language(s) Summary of Said Organization For individuals new to DU or for individuals wanting to find a space to hang out and chat with others, swing by the DUYP. We can help direct you to an organization/Discord that fits whatever interst(s) you have. https://discord.gg/yRY2tM7 no necroposting happening here still waiting for NQ to add a category/filter feature to the portal so we can shut this org down lol
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