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Smoke and Flares

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This idea just recently came to my mind and I might as well propose it here.


Both can be launched from their respective launcher



purpose: reduce visibility (create fog effect)

use: for escape; to reduce visibility if you launch and shoot it on enemy position.




Environmentally deployed and stationary Flare (comes in different colors: red, green, etc.) 

the launched Flare is the fireworks which is already a present concept in this game and will be available on Launch.

purpose: create striking light that can be visually seen from long range for visual communication and create intense lighting from short range for distraction/reduce visibility.

use: visual distress signal and other visual communication; to visually mark an area; intense lighting for distraction/reduce visibility.



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"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. You know what you're here for today, right? This company is two generations over... ten thousand years?"

The audience softly chuckles, but their eyes are still focused on her, the woman with the spotlight. A living legacy.

"Today, I present to you... Over ten thousand years of work into a single product to make sure, well frankly, you get your shit together."

The audience laughs a bit harder, some of them trying to focus on the tiny little clearish box, while the smarter look at the huge holo-projector behind Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

"Now with full VR-dive, so you get to experience even more worlds away from yours." Lisa says, but the audience doesn't laugh at it. She wonders if she should explain it, but she decides not to.

"The iPhone XV, starting at just 599 quanta. No headphone jacks, because your mind is the jack." She says, as she throws the phone on the floor, yet it doesn't shatter. Just a soft thud.

Some workers bring over a vat of acid, and she picks the phone up and drops it in. A few drops go airborne and sizzle on the floor. Afterwards, she heats the phone to several hundred degrees centigrade.

She puts on some gloves because it is still acid. The phone is invincible, not her.

She of course orders a pizza from some historical site (an area to remember somebody called Papa Johns, a cultural beacon. The pizza has been adjusted for authenticity).

"100% protection, 100% of the time. You break it, we buy it for you." She says, as smoke pours into the stage. Disappearing onto the stage, the crowd stands and applauds.



Verdict: yes. We want smokes and flares. I want to be able to rock in, and show my damn stuff.

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