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The Kingdom of Avalon

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The Kingdom of Avalon


(Post is definitely W.I.P) 

UPDATE: Still testing out the names.


Citizenship Application:


Character Name:

Forum Name:

Time Active:

What do you wish to accomplish?: (What are your goals, your dreams.)

What experience in games do you have?: (Particularly space games, open world, or RTS.)




Disclaimer: The Kingdom of Avalon is an active participant of the Cinderfall Coalition.




The ideology behind the Kingdom of Avalon is meant to be very similar to a true, idealistic, free state (or nation) in the real world. Although it will be lead by a non-elected leader, the basis of the nation will be freedom and honor, with a hailing to the chivalry of the past. Many corporations in this universe will act as clans or communities that spend a various amount of time on all but their main game. For us, this will be the main game. Our goal is to establish a vibrant culture in our community, allow businesses to flourish within our sectors, and promote a general sense of companionship among everyone who visits our worlds. It is to be a place of warmth, joy, compassion, and character. I suppose I should digress into culture and history know, but I hope you all are getting the picture!



Culture & History

(Note: The culture is both in and out of roleplay, in some aspects more than others.)

Charlemagne was renown throughout the world as King, Conquerer, and Holy Roman Emperor. A man truly of great stature, strength, and intelligence - he united Europe in a way few ever would. He kept the peace, fought at the forefront of the wars, and had seemingly noble ideals at heart. He was not overly cruel, nor overly zealous. From Charlemagne sprung the story of his Twelve Peers, or the Paladins, as they were so known. These knights fought great battles, but were eventually betrayed, and killed in a final stand. Charlemagne's rule eventually ended, but his legend spread on, to a quite possibly real kingdom called Camelot (or Briton). The iconic king was replaced by Arthur, and his knights of the round table - another story which ended in the total collapse of an empire, even though noble goals were all that was in their hearts.



A modern Camelot was formed on an artificial addition of land that linked between Ireland and the United Kingdoms, typically Canterbury is referenced as the Camelot of legend, so it was seen fit to name the new nation-state this. Within a span of a few years, it declared itself independent from the United Kingdoms, along with Ireland. This lead to a temporary economic decline in England, causing other children of Britain to reconsider their stance on the topic. Eventually, the new nation declared it's currency, and began fracking for oil and other natural resources off of their borders. They expanded their industries into various fields, researching shielding technology, laser weapons, and even delving into advanced particle physics. Twelve great men, from various fields, were asked to come to this new nation and serve under it's administrator. Their families, and friends were also extended an invitation, along with any other brilliant minds that they wished to bring along. However, as a result of this, many nations began looking at this New Eden with great anger. Within a short time, various countries had planet spies, and the seeds for war inside of this great nation.



It didn't take long, the jealousy and shared hatred lead to an assault on foreign assets via military or corporate assault. And soon the drums of war called out, as the completion of their Ark was underway. The small nation stood a fighting chance with it's advanced technologies, but it could only last so long on a battle with so many fronts. Mighty technological bastions stood in the way of advance, but alas, even they fell - one by one. Two of the twelve fought to the death in the first wave. One was captured, and was held, unable to return. As they breached the innards of the nation, the Nine, the Magnus, and the Administrator fled to the last bastion. The last hope before the chasm in which the Ark lay. The epic battle lasted for what seemed like a month. The combat was non-stop - and one by one the Paladins, the glorious protectors vanished. The great leader, Artorious Pendragon, lead the final charge as the mighty Arkenship raised into the dusk sky, and began to fire it's engines, leaving the darkness and deceit of man behind.



The King would never join the remainder of his people, and his people would only have the legends to speak of that final charge, and heavenly light that seemed to radiate from those men. 


The Commonwealth was founded on the primary basis of this story, with a King, Leader, or whatsoever the rank may be called at it's head; surrounded by his twelve Paladins. They form the highest ranks of the government, and each has the power to make massive decisions of state or war. From their work and lifeblood, the military and the civilian government are formed.



The military is, of course, divided into Navy (for the stellar fleets and marines), and the planetary based forces (Army). The civilian government is primarily run to provide upkeep materials for cities, starships, and provide general services to the public (including celebrations). The civilian government is also tasked with citizen ranking. Citizen ranking dictates what standing a citizen is currently with the nation, often showing whom needs the most support. Citizens at the first rank are newcomers, they have not dedicated much time to the nation as a result of this, and will need assistance in learning how everything operates. At the second rank you will have small time farmers, and citizens who reside primarily in the cities. Citizens at rank three are typically officials, executives, or soldiers of some sort, and are the first to have access to secured locations. Citizen rank four is assigned to those of high military or government ranking, typically having access to all but the most confidential areas. Citizen rank five is assigned to the Twelve, a singular personal adviser, and the King. Although the ranks can cause strife from time to time, it is the simplest way to rank citizens based on merit, and is not meant to be derogatory.



The civilian government runs all the way up to the Twelve Peers and the Advisor, with a strong basis on developing regulations for buildings, maintenance of planetary ecosystem and community structures, and a heavy influence on supplying the nation and military with ample materials. They are the builders, the miners, the merchants, the smugglers and rogues, the soldiers, and the government. It is all built around service towards one another and protection of shared assets. The civilian government will primarily interest itself in maintaining allocative efficiency, to ensure than minimal losses happen between individual or corporation. The civilian government also handles all non-military interactions with outside corporations, whether it be setting up a line of shops, or simply conducting a large quantity trade deal.



"A king… The king must be greedier than any other. He must laugh louder and rage harder. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is why his retainers envy and adore him. And why the flames of aspiration, to be as the king is, can burn within his people." - Iskandar, FATE/Zero



The rank of King is simply there to ensure, in any case, that the nation always has a method to unify under a single leader in the case of emergency. The Peers are in place to advise and protect the King and nation. There is not much else to this position, other than that they are there to keep the nation afloat.








King - Head of all forms of governance, meant to stay out of day to day affairs, and protect the country.


Magnus - Adviser to the King, equal in rank to the Peers.


Noble - Any person within the Kingdom who has become one of great stature, either in politics, business, or government.


Paladin - Also known as the Twelve Peers, these men and women are meant to be the highest level of adviser for the nation, they must be able to lead fleets of various sizes, and must be knowledgeable in law and contact.


Knight - There are various orders of knights within this great nation, each however, must be lead by a Paladin in order for it to exist. The ranking of knights follows a simple code, though you need not be one to hold a rank, you have achieved a higher regard if you possess the title.


Squire - A lieutenant or lower rank officer who is second in command to the knight, often seeking to make themselves into a Knight. 




Considering that players can reside within multiple Orders, provided they are able to keep with quotas and dates, and follow all regulations and laws in place - which begs the question, how is promotion handled?


The current system in place requires that the citizen submit applications for promotion to both agencies he or she works for. For example: Adriana is a squire in the Order of the Hawk, but also actively participates in rescue missions with the Order of the Vulture (as a squire), she will have to apply for the promotion to the title of Knight to both the Paladin of the Hawk, and the Paladin of the Vulture. If they cannot actively look into the case for promotion, the Adviser or the King may also look into the case to establish whether or not promotion is rewarded.




Citizen Ranks:

Class I - The lowest tier of citizenship in the nation, given to those whom are new, or those who have become inactive or disgraced. 


Class II - More of a middle class of citizens, these denizens of the kingdom are typically low ranking soldiers, farmers, miners, or those who would simply find their home here.


Class III - Local politicians, advisers, merchants, mid-ranked officers in the military. This third class encompasses those who have worked extremely hard towards their goals, and require access to somewhat restricted areas and files.


Class IV - High ranking military officials, politicians, ship architects, and various other persons that require access to classified materials. The best and the brightest.


Class V - The Twelve Peers, the Magnus, and the King - highest level access.



Military Ranks


-Navy Enlisted-





Private First Class


Petty Officer 3rd Class

Petty Officer 2nd Class

Petty Officer 1st Class


Chief Petty Officer

Senior Chief Petty Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer


Command Master Chief

Fleet Master Chief




-Navy Officer-




Junior Lieutenant



Lieutenant Commander




Rear Admiral


Admiral of the Fleet (Paladin)







Orders of the Peers



Note: The Peers (Paladins) of the Orders are responsible for putting out directives, mandates, or decrees to accomplish their tasks.



- Engineers - 

Paladin: Tiberius_Flynn
Duties: Creation of all sizes of ships for nation, and distribution of ships for profit. Creation of space stations for the nation, and defenses as well. General assistance with any other space based tasks or recovery missions. 
- Architects -
Paladin: Position Available
Duties: Creation of the buildings, roads, and public transportation within each of the cities on each of the planets. Distribution of Architects varies by skill, voluntary labor, and other various attributes.

- Miners -

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: Generation of materials for other departments of labor, this does include other terrestrial or spacial resources. 



- Fleet -

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: Oversight of the First Fleet of Avalon, this will include all space-faring vessels or marines as classified under the Navy. Promotion and training of all officers in the Order of the Hawk. Maintaining peace within sovereign space. 



- Army - 

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: Oversight of the First Army of Avalon, this will include all ground-faring vehicles (transport or otherwise), all ground based combat personnel, and the promotion and training of all officers in the Order of the Wolf, maintaining peace in and around the cities of our nation.



- Vale - 

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: The Order of the Vale are military ambassadors sent to establish good will between nations. They also handle trade pacts, and other such agreements with foreign entities.



- Vulture -

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: This order particularly serves as a recovery team for damaged ships, or rather, anything truly incapacitated. Typically they will be used in areas of conflict to retrieve damaged materials or personnel. Civilians can also call upon their aid, provided they pay a fee for recovery. (This order may be merged with Hawk and Wolf in order to allow for smoother interface.)



Harvesters - 

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: As the amount of persons in a nation increases so is it the duty of the nation to establish an active department of agriculture to help maintain crop harvests, provide active information on the harvesting of crops, and assist with the establishment of farms.



- Scientists -

Paladin: Position Available

Duties: Research and growth of technologies within the Kingdom, civilian or otherwise.







More to come, still needs a ton of work! 


Disclaimer: Yes, I know I am new to the community, but from what I've seen - all the players here are kind and supportive; in almost every post I've seen there was little to no negative response. So I do hope I can help.


Also, there are better graphics to come. Again, sorry guys! >_<




Form to come for class placement or upgrading.

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I appreciate the wide diversity of people and organisations that are springing up in Dual Universe. Your organisation shows a lot of positive spirit and I love the name you picked. The Aether wishes you the best of luck in Dual Universe and looks forward to seeing you in game as an ally or organisation. Either way, we wish you the best!



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Thank you to all the leaders who have posted on this board. I would love to talk to you at some point later on via the forum or skype, just to get tips, and of course establish negotiations! I want to make this games eventual experience as enjoyable as possible!


I updated it a bit as well. And may be changing my own name so the Commonwealth may retain it's own!

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Thank you to all the leaders who have posted on this board. I would love to talk to you at some point later on via the forum or skype, just to get tips, and of course establish negotiations! I want to make this games eventual experience as enjoyable as possible!


We're all pretty friendly in the community, so feel free to reach out to anyone. Also, I would recommend joining the DU discord. A lot of us hangout there. :)

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