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Rose Lotus

the mediator between all benefiting Organizations and Syndicate members.

Balance of action between all Conglomerates is our responsibility.


"Hello, I am Admiral Circles, this is the only time we will speak outside of the confidence of the Syndicate.
Welcome to the first Recruitment Drive for the most secure balance of power in the galaxy,  Rose Lotus.
I am here searching for the most brave, ingenious and meticulous adventurers."





What are you searching for? You will find Rose Lotus is the most technically advanced stealth operations Organization with an easy to manage hierarchy of member Organizations willing to carry out their responsibility to you, your personal growth; and the Syndicate of Organizations we have agreements with. Ease of life and need-to-know operations are the way we do business.

Our Services include maximum confidentiality stealth escort, security, and reconnaissance. Syndicate mediation and frontier exploration are every day experiences.

Our goal is agreement between a mass amount of Organizations known as the Syndicate including war coordination, technological trade and top of the line innovation.

Imagine Rose Lotus as a gentle glow that will comfortably cover Syndicate space. No contracts, no complicated treaties, top of the line protection.


Neighbors helping neighbors. With discrete confidence.


We push space faring technology to its brink. We have completed the full schematic of 3 Starships and 1 Galaxy Class Starship. Concept for personal space Cruiser is under development. Concept for HQ is under Development.


No singular benefactor within Rose Lotus; our Syndicate members are our equals. Our goal is to shelter unique life from disharmony.

"This is the only public recruitment for Rose Lotus until full release, upon release; future recruitment will primarily be through personal in game audience."





  Positions and Requirements are as follows:



an Admirals duty is to their organization, Rose Lotus is what the Admiral will breath, drink and fly for. A keen pilots instinct and ability to lead a respectfully large tactical assortment of subordinate Starships is the Admirals forte. Applicants should have a full understanding of engineering, modeling practices and aesthetic techniques. (3D modeling or previous in game modeling experience required) Understanding of basic LUA or past programming experience is requested, but not required for this position. An Admirals position is fleet commander for on-site tactical coordination and fleet targeting commands. The Admiral is stationed aboard a medium or large maximum strength Dreadnaught class Starship; during all multi ship battles.
The Admirals explorative flights will always consist of an accompany sister ship. (Ship supplied by a Superior, a Captain or another Admiral.) All Admirals will seek input from their superior, peer’s and full tactical updates from their associated Captain(s).



to fight and die for his crew and ship; this is the Captains oath, no, this is the Captains heart.
Maximum pilot experience and a demanding command of tactical ability is required.

Thorough understanding of all lower rank responsibilities and each technical spec and ability must be memorized for your Ship, it is your Starship and it will be your home for every mission.
Your responsibility is to make sure your Ship is in full working order and your crew is fully aware of their duty on-board.
An Admiral may be stationed on your ship at any time; a Captain is in full control of commanding his ship at all times unless an Admiral uses a command override to issue a more critical order.

(This is only for cases of a severe nature where an Admiral sees fit to interfere with chain of command.)

(This is and will always be reported to all Superiors)

Every Captain is issued an onboard Commander; no mission will be permitted without both a Captain and a Commander on board a Starship.

The Captains position is mission officer and chief battle coordinator aboard their stationed Starship.

The Captains duty is to obey all superior orders, yet have the strength and determination to maintain decisiveness and moral for their Organizations, if there are no orders received.



Number One” Loyalty to your ship, crew and Captain. No Starship is fit for flight in the unforgiving skies without a faithful team to keep her engines running, and the Commander is the oil of the machine; systems must be kept running smoothly and it is up to the Commander to see that each order gets fulfilled and to work closely with their subordinates to maximize efficiency of the Starship.

Duty of the Commander is to Captain first; every order by a Captain ultimately must be supported, but key input and a change of perspective will make every order your Captain makes easier. The Commanders job is to lighten the burden of the Captains orders.

Commander is capable of taking full control of the Starship under the unforeseen circumstances their Captain is incapacitated or unfortunately, lost forever to the coldness of space.

The Commander will issue a rank to Recruits such as Navigations Operator, Chief Engineer, Tactical Consultant, Head of Security, etc. (Consult Captain)



Chain of command is the phrase you will most heavily associate life with. Your roll in this organization will depend on the Starship and Commander you are assigned to. Conforming to all the basic requirements to join this Organization is mandatory for all Recruits and ALL higher ranks.

Determination and repeated demonstration of skilled understanding of our regulations will earn you a promotion.





Regulations for all operating members of Rose Lotus are as follows:

1. Affirm your loyalty and determination to defend Rose Lotus.

2. Obey all orders conforming to the chain of command. Respectfully.

3. Maintain moderate and punctual appearances.

4. Do not interfere with other organizations without command.

5. Do not make claims or boast on behalf of Rose Lotus.

6. Do not reveal any tactical, numerical, navigational or recreational information of Rose Lotus.

7. Report and confront infractions of regulations.

*8. All members must maintain Aesthetic understanding of Rose Lotus.

**9. Maintain a perfect secrecy about who we are and what we do and all information involving any syndicate members/confidants is need to know, only.

*White, Black, Brown, Reds.

**This organization is a maximum confidentially conglomerate; any information shared on or about Rose Lotus will be fully scrutinized.

No tolerance for betrayal of syndicate secrets.

"Please leave all interested applications with your best description as to why you are suited for the position."

                                                                                                                                  Rose Lotus is a US based Organization.






So you wish to serve Rose Lotus? "Pathetic." However your services are accepted in exchange for sanctuary. You may contribute builds, ideas and accumulation of commonwealth land. Access to Rose Lotus can be denied if you request or attempt to access information about past, present or future inner workings of all superior ranks. You may not find respect from higher ranks but promotion is offered to all seeking to take the initiative. 

"After reading all of this I imagine you have realized I'm not looking to recruit many of these kind of tag along players, I hope you'll take the initiative and join me on the real adventure of having a position of responsibility within Rose Lotus."




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"Applicants will be judged mostly on their ability to convincingly fit the role they are applying, the more mature and dedicated to your role in your application, the better."

Positions Filled: 11/90

Currently Recruiting:
3 Admirals
3/4 Captains
3/4 Commanders
Any number of Recruits
Open opportunities for alternate high priority positions.


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Ok, ah that’s a lot of info to go through, but well structured, I do advise that you segment your work on to different documents, which will give people the option of looking deeper into Rose Lotus(start the segments at the ranks and down, everything else should be good enough) and not deter them with so much. Other than that it looks like a good org, good luck and safe travels.

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