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  1. Oh boy, look it a holier than thou, anyway, for a game to survive there has to be a risk behind doing things other than basic tasks, if I can do everything with impunity including building a full OvP fleet in the safezone and then randomely popping out and shooting people why wouldn't I just stay in the safezones there's no reason for me not to, then you just end up with giant snowballed PvP factions, and that is not gonna end well for everyone that wants to live a care bear life in a safezone, because as soon as they leave they'll be met with massive PvP fleets that are ready and willing to d
  2. So, I'm gonna say what I feel safe saying, theoretically there are ways to completely lock a player on a planet, for instance, say I don't have an abundance of resources on X planet that I need, I have to travel to Y planet, but if people from Z planet want to completely lock down X planets, idk, fuel supply, then X planet can't do anything
  3. Delete all PvP mechanics except for hand to hand combat Make ore finding indescribably rare Make skills take 1 year each Make half of the starter planet empty holes to the core Break the physical engine by allowing infinite thrust
  4. Begging for mod? Ban... for real though, this alone should qualify him, but with all the extra stuff he's done, this man deserves this
  5. discordauth:XkTJQUMJXAIOOcUb8Q_5xW9xHn4zeJcD8CIygeQTWZM=

  6. discordauth:XkTJQUMJXAIOOcUb8Q_5xW9xHn4zeJcD8CIygeQTWZM

  7. This could be used extremely effectively by smart orgs, having your base far undergriund at a dead end, this would allow for orgs to fight very guerilla wars, and let them not ever be seen, theyd almost turn into dwarves, at least their values and style of building, this would also be useful, and make transatmo-void ships better, as they could retreat and not be followed by the bulkier ships that arent outfitted for this
  8. Yes, this would increase grace period, and allow for smaller orgs to start, another thing to consider is the different playstyles that smaller orgs could adopt, such as aligning with larger orgs, or being very secluded till you have a small fleet, for instance building your ship as a solar powered ship, then giving it some impulse thrust and bam, you are now sailing to new worlds, virtually undetectable, and able to stop at asteroids to accumulate resources for your ships
  9. I think this could work well, but any systems need to be very lag free, seeing as it will be a massive universe
  10. Lotus has multiple meanings, it could mean rose network/pattern
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