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Why hello there! 


You may not have heard too much from the DUA in recent days, but we've been striving to create more content around you, our primary focus.  Not too mention we've been giggly like a bunch of school girls during the very publicly announced pre-alpha tests.  Our members are growing ever bolder in their endeavours of researching new designs, training a strong military force, or just talking with others in the community via the forums or Discord.  On that note, I'd like to introduce the recruiting part of this!



It is within you, the strength of the DUA.


Power comes in many different forms: from helping everyone out, to forming unshakable bonds, and to create the very machines thousands will use to explore the universe.  In this organization, we not only make room for all but foster the means to unlock your greatest potential.  Alone can be good, but together we can accomplish anything.


Please do check out our DU community page at:

Get to know us even better thru our Discord:

Or just scroll down our Twitter feed, the choice is yours!

(PS - I can even try to throw in a cool name tag for when the forums have signatures again, represent!)



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19 hours ago, ShinyMagnemite said:



You can be my fwind and we can tuk aboot Da zoomy zooms.


Hwave ywou tried to pwut a red zoomy on a bbiigg zoomy? Bbiigg zoomy thwen get big bad hole!

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