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Silver Hawks Recruitment

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Greetings All,


My name is Shadows and I am looking for members to join up with my crew! Getting straight to the point, we are a mercenary group (or possibly pirate group, depending on your perspective) looking to make our way through Dual Universe. We are not looking to be a particularly large organization, but want to be able to stand on our own. As far as morals go, we only care about a few things.



Silver hawks is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services. Below is a list of our services provided, but please be aware that as per out policy, so long as you have the funding we are happy to discuss any arrangement. Also take note that we offer retainer contracts as well which will both protect and exclude you from our potential operations.


  • Protection
    • We offer a wide range of protection services, from protecting cargo to transportation of precious materials.
    • Please note large scale protection may not be feasible due to the limited size of our organization. If you are looking for global protection on a massive scale, we will have to discuss your circumstances separately.
  • Mercenary/Warfare
    • Our services are available for contract work involving battles or general warfare.
    • Special assignments, extraction, or sensitive combat operations are our specialty.
  • Piracy/Illicit Activities
    • Based on the nature of your request, we will be happy to consider any proposals.
    • Based on the request, we will also engage in corporate warfare/sabotage.
  • Retainer Services
    • You can purchase a retainer contract with us, which will provide two benefits.
      1. Future services are given at a discounted rate. Rates will be negotiated based on your standing and previous cooperation.
      2. Based on the retainer level purchased, our organization will never take jobs in direct or indirect competition against your organization.
    • All retainers are subject to a "total silence" policy by us. We will never disclose our customers or our reasoning for not taking a contract.




  1. Money Talks - Every job has a price, as long as you are willing to pay we are willing to do the job.
  2. Loyalty - We take a hard-line stance against anyone in our organization who betrays our trust. We may engage in corporate warfare from time to time, but anyone who is a member of our group will not get away with betrayal.
  3. Friendly - We are a tight-knit group of gamers (some of who have been gaming together for 15+ years). We are always happy to bring on more people and expand our community. Please also be aware that we highly prefer people over the age of 18 (as our conversations sometimes border on mature) and we also prefer people who have microphones (as we like to socialize on discord frequently).




As of right now, we are looking for fill a few roles in our group.

  1. Pilot(s) - We need people who are interested in mostly piloting our ships, hauling materials or just all out attacking our enemies.
  2. Resource Procurement - We are looking for miners/prospectors who will help us be self-funded.
  3. Strategic Resource - Scouting & Information Gathering. Possibly electronic warfare and support for larger combat depending on situation.
  4. Engineers - From building ships to LUA scripting, our engineers do all the back-end for our organization.
  5. Other - If you feel you might fit a role with us that is not mentioned, feel free to post or message me directly anyways! We are happy to consider any position we may not have thought of.


If you are interested in joining, send me a private message so we can get in contact. I will also answer questions posted here if you have any.

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Just wanted to post an update in terms of our recruitment.


Strategic Resource (or SR for short) - The backbone of the organizations strategic planning and operations. Typically a lone-wolf type of player who is able to do scouting missions, electronic warfare, and general investigations.

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On 1/21/2018 at 12:13 AM, TheKoolBanana said:

Do you have  discord?


Hey Banana,


Yes, we have a Discord server available. However it is not public and as such you would require an invitation to join. If you wish to discuss something feel free to send me a private message on the forums.

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