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Signal Cartel is here


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Thanks for reading! I would like to announce the creation of a chapter of Signal Cartel in Dual Universe.


We are an organization dedicated to exploration, research and provision of services related to (interstellar) travel, wormholes and (ancient) sites as they are found.


We believe in non aggression and will always make an effort of evading non-friendly engagement . If need be or when aggressed however, we can and will defend with the full force of our support backbone.


Like minded agents willing to join us are more than welcome to apply while we prepare and st up operations. Organizations willing to support our Credo and co-operate or provide services as welcome and encouraged to contact us through our organization page.


I'd be happy to answer your question if you have any!




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Do you have any qualms about working with pirates? :D


Signal Cartel is a neutral organization which means our public services will be available to anyone. We will not take sides in conflict and will not respond to act of aggression unless specifically targeting our members, ships, fleets or installations.


We hope our Credo and policy in this will give us access to any location we need to go for our work of exploration and research.


While we will avoid conflict and always attempt to find a non violent way out when confronted, if need be we can and will defend with deadly force. We are not pacifists, we do prefer **HUGS** over bullets though..

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