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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking forward to this game very much, and instead of picturing myself flying around killing things in a fighter ship, I imagine myself working solo or freelance for other trading groups. I'm concerned with how payment will be reinforced in this game, whether it be used with currency or other trade goods. Let's say I've dropped off some rare minerals and the other party refuses to pay, how would I prevent this? Would I need the support of an organisation that provides security? Is there a contract system in place, and how flexible is it? Should I make the buyer pay a bit first, then collect the rest upon arrival? Can I sue them in-game or place a bounty? I've looked at some other posts related to this, but nothing looks guaranteed so far. I'd like to hear your thoughts, thanks.
  2. What do you all think about keeping your character and things safe while you are offline? How should that work? Should it even be a thing? How do you balance that with the goal of having emergent game play in a single persistent universe? I haven't seen NQ say a whole lot about this. We've got the Ark Ship Safe Zone for sure. Possibly additional Ark Ship Safe Zones as the game expands. They've said they're considering some kind of Auto Defense mechanism and large Ark Ship like shields - but not indestructible that can be built (for a high cost) -- That's all I've seen from NQ about this.... It seems if you went hard core emergent game play in a persistent universe -- then there would be no disappearing and no invulnerability when you log off. But then you would have to either stay in the Ark zone have massive auto defenses or massive shields or a massive alliance that is always online. This would seem to limit small orgs and individuals to staying in the Ark Zone. And limiting smaller groups like this seems to limit the potential of emergent game play. Is there a way to solve this? I agree there should be risk to being outside the safe zone - even for always online alliances with shields and auto defenses. It should be risky -- but it should be doable too. On the flip side I also think it would be bad to have safe zones all over the place. Bad to have invulnerability while offline. Bad to be able to run away by logging off. And bad to have super OP automatic defenses while offline. How do you go about making offline auto defenses effective without being OP? My idea for a possible solution to this would be a way to effectively hide - not in a way that you cannot be found. Just in a way that is really hard to find you. Another idea would be an automatic call for help when you are offline that goes out to everyone online (or in range) whether they are your friends or not. A third idea would be an automatic retreat mechanism that allows you to set waypoint(s) for your character to retreat to if possible if attacked. Any other ideas? What are your thoughts?
  3. Ok don't hate!! I know this is an MMO ... and yes I know what that acronym stands for BUT!!! people are different and unique and I am just curious on how people plan on playing DU. Please no "Don't play an MMO if you don't want to play with people" posts on here. From what I understand about what is planned for DU there will be the option to play this game either solo or with others .... and both. The more people working together the faster bigger projects can be completed is obvious but there are those who like the satisfaction of doing it all on their own. It is also obvious the more people the more security there is but then again there are those who like to thrive in the shadows as well. I am curious to how many people plan on playing in what way. Please remember people are different so please no hate or attack posts but discussion and debate is encouraged. Thanks
  4. I was wondering how far do you think it will be possible to progress as a solo player? On the title cards, on the official webpage, team up and go solo are right next to each other leading me to believe that the devs have them pretty equal in their minds. But we won't know for sure until the game comes out. For instance in EVE it is possible to play by your self, doing almost anything, but that kind of takes the second M out of MMO. Also here I am not sure what to consider solo play. For the EVE players out there, belonging to a NPC corporation doesn't mean you play solo, you could still run incursions, join RvB and just hunt solo, but I am not sure if that counts as solo play as in incursions you are clearly not alone but, for the most part the people you play with amount to randoms, and in RvB you rely on the long standing support of others. A solution if you have to play by your self is multiboxing, but there is no clear answer no weather we are going to have that supported or not. Another thing, I don't know how far I want solo player to be able to go, I see no problem with a single player sitting within an organization by themselves, taking maybe weeks to capture a whole system for himself being frowned on, especially with an AI their to help them. In case you don't play EVE, an NPC corporation is the what players default to when they leave a player made one and don't join another, and RvB is short for Red Vs Blue, where to player run corporations are in a state of perpetual warfare in a region of policed space, so they can kill each other over and over without interruption. (If any other EVE players could describe it better do so, because while I did play EVE for a while I was pretty bad at it.)
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