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Found 8 results

  1. Government Organizations * Please read rules (below) The idea: Optional, all inclusive, citizenship equality, community run government hierarchy. No single player ownership, community chosen leadership, all inclusive optional citizenship. Functions of governing including any style of government, with tools to employ justice, security, leadership structures, taxes and more. Massive subscriptions to player published government system to initiate. Dynamically different and superior to other forms of organizations. Possible initial predesighned government on new game as opinion for all players. Rules in this topic (added 5-4-18) > please do not use QUOTE tool, it damages the forum by cluttering it with "quote clouds" > You may callout a user name if you wish to communicate with them in this topic forum. > If an idea has merit to you outside of the gov org topic, feel free to start a new topic on it as its own game idea. > Please be curious and respectful, remember, we all have a right to our own opinions and ideas.
  2. Hey folks! Amongst the discussions we've seen a number of small mentions of this subject. But I don't think we've dived in the full details and possible implementations of this subject (do correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt I'd have to ask ;D). As what I've seen from videos, it would be an indication that the core is the power source. Seems rather simple while potentially, energy, could be a legit resource in a game like this. I trust I can leave the imagination of it's benefits as game feature to you, forum reader. Ultimately minerals and blueprints should not be the only primary source of income if you wish to build a game that revolves around city building and simulating a civilization. You need a diverse market of goods and services. Producing, storing and transferring energy from construct to construct could be the answer to many questions asked in several of these topics about energy shields, automated defenses, refining, etc. As for implementation and the way it could be applied in construction, wireless transferring energy is already a thing in our current modern science. Imagine that one could construct a power-source and one could create a link from one construct to another. Then one could edit the link to output an x amount per tick. Tick-rate already exists as an element in this game due to fuel-consumption shown in the shipbuilding videos. The linkage isn't top tier science either since linking a button and a door also already is an element in the game as shown in one of the tutorial videos. Being able to provide other static structures of energy also raises the cooperation spirit that this game promotes. It gives incentive to collect fuel to produce said energy, form a monthly tax perhaps to cover it's expenses so clients don't have to build their own power-source. I could go on, but again, I trust your creativity to imagine it's benefits to this game, it's community and it's world building lore.
  3. Heres a link to get you to our org page quickly! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-solar-empire
  4. Reign Empire Reign: An Empire in pursuit of power, and more importantly, fun within Dual Universe. We will settle the stars, and provide safety to our citizens. More than that, we're a group of friends hanging out and playing a game, building a world, together. How we operate: This is an empire, but the citizens still have a say in most major decisions. Unless by universal vote of the High Council, major decisions (laws, declaration of war, policy changes, etc) are announced to the Empire, but not put into effect for at least a week. During that week, all members of the Empire are welcome to contact the Emperor or a member of the High Council and speak their opinions. There are no minimum activity requirements to join the Empire, even as military personnel (though we do ask that you show up to anything to promise to be at). However, officers and personnel with more duties will be expected to be fairly active. Non-military personnel are free to do as they wish, as long as they follow Imperial Law (the Law will be rather detailed, but citizens are not expected to know every facet of it). Above the law, is the Imperial Code of Honor. This code defines how we can operate, what actions the government can take, as well as some of the more obvious rules for citizens. The Code will never be broken by the Empire, and there are severe punishments for citizens who break it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ygiHoZNgnh9DLpvlxG_HJ6UtXiUOz_KaE--wyz45PuM/edit?usp=sharing Goals: Reign pursues Power. Power can take many forms: wealth, might, respect, authority. Reign aims to achieve all, through its Citizens. We want our citizens to grow, develop, expand. Become the greatest in their specialization, be they a gunner, merchant, industrialist, officer, or politician. To attain this power, we have a few more concrete goals at the launch of the game: First, our Citizens will consolidate together, and create a temporary home on Alioth. This will only remain our home until we can bring the Empire to space. From here, we will search and find our true home, and settle. Our next goal will be the creation of the capital city, as well as the industry and infrastructure needed to build our navy. Much of the city will be left to the personal tastes of the Citizens building it, but the capital building itself is in design right now. The true sign of our power will come as we construct our Mothership. As soon as our infrastructure is established, we will begin constructing our navy. At the forefront of our fleet will be a grand Mothership. Reign began with the idea of building a truly massive, powerful ship, and that dream has not gone. Recruitment: Reign is always welcoming new members. Whatever you aspire to be, we want you. A grand admiral, fleets of massive capital ships following your orders, entire wars swayed by your decisions. A captain, your ship and crew renowned for prowess on the battlefield. A miner, trader, industrialist, designing and crafting the greatest quality goods, great wealth in sight. A marine, pilot, gunner, wielding the great weapons of the empire against our foes. The only requirement to join: you want to have fun. We welcome you, Citizen. Discord: https://discord.gg/Kdzcdqb
  5. Will modules like artificial lights require a power source? i think that would be a little bit more realistic and there is great fun in it too.
  6. Resources gathered from mining will deplete. Eventually, after enough people have scoured a planet, it will be devoid of its mineral bounty. One way to mitigate this is to have has some resources be renewable. The simplest example is trees. Having plantations of trees ensures that there will always be a supply of wood. When people think of farming, they think of crops and livestock. When people think of renewable power they think, solar and wind. Can we do better? What about mineral crystal farms? These might require the soil of a specific biome and through a process that requires quite a bit of time and power (with lazors!), constructs a mineral crystal which can be harvested. This mineral could be quite scarce if not rare to mine normally. Another renewable resource could come from collecting the atmosphere of a particular planet. This gas might be difficult to find otherwise. Creating the elements to collect the gas might be quite expensive to create and require power of their own to run. Renewable power could be thermal energy power collected by a specific element from heat deep inside a planet. Planets that do not have a hot core, will not be able to sustain these type of machines. Maybe a coolant would be required or the thermal power element overheats and shuts down. If these renewable resources/power are spread over different planet types, it encourages trade from those high density points to places where there is less. Can you think of more?
  7. After some thought and discussion I have deiced to lay out my thoughts on survival mechanics and how they might be implemented in DU. I understand that some do not wish to have any survival mechanics at all and just want to build things; however, I think that in a game with the huge potential for immersion that DU has, we need some form of survival mechanic. I have spent some time thinking about this and I think I have found a way to have bot simplicity and complexity, depending on how each player wishes to play. With the Nanoformer we have the technology to compress matter, which is how we can mine materials and use them to construct things. This seems like a really handy technology so why not use it elsewhere? I propose a system that creates Life Support cartridges for player’s suits that contain all the necessaries, food, water and oxygen. These cartridges are created by an element that would require some uncommon, but not to rare, resources to build. The cartridges have enough life support to last for about 8 hours (time can be varied for balance) and can be swapped out of the player’s inventory on the fly. During different activities the various components (e.g. food, oxygen) might be used up at different rates, but this is kept simple by the HUD on the player’s suit displaying the remaining components as a percent value. If a player wishes to have more info on what is being used they can open the menu via whatever interface we are provided to look at the details. The suit would also have a power cell that may also deplete at varying rates, but also displays its remaining effectiveness as a percent value. For the players that want more in depth survival mechanics, there could be a module that adds various stimulants to the basic life support cartridge that effect different stats either positively or negatively. For instance, there might be a stim that improves targeting, but reduces one’s effectiveness at repairing damaged equipment. Creating stims would be an entire science with its own skill tree and the more skill a player has the more effective a stim is and the less severe the penalty. This allows a player who desires complexity to carry a variety of life support cartridges with different effects, and to swap them out at will, depending on the task at hand. In the same way, power cells could perhaps be overclocked to provide more power or longer duration, however the effects of overclocking a power cell would be random energy surges that have the potential to damage nearby electronics. Should such a power surge occur near a cargo container full of a volatile substance, the results could be catastrophic. While this all might seem very complex, it really isn’t. If you just want to go about mining or building and not having to worry about fiddling with this or that just so you don’t die then you can. Simply make sure you have a few power cells and life support cartridges in your inventory and you’re good to go. But if you want to experiment with always having the highest performance at a given task then you can have the complexity of a varied diet and potentially dangerous power cell.
  8. CosmicDragon


    I am almost positive that this topic has come up before, but I make this post just in case. If this is an existing topic can someone kindly point me to it, thanks. In this world of nanoformers and FTL the power issue may have with been dealt within lore but if it hasn't it opens up some interesting gameplay possibilities. Can your spaceship's battery die? The most basic question to ask, this idea is closely linked with that of fuel because what ever is used to propel the ship though space can likely be used to generate power. Maybe the outer layer of every ship is super efficient solar panel, although that leads into the same question when some of your outer hull is damaged or completely destroyed, if you dont manage your power levels could you lose all ship function and be set adrift, in the cold unforgiving void. As the size of whatever we are taking about gets larger the questions change, to things like stability in things like nuclear reactors, and coolant, and the more exciting possibility of the trench run being recreated in DU. Which brings my to the final point, Starkiller base, and dyson spheres and personally setting your organization to being a type two civilization, the power being used for whatever a giant space gun, opening massive stargate portals for your whole fleet or over relatively huge distances, or maybe even selling batteries and becoming space Energizer.
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