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Found 10 results

  1. Hello DEVS, I would like DU to give us a banking account so we can see what we spent and how much quantas we gained through gifts, paid services, purchase or sales in the market and so on. And it would be great if we have labels on every record like "market transaction", "player transfer" and so on. Not only would we like a bank account for our personal stuff, we also would like a banking account for our corporation. But for starters a personal account would be great. It would be nice if we could filter on the label "market transactions" and see what our turnover from market sales was in the p
  2. NQ has released information on this and what they plan to do is an excellent step in the right direction in my opinion! Griefers are a problem: NQ has said that they can not interfere with people griefing other from their own tile, but they must interfere to some extent when an individual is blatantly griefing. This is a wall that is blocking our runways from exhibitors who are trying to land. It was build by a 7oxicorp member, RangerD (The main account of BananaOG). The wall doesn't load in right until it's too late then the ship blows up and the griefer can steal it and take it to the
  3. Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but if not, please correct me and I will move it. I believe the voxel HP needs to be reworked as it seems that it is determined by the weight of the material used. While I believe this is a good place holder for getting the game going, this should not be the case in the final state of the game. Currently plastic has more HP per meter cubed that aluminum, and this makes no sense. It makes it impossible to take advantage of some of the materials strengths while keeping weight down. For example, when making/rest
  4. Hi. When you click a recipe that is in the queue of your crafting window, open the recipe with the queued quantity in the middle window. To allow the user to not have to manually re-enter the amount when they want to look up the item requirements Change the "Missing Ingredients" marker in the queue indicational (Red if missing items, Yellow if it's item requirement is dependent on other queued recipes before it) To provide a clean graphical indication of the queue status and requirements Placing artificial voxel removes dirt voxel within x distance of it. To allow for
  5. What part of PvP matters in this game? I want to be farming in a forest and see big space ships flying overhead and feel small. Not threatened. Is that possible?
  6. I love when games have physical manifestations of upgrades, i find it increases immersion and variation from character to character. So moving onto my main point, i believe more than the colour of your armor should be varied, I believe you should be able to create different forms of armor that do different things, since this is a very broad statement let me elaborate. You are part of the main troops of a small army preparing top attack an enemy base, you dont need the long sustained flight of a jetpack so you opt to where a much quicker variant, a sleeker and faster jumpack for short burs
  7. I have been following this game since it's announcement viewing it with the potential of being the perfect game for me, initially i was worried about whether or not they could do anything but now i have 2 main concerns after seeing how well it handles stress tests. I, in games rather enjoy being a bit of an antagonist and i find one of the worst things for an open game such as this would be over moderation, people complaining about raids or pirate thefts or the such. I believe that moderators for the game should only really deal with hacking or exploits, everything else (everything done fa
  8. I've been reading a lot of the information on this game and everything seems fine but I would like to suggest finding a better weapons mechanics than EVE online. Although EVE has it's fans, the whole lock on weapons takes away from the battle in my opinion. I guess it's fun for some but for a game like DUAL Universe it takes away from the freedom idea. So many other Sci FI voxel base games allow you to manually fire your own weapons and even games like Emyprion allows you to take control of your turret and manually fire your turret if you choose to. One of the most entertaining parts of
  9. Greetings all. As many of you may well know, this game looks absolutely splendid. DUAL Universe is (in my opinion) the next generation of Voxel Exploration games. Quite frankly, I've waited my entire gaming life for this. Such a game sounds like it will focus a lot on role play. If that isn't a plan, please make it so. I can just imagine flying into a spaceport and paying for space gas for my spaceship as I chat up the lady at the counter. Just being able to plug in a headset and discuss important matters with my faction. Now, a game of this magnitude needs a special opening! (Dubbed the Launc
  10. Please, do not misunderstand the title of this thread. I’m not trying to simply bash this game or games like this one, on the contrary, I will go through most of the main advertised features of this game mentioned on the homepage of http://www.dualthegame.com/#screenshots as well as some of the points in the FAQ (http://www.dualthegame.com/faq) and compare them to other games I played or heard a lot about. Furthermore, I’d like to point out that I haven’t read everything there is to read, and I’m not going to before writing this. Why? Well, because I don’t want to discuss whether what the dev
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