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Found 14 results

  1. The following is a list of player suggestions for minor improvements/modifications to existing gameplay features. If you have ideas that fit within this scope then please reply with them below so they can be added to the list. Just keep in mind that this particular thread is not for requesting new features or major feature reworks, as those are more deserving of their own topics. Now without further ado, here is the current list: General Gameplay Ability to quickly replace/swap existing elements without altering position. (discussion thread) Adjust the appearance of purple voxels to be more purple and/or add purple to the list of available plastic voxels. Holding down a direction key should continually increment element/voxel positioning while in buildmode. User Interface Add option to hide items currently out of stock at the market. (discussion thread) Add icon to indicate the current state of interactable marks ie. the V-key. (discussion thread) Provide a means to distinguish whether a destination's waypoint is on the opposing side of a planetary body. Add a shortcut to view an item's associated market page either via the right click menu or by inspection. Add or associate icons to the various item categories so players can more easily distinguish between them. Change the default quantity for market orders to 1 unit. Allow for keyboard control of commonly used user interfaces ie: market, inventory, organization, barter, and RDMS. Add a button to the territory management screen that allows users to quickly deposit/withdraw from org wallets. Expand VR-Station search functionality to include owner and location categories. Expand Mission search functionality to include issuer and or organization. Player Vs Player Add unique identifier to the default radar widget to allow players to more easily differentiate between targets with the same name. (discussion thread) Lua Scripting Expand lua script access to the whole keyboard. (discussion thread) Launcher & Client Further clarify the various login error messages to give players a better sense of the problem. Add more links/references to important DU resources (Code of Conduct, Keymap, Wiki, Tutorials). Allow players to perform manual integrity checks on their gamefiles outside of client updates.
  2. I had a idea about a system what gives the Player a wipe but also not a wipe here is my idea idk if its good but maybe intresting = ( Pls dont get confused with the normal Repair scrap i just took the name Scarp since it sounded good ) So the idea is we remove Quanta so all quanta is gone and we implement a new decay system on items all items and we fully remove schematics, from there on we add 1 new currency it will be calld Scrap and scrap can be obtaind by deleting items or broken items or items what have decayd but only give you a small ammount of scrap. Lets go deep first decay system = The system would work like evry item got a spezific ammount of time until it stops working ( not including voxel or deco elements only funcionel like enegins . . . ) so for example a L Atmo engine got a craft time of - - - i say now 5 hours as example and the finished version got 10 times more hours then the craft time means you can use the item for 50 hours and when its Done aka time run out its inactive so you can eather use Scrap to renew the timer or craft a fully new one and replace the old one. Alright what does this mean Well we want a wipe but not a full wipe so all items in the game will start at the exact same timer and all qued items are the fresh once basicly like a Wipe Timer unless you recraft the items quick but you might have so MANY that it would take a while and even if you got 5000 engines they would turn to scrap and reparing items with scrap or recraft them is basicly a Sink hole for scrap. Cool but what about the market items from aphelia These could be buyd with scrap instad of quanta or be fully removed since we can craft any item again our self we just need resorces or any different way how the dev's like i just post my idea here Pvp would have a bigger meaning = Since you destroy ships you can pickup all items or destory them for scrap so you gain more out of it then just a broken Pice it would also be fully worth to delete the enemy ship since when you had a battle you need scrap for your own ship to repair also it works only if your out of combat. This is just a idea idk what to add i was just thinking about the wipe multiple times and why we dont get a super clear YES or NO and not just the options they have so i was rethinking how it could been done if you implement something in a way as a wipe mecanic but not fully so you keep buildings and things. The other idea i had was simple just make all items 1 Tier and implement a new Tier into the game so all low tier items are useless or can be used to craft better once but you need a huge ammount of them like 1 New tier engine would need like 2000 T1 normal engines ( but i scrapt that idea ) XD
  3. Some things are missing from LUA API that I think should be there: Get docked construct name by ID Currently you can only get its ID, except through radar. This function should be available as a general parent construct function, not just radar. Get docked construct position/orientation by ID These functions exist for getting the parent's position/orientation, but not the docked construct Get active waypoint If the player has a waypoint active, return it as a ::pos string, just as with the function to get waypoint from player position. A category for "database" in the codex Some functions use database to get information, like database.getConstruct and database.getPlayer(ID). Categories for other function types that aren't listed but can be used, if there are any others (like database), or updating existing categories with functions that aren't listed but exist Self explanatory. People can't use functions if they don't know they even exist, what they do, or how to properly call them
  4. Q: Why (after 2+ years) would I return to DU after the rumoured full wipe prior release? A: Because DU would feel new because of the following: There is a "New" Alioth Aphelia declares Alioth a Sanctuary (the other one becomes Moon 3), and all planets/moons have a 3SU "Safe Zone" enforced by Aphelia. PvP exists everywhere else. Note: current Alioth has too many water territories, just swap the name with Sanctuary and move the Ark. New Alioth has a central market at the Ark which is restricted. Satellite markets provide access to the central market and are distributed such that no territory is more than 30km away from one (about 60 markets in total). Thus, no need to go further than the local market to trade. 12 regional markets (reachable by teleport from other regional markets, each regional market has 4 satellite markets with teleports within the region) provide free, safe, shuttle service to the corresponding market on Moon 3. All Basic schematics should be found on Alioth for negligible prices (~1Kh). All Uncommon schematics should be found on Alioth Moon 3 for reasonable prices (~50Kh). Note: Next to building, Industry is the most widely enjoyed content that DU provides (it also provides an incentive to build). Make the early stages broadly accessible. Add a new moon to Alioth (nothing special). Assign one Tier 2 ore to each moon. The T2 ore should be found on each territory of the smaller moons and are findable (e.g. 1 in 10 territories) on Moon 3. No higher tier ore should be found on Alioth or its moons. Helios is smaller Move all the planets closer to Alioth. Reduce their distance from Alioth by at least half. Make No Promises, but Provide a Vision for the Future (let us hope) Here is a story: Colonists revolt against Aphelia's heavy hand (and taxes). One by one, Aphelia withdraws her planetary protection until only Alioth and its moons remain. As Aphelia withdraws her protection, territory warfare brakes out between colonists. All of this could be done with what DU software provides today, but it does require work so it can't be done today, or even a week, but certainly by the time of release. In my opinion, it would be enough to get the majority of people who have drifted away to come back and try DU again.
  5. Hello DEVS, I would like DU to give us a banking account so we can see what we spent and how much quantas we gained through gifts, paid services, purchase or sales in the market and so on. And it would be great if we have labels on every record like "market transaction", "player transfer" and so on. Not only would we like a bank account for our personal stuff, we also would like a banking account for our corporation. But for starters a personal account would be great. It would be nice if we could filter on the label "market transactions" and see what our turnover from market sales was in the past month. Or check out what we spent on fuels last month.
  6. NQ has released information on this and what they plan to do is an excellent step in the right direction in my opinion! Griefers are a problem: NQ has said that they can not interfere with people griefing other from their own tile, but they must interfere to some extent when an individual is blatantly griefing. This is a wall that is blocking our runways from exhibitors who are trying to land. It was build by a 7oxicorp member, RangerD (The main account of BananaOG). The wall doesn't load in right until it's too late then the ship blows up and the griefer can steal it and take it to the PVP zone. If we can not possess the tools necessary to deal with this, then NQ must come and deal with griefing on a case to case basis. When the expo happens, thousands of non DU players will be watching my videos and other somewhat popular DU streamers and youtuber's videos of the spaceport. If the walls are still here that is some bad PR for DU. NQ is aware of the walls and the individual who has been doing this and other griefing constantly. However, it has been over a month since a support ticket was put in and nothing has changed. Here are a couple walls that have showed up recently: And here he is working on another one:
  7. Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but if not, please correct me and I will move it. I believe the voxel HP needs to be reworked as it seems that it is determined by the weight of the material used. While I believe this is a good place holder for getting the game going, this should not be the case in the final state of the game. Currently plastic has more HP per meter cubed that aluminum, and this makes no sense. It makes it impossible to take advantage of some of the materials strengths while keeping weight down. For example, when making/restoring performance cars, a lot of parts such as the drive axle is replaced with a carbon fiber version. This is because it can handle more torque while reducing weight. As is is right now, there is no way to do that, your ship must be very heavy in order to take any damage. This makes it hard to design a fighter style ship, as you want it to be nimble but durable. I understand you can just put more thrusters on your ship to make it faster, but with size or early game resource limitations this becomes much more difficult. I am currently trying to design a cargo ship that is durable, but light to maximize the amount of cargo it can carry. However, this is not possible due to the current way voxel HP is determined. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider making this change to the game.
  8. Hi. When you click a recipe that is in the queue of your crafting window, open the recipe with the queued quantity in the middle window. To allow the user to not have to manually re-enter the amount when they want to look up the item requirements Change the "Missing Ingredients" marker in the queue indicational (Red if missing items, Yellow if it's item requirement is dependent on other queued recipes before it) To provide a clean graphical indication of the queue status and requirements Placing artificial voxel removes dirt voxel within x distance of it. To allow for cleaner builds that move into the dirt. Enable users to see their trade history. To give overview of a player's trades. Even though they can do this manually, it would be easy to see where you bought items and how many at what price Enable users to filter the order lists on market This could be a ticker list, categorized by planets, or perhaps even with a set distance range, perhaps a "Show Local Only" ticker Extend the Harvest tool/Mine tool hud with a contextual infobox To contain the material you are looking at, the refined version of it, and how much of it you have in your inventory Implement the ability to "Favorite" recipies To provide an easy way for users to find often-crafted recipes Allow for an option to take missing dirt from the inventory when flattening the ground. To allow for users to line firt up nicely with built structures
  9. What part of PvP matters in this game? I want to be farming in a forest and see big space ships flying overhead and feel small. Not threatened. Is that possible?
  10. I love when games have physical manifestations of upgrades, i find it increases immersion and variation from character to character. So moving onto my main point, i believe more than the colour of your armor should be varied, I believe you should be able to create different forms of armor that do different things, since this is a very broad statement let me elaborate. You are part of the main troops of a small army preparing top attack an enemy base, you dont need the long sustained flight of a jetpack so you opt to where a much quicker variant, a sleeker and faster jumpack for short bursts of flight and a slow descent. You dont need the agility provided by your current light armor so you wear a heavier however slower armor to allow you to take the front. This would both give your character identity with it's look but also provide a tactical advantage provided by it. It would also encourage player driven corporations to manufacture and sell these armors to other players creating an ingame social and economy improvement. This would also make corporation factions a valuable asset to military factions. The only downside save for the time it would require the programmers and artist to make this, is the fact that this would give new players a slightly greater disadvantage considering they have neither a ship nor decent armor. To help remedy this slightly, i would say that your armor can be stolen from your body when dead, however this is not a perfect solution. Thoughts?
  11. I have been following this game since it's announcement viewing it with the potential of being the perfect game for me, initially i was worried about whether or not they could do anything but now i have 2 main concerns after seeing how well it handles stress tests. I, in games rather enjoy being a bit of an antagonist and i find one of the worst things for an open game such as this would be over moderation, people complaining about raids or pirate thefts or the such. I believe that moderators for the game should only really deal with hacking or exploits, everything else (everything done fairly) should be dealt with by players in game, just as perpetrated. For example, a pirate base keeps raiding nearby nations, these pirates shouldnt be hit with a banhammer or threats of it. The nearby nations should half to deal with it, this is where the fun of a social/combat crossover game comes from The second thing is i heard there will be items added in dlc, which preorder packs include these? If i find the both of the answers for these questions favorable, i will be buying the game as soon as possible, aiming for the $120 (one thirty something CAD) package
  12. I've been reading a lot of the information on this game and everything seems fine but I would like to suggest finding a better weapons mechanics than EVE online. Although EVE has it's fans, the whole lock on weapons takes away from the battle in my opinion. I guess it's fun for some but for a game like DUAL Universe it takes away from the freedom idea. So many other Sci FI voxel base games allow you to manually fire your own weapons and even games like Emyprion allows you to take control of your turret and manually fire your turret if you choose to. One of the most entertaining parts of building a ship is having full control over your ship and its weapons. I think using a EVE online weapons lock on system will be a step back for such forward thinking game such as Dual Universe .. Smaller ships dog fights will not be as entertaining and since you're planning on doing multi crew capital ships. If I'm a gunner in a turret then me just locking on and letting my weapons auto aim and shoot will be kind of boring for me. Again I'm not saying that there aren't tons of players that love to point at something and let the game aim and shoot for them but a weapons system like that doesn't bring the Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous fans. They need full control over their weapons. I don't know if this suggestion will be taking seriously because EVE is a popular game but I think for this style of game a EVE combat style of game play will take a lot away from a game like this.
  13. Greetings all. As many of you may well know, this game looks absolutely splendid. DUAL Universe is (in my opinion) the next generation of Voxel Exploration games. Quite frankly, I've waited my entire gaming life for this. Such a game sounds like it will focus a lot on role play. If that isn't a plan, please make it so. I can just imagine flying into a spaceport and paying for space gas for my spaceship as I chat up the lady at the counter. Just being able to plug in a headset and discuss important matters with my faction. Now, a game of this magnitude needs a special opening! (Dubbed the Launch Day in the title) I'm thinking that, on the day of the game's launch, players from around the world and spawn in together at the same station or spaceport. Players then mingle and chat. Making new friends, possibly forming the foundations of soon to be empires. When ready, the gates of the ports open wide and expose the players to the vacuum of space. endless reaches of space. Where they can then fly out into the unknown as newly found friends and factions to begin their adventure in DUAL Universe. This seriously has to happen. Allow me now to introduce myself. I go by the gamer tag Dominar, but you may call me Dom for short. I'm a rather ambitious gamer. I've got a deep passion for role play and enjoy myself most when I'm involved with projects surrounding role play (Such as DUAL Universe) I've played many games in the past. Beginning with the ever so popular title, Minecraft. Then moving up through other franchises and different genres. My favorite being Exploration, Sandbox, Survival, etc. Most recently I began a rather ambitious project for Space Engineers, but I feared the game just wouldn't cut it. Literally by luck, I came across DUAL Universe. Once I discovered what this game was about, my mind blew up once more with this great plan I have. I'll tell you all about my "ambitious project" in the future. For now, give me your thoughts! If you're interested in what I'm saying here and what more I have to say, let's talk. I want to meet people with similar interests. Comment below
  14. Please, do not misunderstand the title of this thread. I’m not trying to simply bash this game or games like this one, on the contrary, I will go through most of the main advertised features of this game mentioned on the homepage of http://www.dualthegame.com/#screenshots as well as some of the points in the FAQ (http://www.dualthegame.com/faq) and compare them to other games I played or heard a lot about. Furthermore, I’d like to point out that I haven’t read everything there is to read, and I’m not going to before writing this. Why? Well, because I don’t want to discuss whether what the dev’s are trying to do with one particular aspect of the game is good or bad, I am going to point out mistakes similar games made with these certain aspects and try to find out WHY those were either wrong, unsatisfying, annoying or simply bad. I may suggest possible solutions to some of these problems, for others I might just want to see what the dev’s come up with, or I might just not have a solution myself. So let’s get going with a rather light-hearted topic: Guilds, Clans, Nations, Factions, or, how the Dev’s call them, Organizations. To be honest, I read a bit into this one in the Dev-Log, but quickly decided to leave in order for this to stay unbiased. Now, what happens quiet often in MMO’s is, that the amount of Ranks inside an Organization are limited, a prime example here would be Planetside 2, where you are only given 5 usable ranks, which, in larger player-communities, is a ridiculously small diversity to have. What I have also noticed is that often the Rights and Privileges are pre-given, an example here would be “Tribal Wars” a free browser game obsessively played by many, where you have some 10 different rights and privileges which could be given to different ranks within a clan. Now I understand that some rights need to be pre-given, such as the alteration of the organization itself or the ability to hire and fire members, however it shouldn’t be limited to those, as the head of an organization I want to be able to say that no, the guy scrubbing the toilets on my battlecruiser does not have access to my military coms, period. Or the receptionist at my 5-Star hotel cannot use one of the rooms to go ‘afk’ for a few minutes. So here is a solution, I doubt it’s perfect, far from it probably, but perhaps worth a thought: Instead of limiting the organizations to ranks or some such, giving a player two “designations” to describe his position within the organization would be far more effective, which is why some military’s in reality use it. Ok so let’s take Dude Dudsen as our example. Dude has the rank of Officer in his organization, which gives him the ability to promote players under him up to the Position right below him. He also has the function of Navigator, which gives him access to the bridge since his Job is to navigate. The con for using this method would be that the player has to set up to entire systems in order to make his Organization work. The pro is that it gives him flexibility when giving privileges, instead of having to make up an entirely new rank, whenever the others don’t quite fit he has these bundles of privileges that he can give to someone. Now in order for this to work properly one would have to be tied to the other, it would make sense to tie the functions to certain ranks, since a Janitor General wouldn’t make much sense. If you didn’t get that last part, you can hope that I find enough time to make a small sketch of what I mean and upload it (it would be named Fig. 1) Alright, that took longer than anticipated, sadly I’m not done. The Player driven economy: It’d be nice wouldn’t it? Sadly, I just don’t see myself positioning my character at a wooden stall or on some square to wait for someone to buy my damn iron. I also don’t really want to sell all my stuff to an NPC vendor because he needs to make Profit off his sales, otherwise he couldn’t pay me next time I come around and want to sell more stuff, which means I make less than I could. You could, off course, say that he can just sell it for what he paid me and just pay me whatever the current stock price is. Well my dear, that won’t work because it would generate in-game-money. Imagine that everyone just sells to the vendors but the vendors never get to sell, money would be generated and overflow the market, which in turn would make money worthless. But continuing on to the next problem, who’s going to mine the trillions of tons of iron I need for my Fleet of 10 destroyers 16 support frigates 8 missile boats and that supercarrier I always wanted to have which can carry 500 fighters? I’ll tell you who, not me. I don’t have time to do that, and by the time I have advanced in the game enough to be able to do that I honestly might not want to. So who’s it going to be, you? And yes, I mean you, the dude reading this, because I don’t think you will do that for me will you? I mean why would you work to build my fleet just for fun, I doubt you would actually do that. So if I can’t hire players to build my fleet, I need someone else who’s willing…and we’re back at NPC which, if you noticed by now, are an economic dead-end. If I give the NPC a salary, what’s he going to do with it? Where does he give it back into the system? Because that’s all that economics is, giving and taking from the system. And if there is a dead end somewhere which is substantial enough, the system will inevitably crash and fail. If I don’t pay the NPC a salary I get a free Fleet and rule the Galaxy. Sure I don’t mind. But then the game would be boring and I’d play it for a few days until I have conquered everything and got bored of expanding. What might work is if I could put a NPC placeholder for me in the wooden stall I mentioned at the top of the paragraph who would sell my things. And before I forget, I don’t WANT a global trading platform where I can just put up my Iron for X money and then some random Person takes it, where’s the fun in that? Where can I rob my trade Partner, where can I betray him? It’s just so much fun to stab people in the back. While we’re on the topic of money, the games price: I’ve read what the dev’s wrote in the FAQ and it sort of, well dampened my enthusiasm. I don’t want to delve too much into this since it’s less about the game than other points and it’s also not really any of my business so I’ll try to keep it short. Dear dev-team, your game lives and dies with the amount of people playing it, for a small group of people this game will soon become repetitive and boring, for the millions you promise it can handle, it will be one of their greatest adventures. The casual gamer, which is a majority, will be less interested in a subscription-based game than a one-time pay plus in-game purchases game. I understand that you need to have a steady stream of money to pay salaries and server-upkeep and the likes, however I ask that you at least consider what I said before making your decision on the subscription final. Let’s move on to a less serious topic: Scriptable Ships and Constructs Oh boy, what to say. I understand how dev’s might think that a Script isn’t that big of a deal but, well it is, for me at least. I never learned how to program anything, granted I did tech myself some .cmd a few years back for fun, but that doesn’t nearly compare to anything I’d need to script a damned ship! Space Engineers did the exact same thing, and I see the awesome stuff like lock-on cruse-missiles and the likes, and it just makes any attempt I make laughable in comparison, it takes away the thrive to create something new and innovative. If you do scripting, next to it make some sort of easy to learn module connector platform. Where people like me with no programming experience can quickly and easily learn to make the basics work, for example a simple trade route, move from here to here, dock there and done. Or try to make a missile “script” in that sense. So that’s it for now, it’s late and I have work tomorrow. I might continue this some other time. Please comment on anything and everything I said, tare my arguments to shreds if you want. And call me out on any ignorant remarks I may have made. Also if there's anything very wrong with my English, make a footnote out of it, it's my second language and I'm always happy to learn. Have a good day.
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