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Found 7 results

  1. I am at a loss on the ore collecting systems in this game. With the intro to Asteroids, I did not really care for the effort put in vs ore collected before the asteroid is contested. It is very hard to do this without a medium to larger group to go with. Issue I have is the availability of asteroids. It does seem that asteroids are fairly quickly snagged up each week and only the ones that are very far away are left for anyone else. I also agree that the original mining option of underground mining had to be changed and perhaps gotten rid of. So I am fully okay with this being gone, however I felt the reward vs time put in was worth it. Mining units were one of the worst additions to the game to date in my opinion. It creates an uncontested infinite amounts of ore, as long as your taxes are paid. I would suggest a revamp to asteroid mining. The suggestion I would have is to make asteroid fields that are decently close together. Idea is to have zoned asteroid fields, non PvP for lower tier ores, medium tier zone and high tier/ gemstone asteroids. This would give the "Infinite ore that the devs were looking for but add the aspect of having to work for it. Would create PVP opportunities for asteroid cluster patrolling Asteroids can be regenerated on a daily / weekly or time based system. Asteroid regeneration could be as simple as asteroids spawn, if someone comes the asteroid and alters it by mining either the asteroid surface or the ores within it will then start a timer to despawn this asteroid and once despawned, spawn a new asteroid in at a random coordinate within the asteroid field. Example if I mine an asteroid it could despawn after 72 hours or something like that and then spawn a new asteroid in. Asteroids could be a lot smaller than the current asteroids in the game. Maybe 1 or 2 ores per asteroid with some more ore dense than others. I think this would create better opportunities to mine and create good pvp opportunities as well. I would say these asteroids fields should be fairly large so that there is a chance to actually go into a higher tier asteroid field and not have a 100% chance to be spotted.
  2. Hello Everyone, you may have head about the Anarchy Trade Station in general chat, or not but its a small community project and player trade station this game deserves. Come and join us, get a head start for when the player market elements drop!! We are located direct above Market 6 on Alioth, for convenience and function. The trade station has a few corps that have setup shop already. Indy, home building, ship building, and a few others. We really would like a shipping corp to setup. We are happy to welcome new player homes by the Thades Rendezvous Corporation! They have a new location build built on the trade station for mission runners, shippers, or anyone in general that wants to take full advantage of the stations benefits. MINC will pay for the core and building materials of a shipping corp on the station. Elevator access between market 6 and the station available with 500t lift. Two personnel elevators and a mega loft with 5.7kT lift are under way. VR To Anarchy Markets and take a look. We have a promotional BP give away going on while supplies last for Rez pets. A unique divice that you will use time and time again. Visit for more info! ::pos{0,2,35.8594,101.3426,131998.3594}
  3. Many players have a dozen or more cores deployed just to operate mining units. This is because they have the skills to support a large number of MU, but can't effectively use more than a few of them on any single tile because the tile does not have sufficient ore available, and because a single core can't be placed at a tile-edge and used to operate mining units on multiple tiles. As such, in order to reduce the number of cores individual players use I propose that the both the ore available on all hexes and the taxes on those hexes be doubled, as this would allow players to concentrate their mining units on to a smaller number of cores, reducing the number of hexes and cores they'd need while still maintaining the current balance of taxes to ore.
  4. Hello all, i present to you a simple to use and very helpful spreadsheet for calculating the ore cost and/or quanta cost of a end item Here is the sheet: **WARNING** DO NOT USE THE EXCEL VERSION, THE SHEET BREAKS IN EXCEL, apologies for that https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtWuuS-21QN9x51zAZXCrClxw79d5fMzVnTHavmsPZ0/edit?usp=sharing Features: -allow user to input base ore cost, ore quanta price, skills, and percentage of product used for intermediate parts -automatically takes all values above entered and calculates them into the final cost in quanta -works for t1-5 and has t1-5 pure, product and intermediate part skills selectable -shows individual ore tier cost Instructions: -make a copy (file > make a copy) -input ore values manually or copy/paste them in (click paste > values only after you paste them in so the formatting doesn't get screwed) -to calculate the part percentage, take the amount of base not used for intermediate parts and subtract that from the total ore cost of that particular ore, then divide that number by the total ore cost of that particular ore, do not use the percentage(%) symbol when entering in the percentage, you should always use decimals (e.g 0.33 for 33%) -if you need help modifying the sheet to your needs, let me know i will try my best to help! Possible features: -time cost -others as they cross my mind thanks for your interest -ELX987
  5. Ore collecting off the surface is the easiest profession for somebody just starting. Problem is the ore prices are dropping like crazy as professionals with high skills can collect so much so easy. To give new players a place in the market, I think there needs to be at least one material which can only be harvested by surface collection. Maybe wood, maybe plants, just something that is surface only, but needed somewhere in production for something cool. The large scale miners won’t touch it as the slow collection rate compared to under ground wouldn’t be worth it. It means that new and old players would have a fair chance in the market for at least one item.
  6. borzol

    Ore density

    I have a suggestion how to make mining little more interesting. I dont know if its possible to implement or if its planed.Here is the idea. When you will be scaning for ore beside usual things it will show you average density of ore your scanner found. More dense ore is faster your mining is. It would motivate to search actively during mining and not just grab what you can.
  7. In the footage that has been released so far we have a pretty good picture of how mining will go on a small scale, however, we have yet to see what is in store for the large scale mining tools. There are several ways this could go, from drills ala Space engineers, to scaled up versions of whatever we have on our arms, to mining lasers that can harvest a roid from kilometers away. This also means that the method of harvesting will have a direct impact on how we design mining ships and also how we use them. Drills, for example, will limit the size of any practical mining vessel. Of course there will always be some mad genius building a huge and impressive, but heinously expensive rig that makes holes clean through the planet, but those will be rare. If we have a large version of whatever the thing on our arms is then we can expect larger vessels that have multiple mining stations, and are crewed by a group of players. I like this version the best, because I could see some truly astonishing mining barges being built for planetary mining. The other option, mining lasers, would be less effective because of the voxel system, but still a good option. They would probably end up being more like the weapons, that lock onto an asteroid and mine it away like that. They would also be a bit more cumbersome on planets and require less player involvement overall. I, for one, am casting my vote (do I get a vote?) for the nanoformer based mining rig that is a turret-like device that mounts on the ships hull and is controlled by a player to carve away layers of material. It would have to be piped up to a very large storage system. I don't think it should be a thing that can be coded to be run by a script. Of course there could be a fixed type that mounts on the front of a ship and just sucks in whatever is in front of it for your little mining drones, but the player controlled turret things should be more effective.
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