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  1. Hello, If you're looking for a corporation to join take a look at us. We offer corp members, free fuel, land to build on, cores (static and dynamic), industrial machines, 1 fighter jet (atmo/space), and just about everything you can imagine...all for free We have players from alpha here to assist you if need be and a ton of information for new players. MINC has bases all around the solar system, established trading contracts to profit from if thats your thing, we do group mining events, and all sorts of fun stuff. whisper me (Grixis) with any questions or interest in join. The free fuel (space and atmo) is extended to all players of DU; so if you're not interested in joining at least swing by to say hi and grab some free fuel. We have a discord server for our members, and you can always reach me with @Grixis. Good luck and hope to see you around.
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