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  1. New developments: The Warp beacon is now active and open for any merchants to use free of charge! Public Services LLC or (PBLX) is a massive neutral network of merchants, and traders. We have our doors open to anyone who wishes to join! Membership is free, and the rules are simple. Respect the other merchants, and PBLX property is all we ask Our mission is to bring the universe to the player, and to expand/encourage trade throughout the universe. Join in on the action and make some quanta with us. Happy sales to you all We have a new art shop opening up by B0neshredder! I'm personally excited to see the wonderful art that will be created. Stop by his art studio being build on the station and buy some cool cherry blossom trees, or other art creations! Visit, Art of the Bone! Camel Store will keep doing warp cells for 7500 for the time being, so you better stock up before the price are raised in the future. There will be a redo of the full store soon and will be fully stocked on all tiers of ore soon. There's plans for my expanded store - warp beacons. We are doing our best to keep the universe moving! Quarty INC - We're continuing to expand our honeycomb factory every day. We now stock all flavours of plastic and steel, priced competitively to beat public markets and fully factory supported! Check us out in VR "Quartys Honeycomb" (please remember, don't buy in VR). Shadow Templar Has a new store in the works, we all know and lover their products. Now they are offering you that same quality, but at twice the convenience! Browse their shop, or just drool at the voxel work. Check daily for new products All Good LDT - We are always improving our inventory and looking for ways to source better building materials to bring you the best at the lowest price. Our inventory is expanding daily so don't forget to check back at a later time ifwe done carry the item you are looking for. MINC - We are currently restocking inventory and apologize for some of the empty venders. We will be making improvements to our supply chain to better meet the needs of the market. Our shop has been reorganized and cleaned up, new items will be rolling out shortly! Uncommon indy and mining units over the next few days. We will continue to offer unbeatable prices, most items are far below market 6 and most the universe. ? Don't believe me take a look for yourself in VR or in person. VR - Anarchy Markets We'll soon have a public message board at the station for residents, and the public in general to chat among each other, and to leave messages for the shop owners as well.
  2. Would be cool ya. We could use someone for publications at the player markets above M6
  3. Milestone for the markets has been achieved, and we would like to share it with the whole universe! We are opening the warp beacon over market 6 for general public use. Join Public Services LLC (PBLX) for access Special shout out to RandyCamel for making this possible! Visit his shop for the lowest prices in the universe on warp cells
  4. Here with another update: As always check daily for new art and new stores, vender stalls and services! DU it. VR- Anarchy Markets, and Anarchy Apartments Quest Holdings: We now have a XL Freight lift with 25kt cargo lift capability, it can be rented for cheap along with the smaller 5kt freight lift. If its ships or cargo, our merchant freight services can move your goods between ground and orbit at M6 faster and safer than any ship can. Why risk your nice ship and repair bills when WE could do it for a modest fee. Be worry free! Quest holdings, has the equipment to handle it for you. We're still selling warp cells for 7.5k!! Lowest prices on the server We have a shipping corporation that has teamed up under PBLX, Public Services LLC to provide player services on the Anarchy station and abroad! They will be setting up so expect greatness soon. With our focus of bringing the universe to the player, we are yet another step closer. We have new shops under construction from various corporations, a more notable one will be building a new shop soon for player convenience. Shadow Templar will soon have a new shop on the station! We are currently setting up DU's first 100% public elevator (The P2), specially designed by shadow templar to offer players a free ride to and from NPC to Player markets and back. We hope that the community makes great use of it! We understand newer players will have a tough time making it to space, and some players just want to take a look and not actually fly over. The P2 public elevator is the solution. We still have a few apartment homes available. They are great for merchants and mission fliers due to its central location and free storage (1-2XL), along with free access to the lighting fast P1 Orbital Taxi. P1 is reserved for residents and merchants only. MINC - We'll be releasing some new free blue prints this week in limited supply. We'll be offering free blueprints for our shuttle design. XS core, very light and agile, with warp abilities. It sips on gas, and costs very little in material. The shuttle is a soothing design by Galexia but it isn't just for looks, it's a very versatile shuttle that can warp to planets and moons for the least amount of warp cells we could possibly manage! Quarty INC - Our ever expanding honeycomb catalog can be matched by only a few at this point! With the lowest prices on the server for some honeycomb and our central location above market 6 we cant be beat! Please excuse all the construction, or not as we're adding in many more and don't plan to stop ? All Good LTD - Take a look at our ship shop, we have everything to cover your basic needs at unbeatable prices. We are slowly adding in new indy lines to provide all engine types, so please bare with us. If you dont see something you are looking for let us know!
  5. PBLX - Public Services LLC ::pos{0,2,35.8594,101.3426,131998.3594} Small update, we are looking for coders to assist with a casino we want to build, shipping corporations and more. Visit the message board on the station for detailed information. We have a new VR Pod for the Anarchy Apartment Lobby, inside the lobby you will find unique voxel art from some of the best voxel artists on the server, an art gallery of famous paintings from around the world for your viewing please. Its described as "Eye Candy" by some, and the artists love hearing feed back. Currently many foundations are being placed and the station is expanding outward so corporations can have an organized and free location to place a store and enjoy the benefits of a central, convenient, and supportive community that wants to see us all shine. DU is a very unique game, lets show the server the best of what we can offer. We should have a Bug Ship displayed soon from UnderVerse's wonderful collection of Bug themed ships! It's both an honor and our great pleasure to host a location for him and other artists from all over the universe for everyone to enjoy. The universe is a big place, PBLX was created to act as a neutral ground to host corporations and player services, in central locations for all to enjoy. Join us in this massive multi-corporation community project and lets all shine together! MINC -Mineral Co Mineral Co is giving away free BP's for visitors, and will change weekly the free BP's. This week is a new addition to their Rez Pet series of equipment, the Coffin Rez pet. We are all essentially immortals in the game, why not have a cool coffin with a portal to the after lift inside as your new mobile spawn point. It looks pretty cool when you pop out of it after dying haha. Part art, part equipment; the rez pets are one of the most useful purchases you will ever make in the game so they are offered free in limited supply to ease the pain and frustration of crashing. Mount them on your ship as both function and BA decorations/hood ornaments. More detail available next to them at the station. Quest Holdings We do our best to offer our items at a competitive rate, and some of our items are the lowest prices in the universe! Come and swing by for our deals on Warp Cells. Only 7.5k Each! Priced for whole sale and ready to supply, shop Quest for the Best. All Good LTD We have modified the shop and have a more open floor plan with much more room. Swing by our ship shop for competitive prices, and with our expanding catalog of items you can get the equipment you can rely on. Shop worry free with us, because it's All Good LTD. Quarty Co Swing by and take a look at our shop for your voxel needs! We are getting settled in, and adding new items almost daily so please check back the day after if your desired voxels aren't for sale just yet. Due to the low availability of honeycomb Q Co has decided to supply the demand and fill the market gap. We are located in the most ideal spot to serve the community, in orbit just above Alioth market 6. Q Co - Building Galaxies
  6. We have added two new lifts, one for people only (Taxi) and one for lift freight up to 5kT and its large enough to take most ships safely to and from the station to the surface of Alioth Market 6. The Anarchy Trade station is the high tech community trade station this game deserves, take a look in VR or in person! I cant add more pics or I would post them here Come take a look at the detached parking for the clearly marked lifts. The Apartments have been launched and will soon be available to rent, ranging from 150-250k a week. The come standard with 1-2 XL storage containers, and you will have access to the Taxi lift (Person Only) included in your rent. The location and lift access alone is a 25 million quanta value, but we understand money is tight from taxes. Come and live tax free! The Anarchy market is just outside the main hall of the apartments, and it offers some of the lowest prices in the game and new items and shops are being added daily. Want to build with us and join this amazing community project, whisper Grixis is game for info of Grixis#2517 on discord. Vender stalls and shops are free and will always be free! This community projects aim is to have a central location for players and their corporations to really show off their goods and services, and let the community in general shine. Our trade station is a Billion Quanta, multi corporation community project and it rivals even Utopia. Not in size, but in high tech convenience, art, and location. We have a lot to be excited about as we reached a new stage in construction, we are planning to add fun and rewarding escape rooms like nothing before, we also plan for a warp beacon to be added. For the small price of 100k we can take your ship + cargo or just cargo from the stations detached parking, all the way to M6 and back safely and very quickly! It's truly the most efficient way for freighters and traders to bring their cargo too and from the planet. Don't risk a crash with your valued space only freighter, we have tons of room and more is being added for parking. Experience the power of what a community can do when they work together
  7. The planet is under the station, you may have approached in from the bottom.
  8. Here is a front shot of the Founders offices, hosted by Public Services LLC to keep things on neutral ground. It's being updated with the different founding corporations logos. Player housing will start behind this building. A lot of ideas are planned for the bottom floor, such as an arcade and casino. Other offices will be added for the other shop owners in the near future.
  9. We have our board members office for voting and future design of the station. Each board members is the super legate of a corporation, this is to ensure the station's future is decided by a community. Our 5 founding corporation's earned the right for a center location, being a risk taker. Sometimes things pay off ? It's just missing the gold voxels that are cooking at the time of post
  10. Haha 100% was my fault I forgot to land it before I logged haha. We'll have a person only one open to the public in the next few days, waiting on elevator technician to cook up some new code.
  11. We added a few more platforms. I usually fly above them then let gravity take me downward. We're installing a mega lift with 5.7kt lift power. It will go to the garage and has the ability to lift entire ships You should be able to Cptn Hook lol
  12. Its a multi corp thing so im not sure if it belongs there. It's more of a community project
  13. Hello Everyone, you may have head about the Anarchy Trade Station in general chat, or not but its a small community project and player trade station this game deserves. Come and join us, get a head start for when the player market elements drop!! We are located direct above Market 6 on Alioth, for convenience and function. The trade station has a few corps that have setup shop already. Indy, home building, ship building, and a few others. We really would like a shipping corp to setup. We are happy to welcome new player homes by the Thades Rendezvous Corporation! They have a new location build built on the trade station for mission runners, shippers, or anyone in general that wants to take full advantage of the stations benefits. MINC will pay for the core and building materials of a shipping corp on the station. Elevator access between market 6 and the station available with 500t lift. Two personnel elevators and a mega loft with 5.7kT lift are under way. VR To Anarchy Markets and take a look. We have a promotional BP give away going on while supplies last for Rez pets. A unique divice that you will use time and time again. Visit for more info! ::pos{0,2,35.8594,101.3426,131998.3594}
  14. Due to the update and indy nerf we're reorganizing and have new benefits for new members. We would like to offer all new MINC members a free ship, and a M space core to be used at our space station, having your own part of the station gives it a unique look and gives players a more convenient home. Our station is growing and can offer our players access to ship parts, indy, or indy parts. We're working on completing our warp industry at the station to help with travel. We have a few massive projects underway. We're working on building the biggest battleship in the game, along with the largest space station. We'll soon be offering members inhouse currency to be used to buy ships or parts, fuel, anything we craft. We're looking to expand our PvP department as well. Message Grixis, EchelonNot, Galaxia, or HostileHearts for more info or to join. We have operations on several planets, so where ever you want to setup we have you covered.
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