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Found 8 results

  1. To prefix this, this is primarily a discussion page to talk about various ways to monetize this beloved game called Dual Universe, while weighing pros and cons. Considering many people don't understand why things are done, or perhaps the business people within the company haven't thought of a few of the ideas perhaps to be mentioned in this total thread, here it goes. None of any posts in this thread are considered the whole picture, more as a combination of all the thoughts given, including this initiation post To start, we are going with the backer method fro
  2. As a future developer in Dual Universe, the idea of DACs as payment seems like an interesting prospect. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like a bit of a d-bag move on the part of the developers. I don't want this to be an overtly negative post, but bear with me.. I intend to be creating a whole lot of stuff in game, ships, defenses, tools, etc. with full Lua scripting to back them all up. These things will take a TON of time to develop if you hope to have a decent result from them. However, with the Dual Access Coupons being the only *real* form of payment I can hope to
  3. In the time I've spent reading these forums, I see this topic come more than a handful of times on DAC's and DU's subscription system. It's something to be expected, a merchant goes "hey I got a nice product, pay me xyz dollars", then the consumer goes "how can I get this for the best value for my money?". This is a quite normal thought process. I think of it every time when looking at goods and their prices and especially before I check out my products. We value our money because we put time and effort into earning it, and want to maximize our potential with it. Our ti
  4. The title says it all. Its for like RIGHT NOW not for when the game is in beta stage or released, its for right now.... Don't tel me how it will be, tell me how it is plz :)
  5. How will this game be paid For? I've heard that it will be sub based, but a friend recently told me that it will only be sub based when the game is in Beta but will be pay to keep when the game releases. Is this true, or will it be sub based for the game release?
  6. A forum is typically a place to discuss single topics, pose questions or make suggestions. This happens in a highly organized manner, which is perfect for keeping discussions in order, being able to archive them and giving a large portion of people the possibility to participate. However, there are downsides to it when it comes to user friendliness in various forms. Getting an answer usually takes time, topics that may interest you already exist but are no longer active or already archived and discussion can head in a directions you don’t feel like taking part in. For these reasons, the u
  7. Is purchasing a months subscription and buying/redeeming a DAC the exact same thing? Or are they different prices? If they are, why? Why not just have DAC redemption be the only mechanic to extend game time? (If these questions have been answered before, I apologize, I couldn't find them.)
  8. In response to the recent issue of DAC's, and specifically about whether or not they should be allowed to be "stolen" ingame, I believe that this compromise may satisfy the desires of both crowds. I believe it also may add a perk for backers that may encourage more people to back (although I can see the downsides from the point of view of the community as well). I'm asking that you please read through these options fully before voting in the poll. The "Eve Online Model" as referred to here is as follows: - PLEX does not have to be converted into an ingame item immediately. - You
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