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  1. I see the "Alpha 3 test : 14 may 2020" but does that mean that I can't play until the test is live? And is this the only time the servers will be open until the beta releases? In other words, you pledged..., are you able to play right now or any other time outside of the Alpha 3 test on the 14th of may? Thanks
  2. Oh okay, well I have another question tho, i've seen some videos on the NDA because i was shocked not to find a single tutorial or anything... so i was wondering, where do i go for help if there's something i can't figure out?
  3. The title says it all. Its for like RIGHT NOW not for when the game is in beta stage or released, its for right now.... Don't tel me how it will be, tell me how it is plz :)
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