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Found 15 results

  1. As daylight grows shorter, the nights are darker and the decorations get creepier! That's right Noveans, it's time for our Creepy Outposts Contest! Whether you are a pro voxelmancer or a beginner who is learning how to build, this is a great contest to participate in. Creepy Outpost Contest Information: We have chosen three of our favorite starter outposts for you to modify/decorate. The three outposts are: Outpost Cozy Outpost Dojo Outpost Mod We want you to decorate/modify one or all of the above starter outposts in a creepy theme. Make it spooky, make it funny, make it eerie, but make sure it remains recognizable and creepy/spooky. You must keep it on the same sized core. You can change colors/materials, interior/exterior furnishings to your liking, but make sure that it is clearly identifiable as the starter outpost you modified. Please note: We ask that you limit the amount of lights used in your spooky decorations/remodels. The starter outposts are available for sale at the UEF shops, or you can head down to the castle by the Exchange and grab a free copy of each with the dispenser you will find there. How to Enter: When you're done decorating/remodeling either the Outpost Cozy, Outpost Dojo or Outpost Mod, please submit your outpost to us via this form: https://forms.gle/kJmDZG8Guc2pf5g37 Once your Creepy Outpost construct has been reviewed and qualifies, it will be placed near the castle by the Exchange for everyone to see and enjoy its creepiness! Deadline is November 6th, 2023 at 18:00 UTC. Prizes to be won: First prize: A special in-game title Second prize: 30 days game time Third prize: 10 million quanta Will your starter outpost be full of tricks or treats? We can't wait to see what you come up with! 🧡☠️🤡🍬
  2. The votes have been tallied, the NQ staff members have been polled and they voted - they also discussed all the entries and tried to convince others to vote for their favorites. We take our bots very seriously as you can tell. Even though there can be only three winners, the general consensus here at Novaquark is that these bot entries were incredibly creative, imaginative and skillfully done. A huge thank you to all of the participants. If you haven't had the chance to see the bots up close and personal, they are available for viewing near The Exchange: ::pos{0,2,24.7050,99.0905,147.7182} With no further delay, here are the winners: First place and winner of the "Brilliant Bot Builder" title as well as three months game time: LIAM BOT by VANHERCK Two runner ups that will receive one month of game time each: LA CALCULATRICE by CORRUPTED SOFTWARE STING-E by HADRON A huge congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope that you enjoyed this challenging build contest and if you would like to see more contests like these, please let us know. Well done everyone, those are some crazy and awesome bots!
  3. Calling All Bot Builders! Do you like robots? How about a challenge to build a bot with specific material requirements? Then read on as this is the contest for you! Welcome to the DU BOT BUILD OFF CONTEST! We want you to feel the spark of inspiration, knock the rust off your imagination, and polish up your building skills. Show us your most amazing robot creations! Are you ready for this challenge? We hope so, because this is also a nanocrafter only challenge. This means that the materials you use can all be crafted in your nanocrafter (no industry objects/materials permitted). Also, because you like challenges right? We’re only allowing a certain amount of elements and honeycomb you can use on your robot creations. Are you ready? Bot on! Deadline: Friday June 2nd @ 20:00 UTC (4:00 PM New York/Toronto time) Please click this link for the Entry form Construct Rules & Specifications Please make sure to check your bot constructs so that they meet the requirements below to be eligible: One (1) XS Dynamic Core Unit Up to 100 Nano-craftable Elements - Including XS Dynamic Core Unit and the 6 light sources. Six (6) Light Sources - XS lighting elements only Up to 60m3 Nano-craftable Honeycomb material in total What can you win? First Prize - Your very own unique in-game title “Brilliant Bot Builder” and three months of game time. Two (2) runner ups will each receive one month of game time. Once your entry has been submitted and reviewed to make sure it meets all of the bot requirements, they will be put on display near the display at The Exchange located here: ::pos{0,2,24.7050,99.0905,147.7182} and you can also VR by searching for: DU Bot Build Off Display Area Happy building Noveans. we look forward to seeing what kind of bots you can create!
  4. Hello, Noveans! We’re thrilled to announce our latest build contest! We’re looking for exceptional ship designs to include in an upcoming feature of update 1.4. This would be for a VR challenge that is like the current atmospheric and space piloting challenges available in the VR network, that will take players to an orbital installation above Alioth. We want to invite every Novean to have a chance to get their ship included in this new mission. This is a very quick draw type shipbuilding competition, and to participate, you must submit your ship design using our form by May 8th, 2023, @ 16:00 UTC. To be eligible, your ship must meet these requirements: Be able to fly in both atmosphere and space. Be an S-core hauler capable of carrying a minimum of 33 tons of cargo out of Alioth's atmosphere without any piloting talents, with at least seven (7) thousand liters of cargo volume. No weapons. Have a stand-out design! Send us your most unique and interesting builds. All shipwrights chosen will have their ship included in the upcoming orbital mission and will also win three months of game time. Good luck, Noveans! We look forward to seeing your designs!
  5. It's not everyday that Noveans get to guess how much gold is at the end of the rainbow! A huge thank you to all of the guesses that we received. The guesses submitted were from as low as 2 m3, all the way to 9000 m3 and everything in between! If you're wondering the exact amount of gold honeycomb that was in the pot, it was 83.72 m3. No one's luck managed to win the grand prize, (we'll add that to the pot for the next time!) but we've still got some lucky winners to announce! First place: Scherbe with the guess of 82.45 m3 Runner Up: GeorgeHunt with the guess of 78.75 m3 So close! Congratulations to our winners! You will find your prize on your Haven territories. Enjoy your shiny gold honeycomb! Thanks for participating everyone! We hope that you enjoyed seeing that awesome construct made by RyanPryde too!
  6. Noveans, are you feeling lucky? Lucky at guessing that is! Take your best shot with your keen eyes for your chance at some extra riches in the form of glossy gold honeycomb. Head over to our Fool’s Gold pot of luck located at the Green Hall at The Exchange ::pos{0,2,24.4125,99.1239,120.4460}, carefully analyze (don’t forget to look inside the window), and take a guess at how much gold is inside the pot! A huge thanks to RyanPryde for creating the pot of gold construct for this event! (He does not know how much gold is in it though! That’s a secret.) What’s in it for you? Glad you asked. Grand prize winner: 500 m3 of glossy gold honeycomb First prize winner: 250 m3 of glossy gold honeycomb Runner up: 100 m3 of glossy gold honeycomb How it works: If you’ve got your sights on the grand prize, then you will need to be the very first Novean to submit the correct EXACT answer to how much gold honeycomb m3 is in the pot. This would be the exact decimal point. For example, if you think there is 30.03 m3 of gold honeycomb, and you are the first to submit the answer, you will win the grand prize! First prize winner will be the one who guesses closest to the actual number of gold honeycomb m3 in the pot without going over. Runner up will be the next closest guess without going over (after the first prize guess). Remember, it is the first to submit their correct guesses, so be quick with your counting! Deadline: Monday, March 20th @ 14:00 UTC (winners to be announced shortly after) Please use this form to submit your guess. You only get one guess (any additional ones you submit will not be included for judging), so make it count. Oh, and good luck! 🍀
  7. This ship building contest was hosted by YouTube creator Shams. It gave me some inspiration for some ship creations of my own!
  8. If you haven't already seen the video you can do so here: https://youtu.be/CSku2X-NFeA We'd like to congratulate Flip360 on his winning build. Join Flip360 and I in this interview to learn more about what went into building the winning station and take a tour. Here you can discuss the winning build, or leave your congratulations below!
  9. Dear DUdes and DUdettes, As announced yesterday, the winners of our Winter Holidays Shipbuilding Contest are now known. Of course, you wanted to see more than just the three winners. We knew it as well and that's why today, you'll find below numerous other entries that caught our attention (without any particular order) ? We thank you again for your time and dedication, we were really amazed! Congratulations! There was a lot of talking here at NQ to decide the winners, sure, but also around the many other ships received. About how you understood or twisted the tools we give you to craft beautiful and impossible things ? We keep working hard to give you the means to push the boundaries of voxelmancy. We hope you'll like these ships! Cheers, The Novaquark Team
  10. Hi guys, It's time once again for NovaWrimo! If you don't remember what it is or you're new around here, let’s catch you up. What is NovaWrimo? NovaWrimo is a contest inspired by "Nanowrimo" (National Novel Writing Month) that happens during the month of November (from November, 1st to November, 30th). The goal of NanoWrimo is to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. If you're curious, here's the official Nanowrimo website: http://nanowrimo.org/. NovaWrimo is slightly different: It's not strictly tied to the month of November (meaning we might hold similar contests several times a year). To be accessible to a broader range of participants, the minimum word count is only 5,000 words instead of 50,000. Ideally, entries would have a word count between 5,000 and 7,500 words. Depending on the number of entries, it can take a lot of time to review everything. Of course, if you're really inspired and the result very good, there's no hard limit. Who are we to tell Shakespeare when to stop? The rules: The 2017 NovaWrimo contest starts today, Thursday, November 30th, 2017 at 9:30 PM PST. It will end on Sunday, January 7th at 11:30 PM PST. The story should be compatible with what is known of the Dual Universe backstory so far. For reference: The Official Dual Universe Lore Bible The short story written by Alain Damasio The mods of the novel by Alain Damasio mentioned in the beginning of this post, some info here and here too The Backstory Page of the official website Some more recent information If you spot an inconsistency between the different sources, the Official Lore Bible should be considered authoritative. The story must happen between 2049 and 2450. (Between the creation of the United Earth Federation (UEF), the transnational institution in charge of coordinating humanity’s efforts and response to the Star Kiss of Death (SKiD) and the time when the Arkship technology is finally mastered). No alien creatures should be involved. Physical violence should be limited (No gore or similar things). Verbal violence and cursing is tolerated but should be limited and not gratuitous. Explicit sexual content isn't allowed. Hate speech toward specific people, ethnic groups, or religions isn't allowed. You must submit your text in the form of a PDF file and you must attach it to a dedicated topic (with the tag [NovaWrimo2017] in the title) you created in the "Novaquark Archives" forum section. The PDF file must not exceed 500 kb in size. You also must send your file in Word or .txt format to both Nyzaltar and Nomad to be eligible. You can do so by private message on the forum. By submitting a fan fiction with the tag [NovaWrimo2017] in the topic title, the poster will explicitly cede author rights to Novaquark. While these texts won't be sold in any form, they might be used (fully or partially) as promotional materials or in marketing campaigns for the game Dual Universe. For more information, please read our "Terms of Use" and our EULA. You also must accept and you must respect the legal conditions bound to your Dual Universe account (the aforementioned game's EULA, but also the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and NDA if relevant). Your submission must be written in English. Your submission must not contain elements or information under NDA you may have found while playing the Pre-Alpha. A non-native English writer can seek help from a native English speaker to polish the text in English. The native English speaker must be aware that it can help only on a volunteer basis: he won't be eligible for any reward. If a non-native English writer seeks help from a native English speaker, he/she must submit the complete text before proofreading. Once his/her text is proofread, he/she will have to keep both pre-proofread and post-proofread versions of the text available on the forum. If several people collaborate on a story, please be aware that only the individual submitting the entry on the forum will be eligible to win any prizes or awards. We will not have group prizes available. Because the juries are completely different, a participant may win a Novaquark prize and the Community prize. You may submit multiple entries, however, you may only win one Novaquark prize. If an entry does not meet all of the requirements for eligibility (not reaching the minimum word count, missing the deadline by a few days, etc.), the author won't be considered as eligible for the Novaquark and the Community prizes. However, it may still be considered as a participant to the contest. It will be up to the Novaquark team to decide on a case by case basis. Late entries will not be eligible for either the Novaquark or Community prizes, but will still be considered as participants. A gentle reminder more than a rule: please consider the reading comfort of your future readers by formatting your text in a way that makes it easily readable (make sure to put some space between your paragraphs, etc.). The rewards: 1st Prize: 1 Digital Gold Founder Pack 2nd Prize: 1 Digital Silver Pack 3rd Prize: 1 Bronze Pack 1 Closed Beta Key Last year winners were: • 1st Prize: Aetherios, for his short story "That Bright Dawn" • 2nd Prize: Temerian, for his short story "Rebirth" • 3rd Prize: Devious_T, for his short story "Left Behind". Community Prize: Unique in-game title: "Famous Writer". Won by Kurock last year. Only one vote is allowed per person, regardless of the number of accounts he or she owns. How the winners will be selected: For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes, the winners will be selected by the Novaquark team. For the Community Prize, the community members will vote for their favorite fan fiction. Last year saw very cool entries. If you want to discover them, you can download them all here. Good luck everyone! Cheers, The Novaquark Team.
  11. Hi guys, Time for launching the community vote for NovaWrimo 2017! Rules are the same than for the 2016 edition. Starting from today, you can vote with the pole in this thread until April, 3rd at 06:59 AM UTC. Only one vote is allowed per person, regardless of the number of accounts he/she owns. To be convenient, I gathered the links to the eligible stories here: "Bastille" by Kurock "Life After Death" by Velenka "Right to Exist" by stig92 "A Day of Optimism" by Dwarf3d "Black and Teal" by Zamarus Our staff review of these entries is still in progress and we'll update you on this asap! The original announcement is still available here. Thanks to the writers for entering! Have a good read! Cheers, Nomad
  12. Only one vote is allowed per person, regardless of the number of accounts he or she owns. Best regards, Nyzaltar.
  13. Edit: Voting is closed and the final results are in: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/?p=43096 The entries are in and they look good. But don't worry about having to choose just a single favorite: You may choose all those you like the most. Two pictures were omitted because they were posted by CSYN administration (Kurock, Loz117). You are still free to go like them Just a reminder: Voting occured from 29th December to 4th January. Winners were announced on 5th January 2016.
  14. Welcome to the first Cinderfall Syndicate DU contest. The competition is completed! A big thanks to all those that participated and the voters. Also big thanks to Cinderfall Syndicate for sponsoring the prizes. The winners are Code24, MrStarWars and D. Diablo. With random draw being DarkNovation. See here for more information: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/?p=43096 What is the competition?: This is a art/digital art competition for the best looking space themed design you can create. This includes anything that can pass for a construct in Dual Universe, including but not limited to buildings, ships, hovercraft, space stations etc. It must be your own creation and must be made especially for this competition. In game screenshots and 3D modelling tools are allowed as long as the design is your own. Who is the competition open to?: Everyone that has an account on the forums. Cinderfall Syndicate administrators may enter the competition but are not eligible to win prizes. What do you need to do to enter?: Take a picture of your design and post the picture on this thread. One entry per person. No alts please What do you win?: game keys! Timelines: When did it start?: 16th December 2016. Entries closed at the end of 28th December 2016. CLOSED Voting occured from 29th December to 4th January. A poll was created here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/ Winners were announced on 5th January 2016 here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10623-csyn-contest-picture-this-the-poll/?p=43096 CLOSED The winners are Code24, MrStarWars and D. Diablo. With random draw being DarkNovation. There will be 3 community voted winners (top three get same prize) and a random winner. 1st place: Space Engineers key* 2nd place: Space Engineers key* 3rd place: Space Engineers key* Random draw: Space Engineers key*. *If the winner already has this game, we can exchange it for another game.
  15. Okay, so once the game releases us here at the ACS will be starting work on a massive piece of infrastructure. We have yet to decide a name for it, so I have decided to place it up as a contest to see who can come up with the best name for the station. The station itself will be a massive public hub, so please do refrain from any obscene references or language in the naming process. Feel free to post a name below - after 24 hours period I will gather all the names together and place them into a poll for people to vote over. The winning vote will be the new name of the station. Anyway have fun with it. . .
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