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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I am a returning player since the game is officially out and wanted to know if there are outside tools out there to help me/others in designing/building a ship. I am not talking about the aesthetic design but the ratio of parts to other parts. For example: how many M Wings or L Wings should I use per 1 M Engine, etc. I have been looking and only found a few tools that mostly deal with crafting/industry. Here is an example of what I am wanting to do. Due to starting out and not having much of industry set up I am looking to build a ship that will allow me to carry a filled L Container. This ship has to be able to leave all planets and re-enter them filled with cargo. Basically I am looking for a tool that will allow me to ratio the proper amount of part on the ship to make sure the ship capable of the described above tasks. I cannot afford L Engines yet and will be using M Engines. If there is anyone out there that has anything similar to what I am asking for please let me know.
  2. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp “Come As You Are.” Link to old thread Band of Outlaws is a honey badger worshiping space cartel within Dual Universe. We plan to be the premiere organization for those who enjoy a less than serious organization, with a cartel/mafia theme to spice up our unique community culture. Our goal is to always enjoy the game, and to knock over as many sand castles as we can. We are happy to accept mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, traders, builders, explorers, and any other play style in this game. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from. We also understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. Already want to join? Scroll down to the bottom for the info. Unlike the majority of organizations within Dual Universe who want to create their own space empires or industrial mega corporations, we wanted to create the first Cartel for the game and its community. BOO will provide many services ranging from discreet goods transportation, a bounty hunters network, asset security, and everything else in between. All of which can be purchased for the right price of course. We wanted to create a community in DU that did not take itself seriously, but could still be a powerhouse organization through economics, industrial power, force if necessary, and memes. We intend to help with the construction of neutral, free trade player hubs like our Project: Tortuga. Tortuga is our code name for one of Dual Universe’s first planned neutral player hubs that will be created on a planet when the game releases. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Destiny 2, Path of Exile, Hell Let Loose, Overwatch, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game. Strength in numbers: Being the 2nd largest organization in Dual Universe, we have more than enough manpower to protect our own assets and those of our members. PVP: Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies? Did that space trucker look at you sideways? Just like to see the galaxy burn? We can ensure you that we will do all of that and more. We love PVP, do you love PVP? PVE: Huh? Industrial Powerhouse: We have some of the brightest minds in the DU community theory-crafting our industrial process’ for churning out our ships and construction materials to keep you busy if building and production is your forte. Ship Replacement Program: We like PVP, did we tell you that yet? While we will be blowing holes in other players’ ships, some will be blown into ours as well. We can keep you in the fight with our organization funded SRP program where you will be given a free replacement for your ships if they are lost/destroyed on BOO business and operations. A true gaming community: DU isn’t our only game, join our Discord server of 400+ members to hang out with a community of somewhat likable nerds. Come for the memes, and stay for the memes. Memecrafting: We live by the meme, and we die by the meme. BOO is not a democracy, but we place our members as the number one focus of our community. Everything our leadership does is done with that goal in mind, and if it doesn’t work/fit our culture or it just chaffs the community in the wrong way, then we find something else that does work and keep moving forward. This keeps our foundation strong, and allows our community as a whole to adapt to whatever it needs to adapt to in order to keep everyone happy and having fun. Our leadership volunteers their free time to ensure that BOO is always at its best, and that our members are taken care of. Below is a quick diagram of our current leadership. Like any good space cartel, we are also home to several organizations within BOO. Groups like Vanguard, a private mercenary corporation, benefit from everything that BOO offers its core members without losing their own identity and autonomy. We like to call these groups SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. Special Interest Groups help to provide day-to-day content for their members. To apply to BOO as a SIG, go to this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 BOO is all about quality over quantity, and with that, we have some standards we put in place that we would like potential members to meet. Our Discord server and wherever else we hang out is always filled with the finest quality of meme’s in Dual Universe. Seriously, we’re home to some of the most iconic memes in DU already. Here is what we call "The Code", these are our community guidelines, and is what every member will follow in Dual Universe and other games. That’s really it. If you can meet those expectations, and feel that you would be a good fit in our community, then we want you. The recruitment process is simple, and you only need to submit an application to our group on the community portal, and to also be sure you join our Discord server to conduct a quick one-on-one interview with one of our recruiters where you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you are a good fit for us. NOTE: If you are wanting to apply as a SIG, contact Cybrex on the forums, or on our Discord server. Applying as an organization? Contact our Diplomacy Director, Cybrex, to inquire about joining BOO with your organization as a Special Interest Group. You can also join our Discord server, where someone on our Diplomacy team will get with you as soon as they can to get the process going. If you are ready to apply as a SIG, then please visit this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 Applying as a member? Sweet! Send your application to us on the community portal here, and be sure to join our Discord server so we can conduct your interview. You can also contact our Internal Affairs Director, Anslem Vry. NOTE: If you apply and do not join our Discord server after a week from submission, your application will be denied by default. “Come As You Are.” Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sssmHbp
  3. -> Présentation <- CONGLOMERAT DOSFR , organisation francophone active créée au sein de l'association PROJET DOSFR -> Notre Vision <- Notre devise « risquer l'impossible » un groupe solide , organisé, déterminé et légèrement "FOU" Composé de profils divers d'une moyenne d'âge d'environ 20-50 ans . La coopération est la base de Dual Universe Dans cette optique, CONGLOMERAT DOSFR fait de l'inclusion le véritable moteur de l'organisation. -> Pas d'ambitions <- Promouvoir l'univers DOSFR Promouvoir l'univers Dual Universe Avoir de l'influence sur l'échiquier des puissances Développer une bonne équipe fun et durable Lier des relations diplomatiques solides -> Rejoignez-nous ! <- Envie de rejoindre l'univers DOSFR Nous recherchons des joueur(s) pour compléter nos sonnés qui ont une réelle envie de s'investir dans une communauté hors normes. - Avoir +17 ans - Être mature - Avoir un bon micro - Être présent discord - Avoir des bonnes disponibilités - Capable de s'investir sur un projet à long terme Au plaisir de vous connaitre L'équipe DOSFR
  4. Hey all, Looking for a builder that would be willing to build a shell of a ship for me. No interior just the outside. Any takers ? Pics are below. Willing to pay or trade. -Iceman8706/
  5. As a future developer in Dual Universe, the idea of DACs as payment seems like an interesting prospect. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like a bit of a d-bag move on the part of the developers. I don't want this to be an overtly negative post, but bear with me.. I intend to be creating a whole lot of stuff in game, ships, defenses, tools, etc. with full Lua scripting to back them all up. These things will take a TON of time to develop if you hope to have a decent result from them. However, with the Dual Access Coupons being the only *real* form of payment I can hope to receive in game, it kind of feels like a bit of a face slap. Think about it. I spend 25 hours working on a super awesome engine control module with advanced auto-maneuvering for someone who requested it custom. Joe Space Captain goes to the Dual website and buys himself two DACs to give to me as payment for the work I did. Great, I got this month and next in game for free as payment. = 30 Euro savings or whatever for me. Now, instead of a custom job, I make a super awesome base turret blueprint that I sell on open market. Let's say 250 people buy it at 500 credits each, and I trade those 125,000 credits for 5 DACs that people are selling on the market. What happened here? I now have 5 free months in game, which I may or may not ever use, but NovaQuark just made 75 euro in real money cash for all of that work that I did. Once I start collecting DACs like candy because now 10,000 users have realized how good it is and have purchased my super-awesome turret, NQ is rolling in the money for work I did, and those DACs I accrued have become virtually useless to me. Obviously, I made assumptions the monthly fee is 12 euro and DAC are 15 euro. Actual cost doesn't really matter. The more I make and sell on market, the more trivial the DACs will become. Meanwhile, NQ makes tons of constant value cash on my work. My alternative would be to just hoard the in-game currency, which has equally nil real-world value. I have to imagine that with this system of payments, serious developers and builders will eventually just start dealing outside of the game and make contracts to do in-game work with payments in real cash. That's the only way it would actually be worth it to build things over the long term. All of the really good stuff in game will only be accessible through various user-run black markets outside of game, with in-game market only used for trivial purchases just to get items transferred and to earn the in-game money needed for resource accumulation. I could be wrong, but that's what I foresee happening. What are your thoughts?
  6. As the name implies, it would allow you to manipulate the build box. For example, say a large core is 128x128x128 and you just wanted something a bit longer but just a fraction of that width. Allows to subtract from unused axis to add to desired one. Keeping the same total build volume and game balance of various sizes cores. I don't know about y'all, but most ships I want to build are alot longer than they are wide or tall. This is something I brought up in game, but thought it appropriate to bring to the forums.
  7. Bonjour, je ne me suis pas encore présenté sur cette rubrique du forum, donc c'est mon tour . Joueur de Dual Universe depuis une bonne année, passionné par le projet de NQ, initiateur du WikiDual Universe FR, ainsi que du Quanta News avec l'aide de MendrakMaster, avec la détermination de créer une superbe civilisation marchande gravitant dans ce nouvel univers, nous nous sommes associés avec FREEJ1 & WillyGmod ainsi que d'autres membres historiques (Cronael,DIVAZ,Norz,KILOPalo5,...) afin de donner vie à la DELTA Confederation. Cette dernière est une organisation de commerçant bâtisseurs, totalement neutre sur l'échiquier politique de l'univers. Notre objectif premier est l'ouverture de Quanta City, une ville avec une ligne architecturale parfaitement corporate, défiant toute imagination, permettant le transit de ressource et d'échange entre joueur de tous horizons, grâce à nos futurs marchés privés. Nous effectuons donc autant de l'achat que de la vente de biens et services. Pour tous renseignement ou contact : https://discord.gg/DeYDeR Quanta News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1oMIn-Ksc&t=82s ---------------------------------------------------------------- Site communautaire Serveur vocal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I have not yet presented on this topic of the forum, so it's my turn. Player of Dual Universe since a good year, passionate about the project of NQ, initiator of WikiDual Universe FR, as well as Quanta News, with the determination to create a superb commercial civilization gravitating into this new universe, we partnered with FREEJ1 & WillyGmod and other historic members (Cronael, DIVAZ, Norz, KILOPalo5, ...) to bring DELTA Confederation to life. The latter is an organization of shopkeeper builders, completely neutral on the political chessboard of the universe. Our primary goal is the opening of Quanta City, a city with a perfectly corporate architectural line, challenging imagination, allowing the transit of resources and exchange between players of all horizons, thanks to our future private markets. So we do as much buying as selling goods and services. For any information or contact: https://discord.gg/DeYDeR Quanta News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1oMIn-Ksc&t=82s ---------------------------------------------------------------- Site communautaire Serveur vocal
  8. English version : Hi everyone, Suneiku Chinese farmer builder ! I am looking for a clan preferably FR or JP and without particular restriction. Living in Japan my schedule is quiet important and I like farm / build alone in my corner just as I like to contribute to the expansion of my group. Not yet taken the time to buy the access for the pre alpha but I am thinking about it seriously. Version Francaise : Salut a toutes et a tous ! Suneiku farmer builder chinois a mes heures perdues. Je recherche un clan de preference FR ou JP et sans restriction particuliere. Vivant au Japon mon decalage horraire est plutot important et j'aime bien farmer/construire tout seul dans mon coin tout comme j'aime contribuer a l'expansion de mon groupe. Pas encore pris le temps d'acheter l'acces pour la pre alpha mais j'y pense serieusement. ps : Desole j'ai pas d'accent sur mon clavier... 日本版: こんにちは、スネイクと言います!僕は日本で住んでいるのフランス人です!このゲームで日本人なギルドあるかどうか分からないけどあったら嬉しい! 俺は物を作ると物を収穫するのが好きです!他のゲームで中国人ファーマーみたいってよく言われた。 僕の日本語は完璧じゃないけど頑張ってる! 後はフランスや英語国のギルドと翻訳ができるので凄く便利なメンバーになれる! よろしくお願いします!
  9. Hello fellow Noveans, I am Captain Hilts, Call sign "Cooler King". I am designing, building and flying some amazing ships. If you want a ship built for you or you need a lift to somewhere. Just let me know. And if you are looking for an elite team of builders and explorers, and a way to escape the blob; come join me in the Fringe Exoplanet Cartel. Semper Fidelis, Captain Hilts
  10. I had an idea for a system that could possibly be implemented for large scale builds. If you were to say build a giant structure, it would probably be quite hard to complete with a small amount of people, or by yourself. My idea is robotic builders that you can tell to build something. It work work something like this: You would have a free-camera system where you could build something in it, kind of like a game building software or something like that with the free floating camera. In it you would have the ability to freely place materials or whatever you can. You could create something, upload it to a robot you have build or bought, give the robot materials, and then it would start to build. This could make it so that players could more easily take on larger scale builds.
  11. Who am I? Currently a student in a software engineering major. Why are you here? Well to make fast ships and big guns. What do you plan to do? Build ships for deep space exploration and hopefully write some good code while I am at it. What role do you plan to play? Deep space exploration and ship design/programming. Are you a lone wolf or "team" player? A little of both. If an organisation wants my skills and thinks I could be of good use, plus can compensate me accordingly, I would be more than happy to join up. As long as I feel that I am being put to good use. Other than that I will probably be by myself out in the great unknown building star gates and finding cool stuff. What do you hope to accomplish in the game? Just building cool things really. I love designing, building, and exploring. This feels like the perfect game for someone like me. Anything else you can think of? Not really, I mostly did this so if someone is interested in who I am then they could find this. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will update this with questions as they are asked(that is if anyone out there really cares to know)
  12. So… I’m looking for an American based building group, preferably on central time zone. I have extensive voxel building experience, and a passion for small and large-scale projects. I have no problem spending a couple of hours a day farming for mats, (kind of relaxes me) so building mats won’t be a problem Please consider me Dedicated builder Growller
  13. Ok so hi I’m one of those people that were in EQ landmark from beginning to when it shut down. I have a passion for building, since I discovered D.U. I have been thrilled with the prospect of getting into some heavy building again, have already started on some blueprints id like to work on. and I have a long term goal …I would like to consider building Babylon 5, at over 5 miles long I know it’s a giant undertaking but that never stopped me before So if there any guilds that are focusing on large scale building please consider me Thanks Growller
  14. Aqua&Mons Corporation Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas Informations : Langue officielle : Français Communication : https://discord.gg/BEEeeM LE GROUPE Profil : Aqua&Mons Corporation est un groupe industriel polyvalent et structuré. Nos équipes conçoivent, réalisent et exploitent des ouvrages destinés à améliorer au quotidien le cadre de vie et de travail de leurs utilisateurs. Gouvernance : Prochainement .... Stratégie : Prochainement .... NOTRE HISTOIRE En cours de rédaction ... NOS ENGAGEMENTS Afin de prendre en compte toutes les facettes du développement et toucher toutes les parties prenantes, notre démarche s’articule autour de 4 axes : Environnement et construction durable, Clients et partenaires pour un projet durable, L'innovation et la construction numérique Développement des filiales. ACTIVITÉS Aqua&Mons Génie Civil : Filiale historique du Groupe, notre section Génie Civil est structuré en 6 pôles, assurant la fiabilité et la qualité de nos ouvrages : Le Bureau d’Études (BE), composée d’ingénieurs et de techniciens évaluent le cahier des charges du client et lui apportent les meilleurs résultats en termes de prix, de délai et de qualité Notre cellule Grand Projet est l'unique interlocuteur avec le client, ses coordinateurs s'appliquent à bâtir les infrastructures dans des délais souvent court ou sur des chantiers "groupées" Notre service travaux, rassemblent l'ensemble du personnel "chantier", les conducteurs travaux, les chefs de chantiers et chefs d’équipes sans oublier nos valeureux compagnons le département Méthodes prépare les chantiers, optimise la production et assure l’approvisionnent en matériels et matériaux sur les différents sites Notre usine de préfabrication ainsi que son équipe conçoit, réalise et commercialise des modules habitables à moindre prix, mais apporte aussi une réponse pour chaque client avec le service interne de personnalisation des modules afin qu'il s'adapte au mieux à son utilisation La "Pépinière", notre laboratoire de R&D innove sans cesse afin de pouvoir construire n'importe ou et n’importe quand. Aqua&Mons Immobilier : Ayant pour ambition de construire un monde meilleur, notre filiale immobilière nous permet d'accompagner nos clients, nos partenaires mais aussi des particuliers dans leur projet quel qu'il soit. Nous avons aussi avec l'aide de nos architectes conçu diverses gammes d'infrastructures : Prochainement .... Aqua&Mons Pionner : Cette filiale est spécialisée dans la construction ou la rénovation d'ensembles "sensibles" comme par exemple des prisons ou encore des complexes militaires sous-terrains, le secret professionnel est le maitre dans ses chantiers sous hautes sécurités. Aqua&Mons Space : Dernier né du Groupe, créé par Kraglin Obfonteri en 2016; a pour ambition de créer des flottes de vaisseaux capable de suivre les colons dans leur exploration pour construire l'avenir. Pour cela différentes classes de vaisseaux utilitaires devront préalablement être développer au sein des chantiers spatiaux de nos partenaires : Croiseurs : Classe "Gaïa" : Croiseur de terraformage capable d'adapter l’atmosphère ainsi que les reliefs de la planète. Classe "Ploutos" : Croiseur servant de d'immenses entrepôts spatiaux. Classe "Zeus" : Vaisseau mère de la flotte; il commande les différentes escadrilles de constructeurs prêt à bâtir et sert aussi de hangar. Classe "Athéna" : Croiseur sert de laboratoire R&D itinérant. Corvettes : Classe "Hestia" : Une corvette qui sert de base mobile pour une équipe complète lorsque l’opération est excentré du gros de la flotte. Navettes : Classe "Hermès" : Une navette existant en 2 versions; transport de personnel et soute de stockage. CARRIÈRES Quel que soit son métier ou sa place dans l’entreprise, chacun de nos collaborateurs est un maillon essentiel de notre démarche de développement durable. Chacun, par son comportement, agit, au quotidien, dans le respect de nos engagements. Pensée pour instaurer une véritable cohésion entre nos collaborateurs, est ainsi être une aventure collective stimulante pour tous. Vecteur d’innovation, elle est enfin créatrice de valeur pour nos clients qui peuvent ainsi bénéficier d’une vision de la construction qui répond, aujourd’hui, aux enjeux de demain. Si vous souhaitez vous joindre, envoyez simplement un message à Kraglin Obfonteri qui dit que vous souhaitez vous joindre et nous vous contacterons. En ce moment, nous recherchons un artiste capable de dessiner des logos et des images pour la description, si quelqu'un de volontaire et de motivé pour accompagner cette société à travers les galaxies alors contacter Kraglin Obfonteri par message !ATTENTION! Tous les nombres mentionnés ici sont sujets à des changements, Toutes les fonctionnalités mentionnées ici, ne s'appliqueront que si elles correspondent à la mécanique du jeu Version 0.3
  15. I propose the idea of having something similar to blueprints that allows you to paste in a shape or 'block' to a construct. These could be things like fences, walls, hallways, engine nacelles, modular structures, you name it! Think of it like the 'chisel & bits' mod from minecraft, where by using different 'bits' materials you can create templates for you own blocks. At the very least it could be implemented into the VR constructor, and maybe limited in the game world (skill rank determines max volume/dimensions, takes more time to place by hand, etc.).
  16. I was watching the latest video on the voxel technology that is used by DU. In the video the show where they created a large rectangle and used a sphere shape to remove an arc from the rectangle. When this was done, there was a deformation of the remaining voxels along the line of the arc. Given the nature of voxels, I would expect some of this. However, that does bring up the question that if the shape of the voxel is going to be dependent on the voxels that surround it, will it be possible to use a "voxel reactor" to create "special" voxel shapes that can be cut and pasted into things. Those of you familiar with building in Landmark will recognize the "voxelmancy" (I hate that term) approach. The other part of this, is will the texture that is applied to an existing voxel also modify surface of the voxel, i.e. a rough stone textures will give the voxel and actual rough finish, or merely the representation of a rough finish by the shading of the texture. Since we are dealing with a Sci-Fi IP, the ability to have crisp lines and curves is going to be important. My concern is that we are going to need to jump through a number of hoops in order to get those nice smooth curves, using "putty", etc.... in order to get the presentation that we wish on our builds. Judging from some of the names I am seeing posted in the forums, we have quite a few builders here that know their way around the voxel universe and I think a good discussion of what our needs and wants this early on in the game process might be worthwhile. I don't think any of us want to have to jump through 20 hoops to make a 1x1x20 cylinder, or spend half a day making an alphabet.
  17. Good day fellow expectant entrepreneurs into this unknown universe. Been keeping track of the DU progress on various media and thought it time to put in my resumé. My name is Eike Sky, I'm a open-minded, flexible person able to accomplish a lot of tasks competently. Predominantly amongst these are my building skills (honed in games such as Space Engineers, Empyrion, and... other voxel-based games), and my piloting, with experience in flight sims from decades ago up until today, as well as a little dabble in Elite Dangerous, however of late, I've not had much time to be able to indulge in that particular fantasy due to this "real life" thing that keeps cropping up. My goal for my existence in Dual Universe is to create the best specialist vehicles at the lowest material cost, and fly them better than anyone else. I have no political alignments other than the belief in the strength of individuals, to make up a whole. I am neither a war monger, or a pacifist, more a nomad, generally. The kind of "work from home" person that deals well with being given some tools and an assignment and being left to it. My communications skills are excellent, though, so if assistance is needed, I am the first to admit a lack of knowledge/experience. If I were to pinpoint a weakness, it would be my lack of knowledge regarding the Lua scripting language, which I will be furthering my knowledge on in the meantime. The purpose of this post is, firstly to introduce myself, and to put forward my application to any Organisation who would make use of my unique skills and viewpoint on the world. I thank you for your time and eagerly await your questions. ~ES
  18. T h e A l c h e m i s t s -A Profession-Level Org -Not a Government -Does NOT require loyalty or Sovereignty -Not a Mutually-Exclusive Org -Not a bunch of jerks! If you consider yourself mainly a builder, then you belong in the Alchemists. We are a profession-level org, that means memberships indicate to potential employers that you are a specialist. I will be managing contracts with other orgs to craft and design Blueprints for military or civilian tech, and members of the guild will be welcome to collaborate on these contracts or form contracts of their own. In essence this is more like a Crafting Guild. There will be some shared resources, some shared workspaces, and every opportunity to cooperate. There will be a bank of org-owned blueprints and elements that each member of the guild can use and incorporate into their own designs. As the Legate of 4 interconnected orgs, the Alchemists will benefit from the protection of the Free Lancers (Mercenary guild), the resources of the Squires (resources-for-DAC's guild), and will have bases of operation located safely within Terran Union space and Cinderfall. And we will start in Alpha. Yep, blueprints for constructs and elements that a player creates in Alpha and Beta will all transfer over to the actual release. It will be essential for Builder's guilds like the Alchemists to have access to the earlier builds of the game, and I'll have that access. I will make ALL of my Blueprints available to the Alchemists, including the ones I develop during Alpha and Beta, and if curious Alchemists don't have access to those earlier builds of the game, I will be happy to test out and draft constructs based on notes and sketches by request. You have nothing to lose, build with us!
  19. Hi everyone, Just a few ideas about the nanoformer tool in particular. I figured that this topic would make much more sense in the Builder's Corner than in the Idea Box, as it is specific to the game's building tool. This post is also partly in reaction of the devlogs I've read about it. Its lore, the way it works, etc. So, in short, the nanoformer tool is able to deconstruct, store and reconstruct matter in the desired shape, at will. A few ideas has been thrown on how it could be powered (solar, bio-heating, etc), how it would be explained, etc. Nothing is set in stone of course, but it is not really satisfying either. So, I came to bring some ideas, I hope you will like them! DISCLAIMER: I am no scientist, but I've read a few things, and here is my theory about actually what would it take for such a tool to exist. First, we would need a complete control over matter, down to at least the atomic level. This means being able to manipulate at will each atom, even when part of a molecule. As you may know, breaking down atoms themselves is a really powerful (a destructive) process, and can lead to catastrophic event if a chain reaction is created (i.e. atomic bomb). And so is, to a lower extent, the breaking down of a molecule. This leads to my first conclusion: the nanoformer tool would require enough power to maintain a complete control over atoms, independently from their surrounding (and atomic bounding mechanism), as well as being able to channel the huge power of their rearrangement, while preventing destruction to happen. Good luck with body heating and solar panels to harness such power! Second, the only plausible technology currently existing, allowing some sort of "control in space" over matter, is the creation of a really powerful magnetic field, allowing the atoms to be "liberated" from another colossal power: gravity. This is, at the moment, only possible within the inside of a huge magnetic field generator, and in no way can actually be broadcast, even a few centimeters away from the center of the magnetic field generator. But man, we are doing science-fiction here! So let's imagine which technology could evolve from this. To my opinion, a few branches could appear in the future from this technology, leading to the creation of a nanoformer tool: Tech 1 - a magnetic field generator with the capacity to broadcast its magnetic power: this would allow sustenance of matter in front of the wearer (Half-Life 2 style). Tech 2 - a sort of pinpointing magnetic laser, allowing the control of matter at the atomic level withing the magnetic field (similar in some ways to the inner carving of a cube of glass using lasers). Tech 3 - some sort of super coolant magnetic beam, allowing the surplus of energy created by the destruction of molecules, to be controlled and redirected elsewhere to prevent explosion (read the great sci-fi book "Uplift" to have an idea). Which leads to my second conclusion: these three futuristic inventions would explain nicely the nanoformer tool technology, while anchoring it in our present scientific "knowledge", with only a sci-fi credible twist. Plus, this could lead to nice in-game skills and upgrades. For example, the Tech 1 could be expended to a macro level, to allow repairs in space. The Tech 2 could be improved to deconstruct more complex entities, such as molecules, for the creation of more advanced things, or to a DNA level, for the creation of bio-technologies. I really think we've got something here! Third, such technologies would require a huge amount of power. And how could we actually pack such power, in something big as, let's say, a portable battery? Atomic fusion of course! The power of the stars! First it is freaking cool, second it is really the only known source of power, which is actually under research (4th generation of nuclear reactor) as we speak, that could provide enough energy. If I remember correctly, you can, with this technology, power up a whole city for one year with a bunch of sugar cubes! Which leads to my third conclusion: the battery that we should use in Dual-Universe, at least for our nanoformer tools, could be atomic fusion batteries. They would require really specific and expensive factories to be built, but a bunch of dirt to be powered on. So on top of the cool role-play-real explanation, it would be perfect to implement in the game. Well, that is it guys. I hope you got the vibe! Magnetic fields, fusion atomic batteries, cooling and pinpointing lasers: I wait for your comments! Cheers, Dociel
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