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Found 16 results

  1. Ever since the latest 0.28 update I've had this weird low FPS issue. When I enter a ship, especially M and L core ships... my fps tanks from the regular 100+ to 10.. Sometimes locking up for 10 - 45 seconds at a time. 1080TI 9900K I9 16gb ram 2TB ssD up to date windows 10 and drivers CPU and GPU's are liquid cooled both stay below 60c Is this just the going rate right now or is my case non typical?
  2. So I come back after sleeping and well my container is empty, bugged and I have no idea how to fix this. I was crafting an XL Assembler overnight and when I got back everything is basically gone to hell... I spend 13 bucks and 50 hours of my life and it's all gone down the toilet hole...
  3. So I was coming from Madis to Alioth, I successfully landed on Alioth after travelling in the atmo for some time. Just an ordinary landing, 0 problems, got no damage from the atmo nothing out of ordinary pretty perfect soft landing. Ship is fine, nothing broken, I exited the pilot seat and checked some containers etc. normal gameplay stuff. Ship is still fine and nothing can go wrong since it's just sitting on the ground with noone in controller, it's ordinarily parked ship with no movement or force applied on it. My friend needs help in base I am 40km away from the base, I have a urgent job so I have to go afk but I decided to go in the Surrogate VR, help my friend for 2 minutes then leave. I go in surrogate vr (inside my parked on the ground completely normal ship), help my friend in base for 2 minutes then I went afk for some time maybe 30 minutes maybe less I don't know. After I came back, I exited the Surrogate VR to drive my ship and go to base but the moment I exited Surrogate I died, then I respawned in base and died again but since I had a second respawner on ship I respawned again. But where did I respawn? I respawned on ground where my ship used to. Where is my ship? 1km away from me 430 meters deep inside terrain. Then I go there and fetch my ship, my ship is almost completely destroyed. So I am asking, is this normal? What can do this to a parked ship in safe zone on ground in Alioth? Is anyone going to help me solve this or you are just going to steal my hard earned resources and time dealing with this? I might be little salty but I believe that's understandable, my ship is not a small vessel. It has 2 uncommon safe, 1 uncommon military, 1 advanced military atmo engines. 4 advanced military space engines. Countless other elements like adjustors, brakes, radar, vertical boosters etc. I am probably going to use 1 hour to repair it and thats after I go and get some scrap which I don't really have any spare quanta for. Is this normal guys?
  4. While I was traveling in space in a ship with two XS space fuel tanks, one of them ran empty while the other was half-full (the engines were not taking from this tank). My ship couldn't travel further, so I emptied the half-full tank and attempted to fill the empty one. I got a message saying that the fuel is incompatible, even though I'm sure that the fuel used for that tank is correct. I think it's a bug with the space fuel tanks....
  5. Dear @NQ-Ligo, I hope you will forgive me for the ping. During my twitch stream this morning @CodeInfused and I were trying to figure out what the currentProductAmount in industry getInfo() was supposed to be showing. It is bugged? My assumption was that maintainProductAmount was the number you wanted to have, and currentProductAmount was the number you currently had in the destination container. but it was always returning some number either way lower then it should be, like zero, or way larger then it should be, like 1.5trillion when i have 5010. None of us could figure out what else that number was supposed to represent. Perhaps you would be so good as to enlighten us. Is it just bugged? and not returning the correct number, or is it supposed to be returning something else? Thanks!
  6. Issue: When loading into the game I get an “Unhandled Exception Error” and game then crashes. Client Version: Current released build Summary: I believe this has to do with the Nano-Refinery que and linked container size as well as being logged out until after the refining process is complete. Reproduction Steps: · Link a container to you · Mine until container is full · Open Nano-refinery and refine all ore to pure item · Mine more ore during that time, make sure to mine more ore (in weight) than the refined output would be of first batch you put in · Open nano-refinery again and que up the entire new amount of ore from the same container · Log off and wait until the first batch time is completed · When you log back on you will get the “Unhandled Exception Error” Actual Result: · The actual result is you are not able to load into game, it throws the error and crashes. Expected Result: · Be able to log in and cancel que or shuffle items around and then take delivery from your nano-refinery or if I try and que additional amounts up have some type of warning/notification that you are currently refining more weight than the container weight allows and blocks additional ques from that container. My Guess as to what is happening: · If I fill up my linked container and then set the nano-refinery to refine all that, it takes all that ore out of the container freeing up that space to refill with new ore. When I fill it up again and “que” the new stuff it just sits in the container until the nano-refinery is ready to refine it. If you are logged in during the completion of the initial refining it will flag a notification “Delivery Pending” and you are able to cancel que and move that new ore out of the container and then it will deliver the refined stuff as expected. However, if you are logged out during the time of completion then you will get into an endless loop of it trying to deliver the refined ore to the linked container but can’t because you have more ore sitting in the container in greater weight than what is being delivered in a que for the nano-refinery trying to be refined.
  7. Hello to everyone, I decided to make this post so people know how create a core blueprint and being sure that all the handling will be applied. The handling on a core blueprint is a bit weird, it seems NQ doesn't have test every case. The blueprint system is separated in 2 different kind of blueprint: "Core blueprint": it's a schema that will allow you to create "single time blueprint" "Blueprint": it's a single time use blueprint How the handling works when placing down a blueprint? When you create a blueprint from a core blueprint it takes the skill saved on the core blueprint. If the player that place the ship has higher skill, he will apply the player skills. If the player that place the ship has lower skill, he will apply blueprint skills. How the handling works when creating a core blueprint? When you create a core blueprint the handling skills are not saved correctly. If the player that create the core blueprint has any handling skills, the handling is reset (It's the bug!) If the player that create the core blueprint has no handling skills, the handling skills are saved in the core blueprint. The tips: To be sure that the handling skills are saved in the core blueprint you need to have a character without skills. To make that, thanks to NQ that remove all the skills through VR, you need to use a VR station and create the core blueprint in VR. Example of setup: 1 container 1 Surrogate VR station 1 Surrogate Pod Station Put down the container, surrogate station and the surrogate pod. Set a name for the surrogate pod and activate it. (wait ~5 minute that the surrogate pod is registred by NQ) Use the surrogate station and search for the name you have entered. Once you are in VR, go in build mod on your construct and create a core blueprint. Put the core blueprint in the container (so you don't loose it when exiting the VR) Exit the VR and you are done. I hope it will help you. Leniver#4309 https://wheelchair.leniver.ch (To NQ, if you feel important to fix that bug .... DU it)
  8. Hello Everyone, so one of our Members got a Problem two days ago. He was on Madis to Mine a bit, at the end oft the Day he leave his Ship on an Claimed Territory from him. At the next Morning his Ship was 30su away from Madis and was shot down. They looted an Warp Drive and three Territory Scanner. We dont know at the moment how they get the ship into Space. The Ship was shot by an Player Called Zelight who is member oft he org „THE GUILD OF CALAMITOUS INTENT“. At the next Day our Member and a few friends are back on Madis to mine. They were mining in an unclaimed Territory, after a few hours of mining he wanted to go Back to his Ship and markt hem via his core list. The Ship was 70km away, after an Force Respawn two of his Ships are parked in the middle oft he L Core called Reclination. This Ship was only Build to hijack ships and shoot them down in the PVP zone. The Ship got 6 Lasers and all are directed to the middle Plattform where the ships were parked. But there were no other Player on the Construct, so we think that the Owner of the Ship (Zelight) docked all the Cores fly it up in tot he Space, but in the Safe zone and logged out. After our Member got back to the Ship it was speeding up to 4000km/h. So we decided to let hiss hip fly into the PVP Zone and shot it Down. The Ship was originaly Build by an Corp called „Kori Design Studios“ which Superlegate is member of the SilverLight Industries. It takes around an hour to destroy his both Cores, but we beat one „Scammer“ boy and thats worth it. But NQ should fix these actions …. https://youtu.be/cksf9bGuLsw German: The Ship: The destroyed Ship: The Designer of the Ship:
  9. Hallo alle zusammen, aktuell sind wir ein wenig verdutzt und am verzweifeln was mit meinem System nicht stimmt Core: i7-8700K Ram: 16 GB Graka: 1050TI HDD-Festplatte Das Problem halt ist, dass mein Rechner grundsätzlich mit 96-99% Grafikkartenlast sowie 10 GB Ram läuft, die Festplatte wird auch mit fast 90% stark belastet. Der Prozessor tuckelt so bei 20% in aller seelenruhe hinterher und macht keine probleme. Nur durch diese Auslastungen ist das spiel bei mir öfters am Rucken und Puffern. Selbst der Ladescreen dauert bei mir meist 2-4 minuten (wobei sich das mit der HDD vielleicht erklären lässt) Insbesondere wenn er Constructe oder Objekte laden muss dauert das oft seine Zeit (bekannter Lieblingstext: "Pending Operation" oder "Loading Construct") Die Einstellungen im Spiel sind schon alle auf Minimum (bis auf Threads) Hat da jemand eine mögliche Erklärung woran es liegen könnte? Über hilfreiche aussagen freue ich mich natürlich Mit freundlichen Grüßen PandalasLP
  10. I just got the game yesterday. Manage to get a refiner and now I am stuck at the market place, with an inventory full of pure aluminium and other pure metal. Also got a container full of the same attach to the speeder that make it diffucult to driver (that's my fault) I will fixed that of I sold the ores. Look like I can't install sell while there a buy order in the marker, same error occured when I try to place a sell order. Is there a way to fixed that ?
  11. So, this happened because almost every half an hour I have to log out and log in again because the districts do not load. I am flying to a district and when I arrive there, there is nothing, no buildings. This keeps happening, that is why I have to log out, and when I log in again, the district is there. So this happened yesterday as well - there was no district, and I parked there somewhere. I intentionally parked a little away from the "M" marker but when I loaded the game - guess what? - I was stuck with ship and all INSIDE the district walls - so I could not get out. I force-respawned - and, lucky me - I respawned on the freakin MOON. I had forgotten from the tutorial that I had set a Res.Node on the bloody moon. So, there I had to WALK for hours to the nearest district so that I can shuttle back to Alioth - and I thought I will fetch my Ship somewhere outside - but NOPE --- I cannot fetch it for another 10+ hours, because apparently you can only use the function every 24 hours. And the best thing is: It says they plan on completely removing the "Fetch" function. Great! That way, when we get stuck with our constructs again we cannot retrieve them at all anymore!
  12. The autoconfiguration is broken in the hovercraft tutorial. I play in french
  13. I've been having an issue with my Honeycomb Refinery. When ever I try to refine anything it auto bumps it up from 100 resources to 1800 resources and won't process unless I have the 1800. I've tried picking it up, moving it, connecting to to different boxes and building a new one. Is there any way to fix this? Or am I just missing something obvious?
  14. So im having a terrible issue where the wing is not moving into the correct placement. it is as if there is a 1/8th of a voxel somehow bumping the wing out of position. so i am forced to place the wing in a position 1 click away from where it should be. i know the tricks for placing them on a flat surface and just clicking them over. i can place 100 wings correctly without issue but for some reason i have just 1 spot where i cannot. i tried building a new wing but no dice. the outline of the wing does not match the physical object. any help would be massive
  15. Hallo. Das einfachste verarbeiten von Kohlenstoff, Alu, Eisen und Silizium geht nicht mehr. Es ist im richtigen Container, es ist genug Platz im Container und genug Roherz vorhanden. Im Nanoinventar geht es auch nicht. Im Status oben rechts steht "Es fehlen gewisse Bestandteile..." Spiel neu gestartet, neu installiert, Charakter neu gespawned. Nix hilft. https://ibb.co/njwZZnC
  16. Bug: cant delete certain posts on our page.
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