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Found 10 results

  1. Hello DEVS, I would like DU to give us a banking account so we can see what we spent and how much quantas we gained through gifts, paid services, purchase or sales in the market and so on. And it would be great if we have labels on every record like "market transaction", "player transfer" and so on. Not only would we like a bank account for our personal stuff, we also would like a banking account for our corporation. But for starters a personal account would be great. It would be nice if we could filter on the label "market transactions" and see what our turnover from market sales was in the past month. Or check out what we spent on fuels last month.
  2. Bank. Bank cells. What if you make cans in distracts, and in them each player will have his own inventory for a certain volume? This is free inventory, not the one on the market. The player has a basic capacity (free), but it can be expanded with credits. There are several levels of expansion. For corporations, special inventories with a very large volume are available. The contents of a bank container can be sold, or items can be bought into it (using the market container manager, this is either a special skill or an NPC hired for a fee).
  3. CRYSTAL BANK OF HELIOS Greetings! I am Crystal Emperor, CEO of Crystal Corporation. We are looking for active players to help us open first ever bank in dual universe the CRYSTAL BANK OF HELIOS. Our organisation is very young, so you can climb our organisational hierarchy pretty easily atm. OUR BUSINESS MODEL Our business model is very simple.We will have branches on different planet across helios system. Miners and players can deposit ores into any branch and withdraw ores from any branch. Hence they would not need to worry about getting looted by pirates and enemy orgs after mining expeditions. We will charge certain percentage of ore as processing fee at the time of deposit. WHAT ROLES YOU CAN PLAY IN CRYSTAL BANK You can become Branch Manager, Branch Cashier, Security Gaurd, Building designers, Recruiter, Customer Care etc. ==>>If we intrigued you enough then JOIN OUR DISCORD TO APPLY TODAY : https://discord.gg/xavm9nr <<==
  4. Hey everyone, a few minutes ago, someone asked a question on the official Discord: "How are services going to work in the game, can you have an automated service charge you [...] Like say you have automated buses" That's when I had the idea of a programmable payment terminal. It would be a device that you can place down and customize what it does on interaction. Does it allow donations? Does it pay out some quanta ever so often? Does it request a payment of some amount? On a successful payment it could output a logic signal or do something more complex using LUA. I think we need some way to automate ingame payments, and I think a programmable payment terminal/interface would be an awsome way of achieving that. Just tell me what you think about it!
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to present the community with the opportunity to join us as we start our Alpha testing for Scabra Metallum. Scabra is setting out to be a secure financial institution where anyone can bank their money, take out a loan or mortgage, and even participate in a stock exchange type market where resources can be traded for stock in a company or player. The system will be a bot program on discord, but reflect in game transfers of resources and money. Any questions on this system are welcome and will be answered to the best of our knowledge. The link for the discord server is: https://discord.gg/cqWA733 I hope to see some of you there.
  6. After taking a long break the I.B.O is back and looking to start making allies for alpha and beta. We are not only looking to offer our services but to make lasting partnerships with other organizations who can offer services essential to our cause. Feel free to add me on discord if you wish to discuss further. GrandMasterApex#5811
  7. So, I was curious on what the community thought about the possibility of services industry, as in non-essentials, such as insurance, banking, funding, loans, investment, and other things such as hotels and entertainment. I was wondering if they will be a part of the game, or if the game will be more like EvE, where the majority of organizations have to work mainly on essentials and there aren't, or are limited player-run entertainment groups or orgs, and the banking, insurance, loans etc. that there is is risky, as a player could just grab the money, send it to a friend, and disappear from your radar. Anyway, I was wondering what people thought the role of the service industry will be, whether or major or non existent.
  8. Intergalactic Union of Industries - IUI is an umbrella organization for industrial companies, industies and professionals through out the Dual Universe. The union provides advice, competence and knowledge to its members and acts as a platform for trade, exchanges, business agreements and collaborations as well as a base for recruitment of human resources. Join now! IUI helps you and your company to reach your goals and ambitions. We want you and your organization in! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/intergalactic-united-industries Best regards, /IUI
  9. I do hope you will raise a glass with me to introduce the newly founded Intergalactic Banking Organization, or I.B.O in short. The new primary Banking, finance and commerce organization within dual universe! An ambitious project the I.B.O sets to lead the way in the Banking and Commerce sector of DU to help pave the foundations for a prosperous future among the stars! The I.B.O will be a name you can trust when setting your sights on those big and ambitious projects, helping you beat the competition throughout the fierce and competitive galaxies and flourishing to see your true potential. If you think you have what it takes to drive the complex and diverse economy in DU then we urge you to join us ... we are always looking for new and skilled members to pave the way in building the future and being a founding part of the great things to come in this; our Dual Universe! The I.B.O -The I.B.O (known as the Intergalactic Banking Organization) is the first Universe wide Banking organization that structures itself solely on Banking, Finance and commerce. It is the First Banking organization in the game to provide these services to every player and every organization in dual universe, regardless of it's affiliation with the rest of the Dual community. The I.B.O strives to be the Largest banking organization within Dual universe and to help lay the foundations for all projects no matter how big or small. Being a name you can trust is the most important foundation for the I.B.O and with our carefully revised contracts and agreements we assure you that no organization can provide these services better than us! Founding principles The I.B.O operates on a core of principles that help it strive to achieve greatness and make it the number 1 name for all banking, financial and commerce needs. Being a name you can trust-When dealing with your future projects and finances, you need a name you can trust. Don't trust your future to space pirates and mercenaries, the I.B.O has insurances set in place to ensure you bank with confidence when ever you do business with the I.B.O. Privacy and protection of information and interests-The I.B.O takes your privacy with an extremely serious approach. The up most discretion is always taken when dealing with any customer, no matter how big or small. Your rights matter, and the right to remain anonymous is just as important to us as any. The I.B.O will never reveal any of its affiliates or clients and will never be the first to reveal any information of such. Unbeatable services- The I.B.O searches far and wide to find the best of the best to help make your dreams a reality. We have many affiliated organizations to take care of all aspects, from logistics, to security to ensure you get what you need, when you need! and with our insurance policies in place, you never need to worry if the worst should ever happen. Transparency from start to finish- No hidden fees, no late surprises, what we quote is what you pay. All calculations are proposed and revised before any agreements are signed and you know at all times what you are paying for, why, and when. Rewards for loyalty - Tired of feeling like just a number? well why not just be your favorite number? Here at I.B.O our favorite number is #1, and that is what you will always be when dealing with us. If you continue to use and promote our services, you will find it very rewarding in the long term. A clean slate for all-The I.B.O is a bank for every member of Dual universe. Regardless of your affiliation with the Dual community, you can always find a friend in us. We believe that everyone should be given a chance, and as such we will conduct business with anyone until they provide us a reason not to. Fair and honest business- The I.B.O only provides banking, financial and commerce services, and as such may often need to outsource many things to other organizations. We always strive to come to the best agreement possible for all parties involved. Bringing organizations and individuals together to bring a prosperous future for us all. Provided services -The I.B.O provides several services which include but may not be limited to :- Loans of in game currency and resources Funding towards large scale projects Safe storage and account services Interest on investments and accounts Brokering of Stocks and Shares Lottery services (Universe and planet wide) Sourcing contract work to ensure agreement completion Investment advice services and portfolio management Loyalty rewards Insurance services all services may be revised and changed as in game mechanics are confirmed and released. No service is yet finalized and this may not be the full list of provided services. If you think you have what it takes sign up now :- Join-I.B.O All applicants have potential to placed in positions of wealth and power with real chance of having a direct and lasting impact of the future and stability of Dual universes economy. As such all applicants are meticulously screened and groomed to ensure they meet the elite standard required.
  10. Not read or seen anything about this so its an idea/question. Should organizations be able to have there own bank where all members can add to or where taxes auto go. To further my thoughts on this ,I'd like to see a system where players within the organization have farmed materials, elements etc, when farmed or created auto deposited into the clans bank(this of course is an option check box or slider bar or possible even a tech upgrade within the clan). Why would we ever want something like this? Well as a player do you need those ten thousand bronze ores? or could those go to constructors/builders? In the end they get what they need and you get better gear out of it. While I understand large organized groups will have no problem handing the mats over to who ever needs them it would simply be nice to have them auto deposited to a central clan banking system then handed out by admin/bankers to where the clan needs them the most. In the end its to allow the idea that a single large group can excel over individual units with the right management.
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