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Found 10 results

  1. Currently, every planetary body with an atmosphere has the same blue color, same apparent density, and all have clouds. I've noticed that upon reading planet descriptions in the map, the actual appearance of planets are completely inaccurate. For example, Sinnen is described as "an empty and rocky hell" with "no atmosphere to speak of." In its icon on the map, it's shown as having an orange atmosphere. Yet in-game, it has a blue atmosphere with clouds. What? That's not right! From Lacobus' map description and icon, we can see that the planet is supposed to have liquid oceans coexisting with its frozen surroundings due to geothermal activity. Yet in-game, it simply doesn't. And the strange thing is these planets were accurate earlier in the game's development. You can see this from various videos they have uploaded during the Pre-Alpha period. So, I propose that NQ go through each planet and quickly fix them up if they can, with the correct atmosphere colors and density, adding / removing clouds and water where necessary and so on. We can see that the engine is capable of this as Sanctuary has an orange atmosphere. And from what I understand, this can be done totally server-side, so no client update required. This shouldn't take long from a development point of view, and would breathe so much more life into the game. I'm an explorer in Dual Universe, and I enjoy experiences like Space Engine which value scientific accuracy and realism. It really turns me and my friends off from this game to see these simple yet very impactful things that NQ have perhaps overlooked. In the rare case they have, I thought I'd bring this up. Here are a couple example images from the Pre-Alpha, showing what could be: Madis' dense, purple atmosphere with no clouds A base on an orange Thades
  2. It would be a tool that let you draw a line around the area you want to fill water with.
  3. I was wondering if there are any plans for liquid storage, like water, I am hoping to have a space station with a lake but when moving said lake, I imagine there may be issue with moving the ship and expecting the water to stay put. And I am also curious about being able to hack others terminals for blueprints or data stored like sabatage in pvp areas, and another question about being able to set up something like a jump gate facility to help other ships to get to their destinations.
  4. Alright we simply havent the power to do actual realistic water dynamics. Until we find a better solution i propose we create a water voxel that behaves like any other voxel except you can pass through it slowly. This is a better solution then the current water texture surface. And is not hard to handle. Note it would not flow and should not be allowed to be in dynamic constructs perhaps we can add later that if enough is adjacent it will add more. (for instance mining water in the middle of an ocean it would replace itself) Really i dont see any other simplistic easy to process solutions.
  5. Good day to all Duel Universe Community members! First off I am very excited for this game, and I cant wait to see where the Community can take it. However that being said I have a few questions in regards to where the Dev's plan to take DU... Water I should start on the note, that I am a huge fan of Stargate, (Atlantis, SG-1, and Universe) and in Stargate Atlantis an entire city sized ship is built. I have no doubt in my mind that building it will be possible in Du, if not a little bit difficult, however Atlantis rested on the surface of the ocean. This is just one example I can think of, but I would someday hope to be able to build a city on, or under the water. But I cannot find any information regarding to what the water will look like in game, how it will behave, and how will the oceans be formed on a planet through procedural generation? Will players and vessels be able to enter water, be able to have floating structures built upon the surface? How deep will water be? Will water be able to limit the impact an energy weapon has on a structure completely submerged (Like in Stargate Atlantis, The Wraith would open fire from space and the shots would partially dissipate in the water as Atlantis was submerged, etc.) If it is possible to build underwater, will you be able to drain areas of water and perhaps build habitats on the ocean floor? (Thinking of Bioshock here...) (My interest in water in this topic is not purely based off of other games, or Sci-fi shows, but more or less as I have designed a real life model of an underwater city and the difficulties in sustaining life in an enclosed environment underwater.) Pledges and Connectivity Moving on to pledges. I am currently at a Gold Level Pledge, not so much for the rewards, but because of my interest and love for what this game could become! It already looks amazing! And the only thing stopping me from backing this game further is the fact that I live in Australia, and I am worried about how well connectivity to a European server will be. So once we have had a chance to try out the Alpha (Gold pledge and upwards I believe?), will we still be able to further upgrade our pledges? I ask because if I find the game to work with minimal connectivity issues and limited server lag etc, I would very much like to be able to pledge more to the development of the game. Furthering on this topic even more, I am currently a test guinea pig for my friends and I. If I find that the connectivity is working well enough, I could easily bring 5 or more people to this game! Which in my opinion would be awesome for me and for the community! Painting Elements So my last topic of interest that I have on my mind is in regards to the painting and how it will tie into the elements system. So as we have all seen in the videos, various voxels are painted and can be changed colour. So how about Elements? If I place down a Control Unit, or an Engine, or even a Decorative element like a wing, will I be able to use the same painting system to change the Elements colour? Quite a simple question I believe. Anyway, Thank you for reading my mess of words and poor punctuation, and I hope to see you all in the Universe! - Sullos of the Sullosian Empire
  6. The starting planet has a lot of water, will it have physical properties? Would love to dam a river and build a hydro plant, Producing large amounts of "free" power. I can see such a building being a very valuable asset, And target. Moats Aqua ducts Irrigation Canals Land reclamation Swamp draining So much game play from physical water. I'm sure a few headaches making it work as well.
  7. one big problem with voxel engines is that wehn you destry/terraform the ground near an fluid like water the water dont react physicaly correct or slows down the fps und 10 many games make the ground near water and other fluids instructible or let it act like an block or let it act semi naturaly but very very slow(minecraft style) how has you fix it? or cant you fix it ?
  8. So how is the liquid gunna work in DU? I really hope it won't be like space engineers where well you know it SUCKS and I was wondering how the water on planets will work I will be happy enough if it was somewhat like minecraft or better let me know what you think.
  9. After some thought and discussion I have deiced to lay out my thoughts on survival mechanics and how they might be implemented in DU. I understand that some do not wish to have any survival mechanics at all and just want to build things; however, I think that in a game with the huge potential for immersion that DU has, we need some form of survival mechanic. I have spent some time thinking about this and I think I have found a way to have bot simplicity and complexity, depending on how each player wishes to play. With the Nanoformer we have the technology to compress matter, which is how we can mine materials and use them to construct things. This seems like a really handy technology so why not use it elsewhere? I propose a system that creates Life Support cartridges for player’s suits that contain all the necessaries, food, water and oxygen. These cartridges are created by an element that would require some uncommon, but not to rare, resources to build. The cartridges have enough life support to last for about 8 hours (time can be varied for balance) and can be swapped out of the player’s inventory on the fly. During different activities the various components (e.g. food, oxygen) might be used up at different rates, but this is kept simple by the HUD on the player’s suit displaying the remaining components as a percent value. If a player wishes to have more info on what is being used they can open the menu via whatever interface we are provided to look at the details. The suit would also have a power cell that may also deplete at varying rates, but also displays its remaining effectiveness as a percent value. For the players that want more in depth survival mechanics, there could be a module that adds various stimulants to the basic life support cartridge that effect different stats either positively or negatively. For instance, there might be a stim that improves targeting, but reduces one’s effectiveness at repairing damaged equipment. Creating stims would be an entire science with its own skill tree and the more skill a player has the more effective a stim is and the less severe the penalty. This allows a player who desires complexity to carry a variety of life support cartridges with different effects, and to swap them out at will, depending on the task at hand. In the same way, power cells could perhaps be overclocked to provide more power or longer duration, however the effects of overclocking a power cell would be random energy surges that have the potential to damage nearby electronics. Should such a power surge occur near a cargo container full of a volatile substance, the results could be catastrophic. While this all might seem very complex, it really isn’t. If you just want to go about mining or building and not having to worry about fiddling with this or that just so you don’t die then you can. Simply make sure you have a few power cells and life support cartridges in your inventory and you’re good to go. But if you want to experiment with always having the highest performance at a given task then you can have the complexity of a varied diet and potentially dangerous power cell.
  10. 1. Will there be a limit to how big a station could be, or will there be repercussions for it that you have to take into account once it gets to big? 2. Will there be the ability to place plant life and water in your stations, or will those be a planet only thing?
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