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  1. If the ring were to break apart and be affected by gravity, it would have to do considerable amount of damage to the planet which would have to cause catastrophic destruction which would use a lot of resources to just pull off so I can see them not implement gravity, or at the very east not implementing destruction from debris.
  2. Yes, how much variety is however still up for debate. From what I've seen they have different biomes on one planet so I would say the variety is not lacking so far.
  3. thanks, because I wanted to know the theoretical possibilities to make a ring like the ones from the halo franchise but so far it doesnt seem like theres much on orbital stations atm
  4. techniqually yes, if they allowed you to do that you could calculate the average change in the 3 directions over the time (which you would need some time keeper) and then calculate the possible new coordinates, but even then the opponent could be speeding up or slowing down which would make it a miss.
  5. 1. Will there be a limit to how big a station could be, or will there be repercussions for it that you have to take into account once it gets to big? 2. Will there be the ability to place plant life and water in your stations, or will those be a planet only thing?
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