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  1. I think a better idea might be to be able to adjust the build box. If you want to build a road you can make the build box 1 meter tall and however wide and long to maintain the same overall build size. You'll still have to build multiple cores but it will be far less.
  2. sounds like you want to give us all a Blackberry. lol
  3. discordauth:pzmTuu3xdiii1PT_wDvCHCLYt6vCdRSB-Xk9XJCGBmE=

  4. I will be on. Not sure what time though.
  5. So I found DU looking for a game similar to space engineers but... Idk more mmo'y i guess? This looks to check the boxes I was looking for, for the most part. Was disappoint to here automation wasnt going to be a thing especially as an aspiring miner. But it isnt a deal breaker. But anyways hope to talk to some of you soon!

  6. discordauth:pzmTuu3xdiii1PT_wDvCHCLYt6vCdRSB-Xk9XJCGBmE=


    Did i do that right?? Hope so o.O. 

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