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  1. I think a better idea might be to be able to adjust the build box. If you want to build a road you can make the build box 1 meter tall and however wide and long to maintain the same overall build size. You'll still have to build multiple cores but it will be far less.
  2. Brole_3

    Handheld Programming Board

    sounds like you want to give us all a Blackberry. lol
  3. discordauth:pzmTuu3xdiii1PT_wDvCHCLYt6vCdRSB-Xk9XJCGBmE=

  4. Brole_3

    Hey there, new guy here. Hi!

    I will be on. Not sure what time though.
  5. So I found DU looking for a game similar to space engineers but... Idk more mmo'y i guess? This looks to check the boxes I was looking for, for the most part. Was disappoint to here automation wasnt going to be a thing especially as an aspiring miner. But it isnt a deal breaker. But anyways hope to talk to some of you soon!

  6. discordauth:pzmTuu3xdiii1PT_wDvCHCLYt6vCdRSB-Xk9XJCGBmE=


    Did i do that right?? Hope so o.O.