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  1. I like the current idea regarding death, once we die we will drop our current inventory and can only respawn where a res node is located. So respawning would either be in the starting ark ship or where we built a node. Also I already agreed on the improvement of adding a small never will drop inventory above. The current death system is identical to space engineers and I honestly like that death system because the punishment of death depends on player choice.
  2. I have to disagree with this idea, although it would extend the initial peace period. This would allow any organization with better weapons to essentially enslave the planet because nothing could stop them outside of another off world organization fighting them. I rather have the space engineers approach of, you either build defenses, hide, or risk building in the open.
  3. Having building decay would defeat the purpose of building cities and anything of significance in space. Also this would ruin the exploration aspect of the game because there would be no secret locations to find or derelict ships left from a long ago battle. This game is not rust where the play space is limited where building decay has warrant.
  4. Welcome to the universe of dual!
  5. ^ Or in short, if you have fallen and cannot get up. Call moderator-alert
  6. Welcome to the universe of dual!
  7. That is a really interesting suggestion actually! I hope the devs could configure something like this someday or even a version underwater.
  8. Welcome to the universe of dual!
  9. Although correct, there is nothing to be hidden about our neutrality agreements. Cerberus is in fact, proud to align with other organizations seeking free and unburdened business commerce ☺️
  10. Cerberus is proud to announce our first neutrality agreement with, Sovereignty Integral of Tilo!! We greatly look forward to all our future exchanges with our new friends. May prosperity guide us forward.
  11. Well we know that the current "planned" death system just places you back on a respawn node and inventory is lost. The rest of the details are up in the air until NQ states more about it.
  12. Welcome to the forums!
  13. Welcome to the forums, hopefully the game been fun thus far! If you are interested in an organization that is about trade, advanced designs, other more "specialized" activities, let me know.
  14. Welcome to the universe of dual!
  15. Welcome to the universe of dual! If you are looking for a talented organization, let me know.
  16. You know when you view a piece of land you do not instantly know who owns it right? You keep making these "real world" comparisons as if they hold any salt. Sure in real life there are ways to obtain documentation of property rights. However real life is not so straight forward by a be all end all as you suggest; and real life does not have glowing property lines when you look at your latest gps map in the middle of the desert on a seperate world where no one yet lives.
  17. Hmm well if this is the general accepted consensus, I agree on several points being made such as building on unclaimed land. So I will plan my future strategies accordingly. However I still do not agree on the notion that any claimed land appears on a public map for all to view. I believe that should be the option of the owner to decide or to only be displayed to their organization. By default it should be turned on, yes. But there should definitely be the option to turn off this highlight from public view.
  18. Welcome to DU!!! If you are a mature individual that wants to reach great heights in DU. Then join us at Cerberus, we need talented, and creative minds such as yourself. Our Brochure https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/cerberus
  19. - Check for announcement details on our organization page! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/cerberus NEWS 12-14-2018 Cerberus is proud to announce the finalization of our first neutrality agreement! 12-19-2018 Formal recruitment of members and specialized talent begins. 12-28-2018 Cerberus enters agreements with several organizations. 1-3-2019 Cerberus and New Genesis finalize neutrality and trade agreements.
  20. I do not expect the planets to be mined out per say. But I do expect the starting city to soon look like a giant valley similar to that of a rock quarry. The devs have stated that some mineral veins are multiple kilometers long as well.
  21. That is the worst made up story about flipping someone off and being hit by a car.
  22. geronimo553


    At the moment I do not believe it is planned. Maybe towards release or after release we could see it happening. At this early stage many elements of the game do not exist yet. Also water is in the game but we have not seen anyone react to it. I already know the devs do not plan on having an oxygen system.
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