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  1. Well done NQ amazing job cant wait for the game now so excited that we got to the 500k mark! Again congrats!!!!!!!
  2. interesting topic but i have to disagree because even if people decide to buy DACs to pay you and thus NQ make money off people buying DACS, yuou still make money whether you want that payment in DACS or ingame currency and dont forget whatever you make you have a blueprint so you can keep on seeling that blueprint anyways, as for hoarding the ingame currency if we hypotheticaly agree that your creations become super popular and everyone wants them then you have more to spend on stuff if you wanted so dont really see your argument there pal because its still not really wasted your time just my opinion thats all.
  3. Personally i dont think it will matter whether its on steam or not the game already has a large community and no doubt it will keep on growing up to launch and after so I dont think its that important overall
  4. Tbh i think most planets will be like this, neutral for a very long time as when you think about it, if its gonna take weeks possibly just to get off planet then you can bet for an org to control a whole planet would be a very long time so most planets if not all at first imo will be neutral because no one will have the resources manpower or technology to claim antire planets and I hear people throwing planet sizes around saying some could be like 100KM in diameter well then that is no easy task to control so in essense I get what your saying and where your coming from but personally I feel like it will be a very long time before orgs starting controlling planets so neutrality shouldnt be a worry or a concern for quite some time, however no doubt people will aim to try straight off the back of launch and I wish them all the luck
  5. Well maybe we can both become legends together in are own areas of expertise for our organization then perhaps we can help put the DUA on the galaxy map so to speak? Sounds good what you think?
  6. Haha im waiting lol over here in England its 21.05 so ive already been waiting all day lol, but really want to get as much info as possible everyday im hoping for more and more videos obviously trhey wont release them that quick but really want to be involved with tris game haha
  7. Hey guys dont know if any has heard of a youtube channel called graystillplays, well he said in a video he was having an interview with JC Baillie today august 5th and cant find it anywhere wondesred if anyone else has come across this video or knows if the interview went ahead?
  8. totally agree ps Nyzaltar you spelt crystal wrong just nit picking hehe.
  9. Oh man hilarious thread made me laugh so much great job guys now i know why i love this community haha.
  10. Tbh i dont mind it taking a bit of time to leave the starting planet it shouldnt be an easy t\ask in the first place imo, it helps people possibly come together and work together to achieve goals quicker however i gotta say the idea of starting the game with thousands of people at the same time would be incredible to witness and just see everyone running off in a random direction would be kinda cool.
  11. Haha thats a bold claim my friend how do you aim to achieve that goal then?
  12. you got yourself an extra person to help you build that stylish city certainly down for that, ill be head of security haha we could team up and build a 'city of the future'
  13. A quick question NQ-Nyzaltar ive been watching the first few videos on youtube over and over and on your E3 teaser trailer for DU the Music is incredible just wondered if that will be part of the actual game the soundtrack or if its just for the trailer?
  14. Well personally im not sure exactly what it will be like but I do know it will be interesting thats a definite as for me I think i will try dig a hole make an underground starting base to reside in and research the tech to get off planet but it will be super exciting the first few houres of the game starting especially if there are 1000s of players all starting together.
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