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  1. Awesome idea! I like Lasers so much, they looks very cool! So I would love to see them in-game, especially if they were highly detailed and similar to the existing ones, something like this laser levels, but with another, fictional brands! Will be fine if we can install them and let them work independently, maybe even in 360-degree mode, but from time to time maintaining them
  2. I guess the best way is to avoid typical phrases in chat, try to bring some unique and attracting text when you recruiting new members!
  3. Hey, starting marketing in-game could provide some good results
  4. I would also like to add some "air mechanic", "resource storage keeper" and some "guns craftsman"
  5. Do you mean GMT or UTC time format?
  6. Wow, very interesting point! Now I have a little imagination of how the price counts for server maintenance, good example
  7. I guess this could highly effect on the game balance and on the in-game economy market at all, I wouldn't like to see this!
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