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  2. Interesting experiment, I'll be honored to learn more about it.
  3. I've casualy played EvE from 2006 to 2016, the game was and is still great, but for me there's something more attractive in DU. However, I expect Dual Universe to be something new, not just an improvement of what was made in EvE with the ability to walk, but a game that will offer an experience closer at some point to the Sid Meier's Civilization game serie, or any 4X competitor.
  4. I believe to be one among the few who lead for a brief period of time a democratic corporation on EvE, to me and my friends the probleme was not to loose the control of your organization in the hand of another player, the problem was the corporation scamer or the spies in this case. What about a player who doesn't car of the creation of several other players and sees their creation as a potential scam. To me, leaders of eve-online are just carefull, not with their power, but the common good in this case. And if you do remeber what spies or scamers are capable in eve, there is no way you will give shares easily.
  5. You have to, Let's spread the HARMONIUS design! (The video higher in the thread tells that we can). Nice drawing!
  6. At the very end, rp depends mainly on you. DO it should you like it, or don't if do not like it, what matter is the experience you gather from it. Because we don't work on DU, we PLAY. I believe we should not forget it: DU is a game, and the roleplay is just another manner to benefit of this game. On a personal scale, I believe that rp enrich the game, give it a special flavour, but I won't forget the rest of the gameplay when I'll roleplay.
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    Hello welcome among us!
  8. You're right, but this obsevation also apply to democratic process, where people elect a small groupe of people to lead them. However time will tell what will happens in DU. We'll we have stratified and centralised organisation, or more decentralized and consultative organisation? I think this will be an interesting observation to make.
  9. Hello real one, welcome!
  10. To me it's possible to create a scenario and plays it in a full PVP MMO, as long as the players involve in such roleplay activity considere that loosing is also a possible outcome of a scenarised event. If we accept to loose because of the involvment of unwanted party within our scenario, then the RP experience will offer a great benefit to everyone. And the ''RP Hunters'' will loose their ability to disturb other players experience. Roleplaying often means creativity, then a defeat in PvP, may result in interesting outcomes to plays.
  11. It depends if you're in or out these organizations. Today many organisation lack the proper democratic process, but it will be nearly impossible to dictate players what to do in a game where you can leave an organisation in a second if you desagree with it. Then, as soon as the game will be realeased, many legates will have to deal with reality: Democracy is a reality in games, beacause players choose to join an organisation, not the contrary...
  12. Moi aussi j'aime miner^^.
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