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  1. lysander


    hi, I'm a big fan of sci-fi and a lot of series, game, movies... who happen in this theme have ships, building... with a lot of neon, bright color. it could be interesting to have a new material, a neon we can change the color and the brightness to add some beautiful glow to our daily gaming session.
  2. top, top, top I watch some videos and always forgot to subscribe but now it's done I'm subscribe
  3. I didn't say it's possible for this game. the person I answer just said it's impossible to handle hundred people in an fps game so i answer planetside. but I know it's not possible for dual universe.
  4. lysander

    Cloaking Tech

    your ship becomes heavier and bigger. so, you need to buy more Glock modules or a bigger one who consume a lot.
  5. I saw something and they said, have a generated tree is easy to manage but one you had is a lot of charge for the server. the reason is if somebody wants to seed millions of trees that will be a problem. for digging I think it's not a problem because you change one object (the planet I think is just one object) and trees are different objects.
  6. don't complain, some people pledge star citizen
  7. eve online introduce a good idea... have a clone and use a new one when you die. but if you buy a not good quality one you lose some skills. so you need to invest a lot in a good clone just in case.
  8. be able to customize the UI with Lua script and sell it on the market...
  9. planetside can handle hundreds of players on the same place, it's a mmofps. after each planet is instantiated and maybe big like Skyrim...
  10. lysander

    Cloaking Tech

    a good idea is to use battery system with a stock and a reload speed. each component use it but if you exceed the reload speed you use the stock energy and when you reach zero you get a small blackout.
  11. I want something like eve online where one guy can't make a ship alone. you need to mine the resource, learn tech competence, learn to craft competence, have a blueprint...
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