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  1. I'm not impressed with this game at all but I can see a future in it. I did not ask for a refund. My money was well spent for development. Have some patience. I would expect a refund on a live title but for beta....you knew it was beta. btw reason why I don't like the game because teraforming tools are terrible. Not enough to ask for refunds.
  2. You guys hijacked my thread. This thread has nothing to do with bugs. Despite the game not being fun and needing to be revamped in ways to make it more fun, the game is playable. You should never complain about bugs unless the game is released. My main issue is the future of DU. In my humble opinion, this game has no future and hopefully they can change some things. I'm sure we all learned from No Man's Sky. You can take crap and make it game of the year by massive changes. I hope they pick up on this very soon. DU has a lot of potential. At this time. It's not fun at all. I have more fun running missions in Star Citizen because the game feels relaxing despite the massive bugs. With DU, the fun factor wasn't there.
  3. I'm didn't have fun in the game in general. As for issues I expected them. To be honest, it's a very playable game at it's current state. Some people have issues while others have minimal. Kind of like myself. Installed, logged in, everything was smooth. Some other peoples cases. They can't even log in. Each person varies.
  4. It's the start of Beta. Those kind of stuff are expected. The issue here on this thread is the game itself. What needs to be improved for better game experience. As for having issues with login and various bugs. Those kinds of stuff are expected and should be reported.
  5. I am accustomed to working on a sim and terraforming much easier. Unfortunately, we are limited in DU. For example. We can flatten the land with a click of a button. Build what we want to build and then terraform to fit structures. With DU, you are limited with those type of tools. Nothing is perfect in DU as it is with SL. Ship building is not a concern as I haven't tried that yet. I'm sure the tools fit the narrative much easier for ship building. Planets are important. If it's anything we learned in SL, beautiful sims are important because we spend a lot of time on them. Even though this is a space game. You will spend most of your time on the ground. Then again, doing fly over watching beautiful constructs is also a good thing. This cannot be achieved with the tools given. To make a perfect Square on the ground can achieve so many things especially having tools to control your tile. If you abandon your tile, it should reset itself to it's original state not destroying the land. So many things that can be improved and I hope I can contribute to that with this post. Unfortunately, the game is not fun. I find myself waiting and waiting and waiting as the timer ticks 5 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins, 3 mins just to craft honeycomb to build. That is not a problem for wait. The gathering of resources is what bothers me. The time it takes to mine resources becomes a hassle and not many have time for it. Since you come from SL, I'm sure you know where I'm coming from. There are some elements I like with DU. It has a long long way to go and hopefully implementing these type of features for comfort building and precision would help DU a lot in visuals. Nobody wants to go back to the 2003 days of SL. This is how I see DU minus the space ships.
  6. I know about the Flatten Tool. Not efficient.
  7. I've kept tabs with this game since it's announcement. I'm still here watching it hopefully change. That quote there is sarcasm hence followed up with tylenol and alcohol. Expression of being tired and bored. btw...I heard the bleep figured it was this post.
  8. Hi, I've had dual universe website saved as a tab on my browser for the longest time. I had high hopes for this game until now. Not because the game just came out of Alpha and has many bugs and issues. Simply because I don't feel that this is any different then Entropia or Second Life. Yet the building aspect of Second Life is far better than DU. The past days since I started I've been lead to a dark time in my life with constant headaches trying to find answers which the mediocre tutorial did not help much. There's potential out there for DU to be a good "Virtual Universe". Unfortunately, anytime you use the word Potential it signifies that the current game is not good and potential may never be there. The building is bad. The tools are not what I expected. I get the whole sphere when terraforming. If you want accurate terraforming with precision, you need square tools not just sphere. This allows for better shaping of the lands. I have not once seen a flat land in my journey. Trying to make the land flat comes with patience, time and a bottle of Tylenol mixed with alcohol to ease the pain. I know there's a long way to go. My suggestion is to revamp the building aspect of this game/Virtual Universe. I come from Second Life and I was a builder. The vision I have for a city above ground and an underground city has gone out the window. It saddens me because I expected DU to be that one virtual universe that Second Life wasn't. The tile you get is 10 times larger than Second Life sims but lacks the tools to build unique structures, towns and cities. I say this because of the Core station. Should be a way to see the grids without going into build mode. (As the owner of the land) Side Note: Don't compare Star Citizen to Dual Universe. Two completely different games. That's what I like about it. An opportunity to play two space games with different style and features. If I had to choose, those two titles would be it. Unfortunately, there are some features in DU I'm not happy about nor are the masses that continue to complain in chat. Nonetheless, good job and good luck. I hope a year from now I'm immersed in DU building the city of my dreams for all to see. I will revisit a year from now and hope that things have changed. Of course, keep a keen eye on youtube for tutorials to learn better. Until then, Safe Journey, Ankido
  9. Took some time but figured out a few things. I made my first platform. I feel as though I've achieved so much in life. No joke! This was no easy task to figure it out.
  10. I saw one of the Tutorial places when I visited a market. Unfortunately, I didn't see any tutorials but sculptures of things. Right now I don't have the time in the day spending on a game with a steep learning curve. I'll wait a few months or year and hopefully learn some more. I'm a builder in Second Life. It's a metaverse client. The building concept is so easy. Wondering why they went in this direction of building. I'm a city builder and was looking forward to it.
  11. All I know is that tramp tutorial sent me to a moon, made me spend all my credit to build a house and left me to rot on my tile. I had to farm resource for hours upon hours and sell in the market to buy a ship. The crafting table is confusing because I'm finding myself having to type in the search box all the time what I want and how to do it. Most industrial stuff needs a surface and that I don't have. Not sure what that Guild thing is.
  12. Have you ever heard of Second Life? This gives me the same concept yet you have to be a developer in order to understand this game/platform or whatever you want to call it. The tutorial is by far terrible and doesn't explain much. Then she disappears and you're left on your own. I can't for the life of me on YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, DUCKDUCKGO the whole damn internet find a way to build just one damn platform. I'm not really sold on this game but really do appreciate the concept and work put into it. I find myself having headaches and ironically it has nothing to do with bugs or being phase 1 of beta. I find that quite shocking. Within 24 hours I'm about to lay this game/platform to rest and bid it a farewell as the pain from the learning curve is ruining my mood. If someone can be so kind to help me with links, youtube or whatever means of how to build just a DAMN platform I would appreciate it. This game/platform is turning out to be not my cup of tea.
  13. Same happened with me after being in the queue. Reached 61 queue and bam got the 100 error. No biggie I'm sure it'll sort itself out soon. Edit: Clear Cache from game works.
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