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  1. This brain in hole image you're using as your avatar is making me question whether or not you're telling the truth.
  2. Welcome. Good luck to you, if you want to be a part of something where you have more pull than another number just let me know.
  3. See you on the frontier of exploration.
  4. Welcome! See you in DU!
  5. Excellent, I enjoy conversation so feel free to post any concerns or questions!
  6. These guys will seriously get your back, i'm sure they are ready to succeed.
  7. Can't wait to make some space civilizations with you. See you in DU. Welcome!
  8. Good to have you, hello!
  9. Circles

    Hello all

    I was kind of looking for this at E3 since it actually comes out this year. I hope Novaquark gets some spotlight soon for their release. Welcome.
  10. Circles


    Welcome to DU.
  11. Circles


    Hey Sprawwl, can verify, real.
  12. I am looking for people to play and plan with as well Minty, you can apply with us any time if you want somewhere nice to stay.
  13. The game isn't released yet, thanks for joining my discord, just to afk... Tl;dr.
  14. For the longest time I wasn't sure if they were just pronouncing "shared" weird for single shared, until i realized it really is single-shard. Welcome.
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