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    DocHoliday reacted to yamamushi in we need a smoothen function in the select tool   
    It's not implemented in the way that this suggestion is describing.
    The smooth tool as described in the video is a point and click one, where you click the area that you want to be smoothed out.
    In Everquest Landmark, you could select the voxels and then click the smooth tool and it would apply smoothing to the entire area you had selected.
    I agree that this would be a very desirable feature to have. 
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    DocHoliday got a reaction from yamamushi in we need a smoothen function in the select tool   
    I have played Everquest Landmark which has exactly the same building system and to smoothen a whole selected area is a crucial function.
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    DocHoliday reacted to Miamato in Multiple playable species   
    Agree, it would be pretty cool to have this in post release major updates. It will result with some insane and cool mixes of human vs alien design ships. But at current stage I think better to have one race and everything polished and balanced for it. 
    Another side effect of such addon is that you need additional skill tree for that race that will just increase learning curve. Not a huge problem, but again hard to balance. 
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    DocHoliday reacted to Fitorion in Different Species?   
    Looking at some recent interviews and stuff.
    At release player customization will probably be fairly simple... male/female and gear...  More complex character creation is the second stretch goal on the Kickstarter.
    I strongly desire immense amounts of character customization.  And if the ability to do so expands with time... then the ability to change existing characters to take advantage of the new features needs to exist.  I think such things could easily be explained as a genetic "barber shop"   
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    DocHoliday reacted to waynethecool in Different Species?   
    i think they need to add animels so there can be pets and mobs 
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    DocHoliday reacted to Miamato in Multiple playable species   
    For me the difference is that if you implement new non human race, that means it should have it's own technology, as humans and that other guys never met before. So that means you need much effort at least to create similar construction parts with different design specific for the new race. In ideal world if that other race is non-human like, that should use completely different technologies. In case we have not only other player models, but all needed technologies, design, backstory - this will make sense, at least for me. 
    Just imagine that several thousands of years one race was traveling to face another space guys and then realize they have all the same vehicles, but just another face. 
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    DocHoliday reacted to Fitorion in Different Species?   
    The more character customization the better I say.  But only humans at launch makes sense.  I'd love to see aliens down the road added as playable with an expansion or something.
    But consider the technology levels at play here.  In the real world we're on the verge of some incredible genetic modification advances.  It's slow going as it's not something you want to mess up...  But such technology could be perfected and common place in the Game world.  So imagine that you're still classified as human but you can make yourself blue... or red... or give yourself horns or cat ears or fur or scales or a tail... even gills...  The possible combinations that a human could have could be huge.  And you could have genetic modification stations like hair salons in other games... 
    If they do that though... the aliens will have to be pretty... well... alien if and when they are introduced.  They wouldn't be able to be Human shaped with familiar animal characteristics because humans would already have done that.  
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    DocHoliday reacted to Vyz Ejstu in Different Species?   
    Good day, Kiritho. 
    The developers have struck out the possibility of any playable races other than human ones. They do plan on implementing wreckage and ruins, although it remains to be seen or heard, whether they will eventually bring aliens into the game. What I do know for sure, is that none of the people that came from the Novark are aliens.
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    DocHoliday reacted to Wilks Checkov in Character Creation/Customization and Races   
    Personally, and this is just me and a very limited few others... but augmentation... implants that whole wondrous side of things does fit within the lore... I imagine at some point a few of those features will be added in, in one way or another. 
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    DocHoliday reacted to wizardoftrash in Character Creation/Customization and Races   
    Given that there may be a premium cosmetic item shop, we might see more alternate armor designs come up, but so far no reason to indicate anything other than humanoid shape. But hey, if enough people would buy alt race character meshes, who knows right?
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    DocHoliday reacted to xhiyikfkox in Character Creation/Customization and Races   
    I think it would be cool to have a few different races to play as in the game. Seeing as the game is High Tech it would not be anything game breaking to have Humans and Robots as races to play as. Also seeing as the game takes place in space on different worlds and there are AI Aliens, it would be cool to have the ability to also choose a couple alien race for your character.
       With having different races armor could be handled a little differently as well as allow slight differences in default buffs. So say your a human or alien, you wear armor, if your a robot it would be cool to have modular upgrades you could say. Instead of wearing armor you have modules that go into those slots. Say the chest armor is a generator module or something to keep you powered and if removed your chest piece would be an exoskeleton with wires and circuits in it, with a chest module installed you have a full chest piece to the character.
       Buffs, I did say slight different buffs. So as a robot you don't need to eat and are non organic, so needing to eat would need to be modified but also you cant be poisoned or need to breathe air. So having damage taken would need some way to repair themselves instead of medical would be cool. Humans and aliens need to eat, however aliens could be more resistant to poison, so less likely to be poisoned or get sick from food. If they have scales for skin they could have a slightly higher damage resistance than humans. 
      For customization, changing the armor colors in some places or the look of the armor would be cool too. On the character creation to set a different hair style or color, eye color and maybe some scars on the face would be cool too. If you do the robots, allowing a human to have a robotic arm or leg on creation would be cool too. Another option would be something like the Unreal Tournament 2004 system where you can make your own models and import them. This kind of feature could bring a monetary market to the game or even an in game market if you were to allow trades. Say someone sets up a character alteration station with their own model in it of an alien they made on their own, but to make it work you need to put resources in and then step inside. Upon stepping inside it would change the model of character your using allowing you to become that custom alien. Anything like allowing character customization would help in the long run as it makes the game more diverse as well.
       Simple things like this could make the game more diverse in small ways and I think would help the game out a lot. Weather you use these ideas or not is up to you and I look forward to the game either way
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