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  1. oh cool you are here as well.

  2. those are the folks we don't miss anyway
  3. Guess this will be your first Alpha. when it hits don't be disappointed to fast. there will be bugs and changes heated discussions ect. even if the end result is not what you expected, testing by it selves can be allot of fun. its not uncommon to pick-up some new friends wile testing.
  4. I think its likely that after launch development will go one. Frontier developments does that with a parallel world, were they transfer your current achievements to the parallel word. any development made in that world is not transferred back. (frontier developments made Elite Dangerous)
  5. not only those but also space sim fans, like I I was surprised not to see Elite Dangerous in your list of games. why is that ? If I may be so blunt. Welcome btw
  6. ah okay that made allot clear, still how does one becomes a Alpha team member ? or is that already closed or maybe never been open to the public.
  7. this I cannot ignore, its a dream come true. I'm a fan and supporter of several space sim games and cutting edge hardware. I hope there will be some sort of Alpha/Beta test phase we can join.
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