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  1. The problem I see with this is that there are people that need to log off because of an emergency. I was a volunteered firefighter, and I always had to quit everything. EVE was a hassle. I had to give my ship the command to dock and leave the game on, so my ship does that.
  2. I totally forgot about planets. Duh. You are right. I still would have tried the game.
  3. Oh. Well, that is a big turn off for me then. That's why I don't like to play EVE anymore. The constant fear of being ganked, even though you just want to run a smooth mining operation with friends.
  4. You see that wrong. Switching the model is always a bad move. Do you remember the community outcry when Team Fortress 2 switched to free to play? Also selling the game as "Yo, you can play that stuff for the price of 60 Gold Dubloons, no monthly fee." and then switching to "Please give us 10 Gold Dubloons every month, kthxbye" is considered false advertising AFAIK and can lead to some nasty lawsuits. I approve of the monthly subscription, because I like to support things that I enjoy. That's why I give some money to Youtubers/Musicians/Whatever via Patreon. I enjoy their work and don't want them to quit just because they don't have time anymore for things that brings them more money in.
  5. I can see the game being blocked by GEMA (the German Royalty Collecting Company), they have already struck youtube and we are not able to watch certain music videos or watch certain videos with certain music in it. (Of course there's a way to circumvent that, but that's not the topic)
  6. That's where the other players do come in. Contact people, give them contracts to make scripts for you. There will most certainly be people who do that (I certainly will be) for money or other services. And I assume there will be tutorials by users for that. Generally speaking: In a game like this you need to talk to others if you can't accomplish something by yourself.
  7. I'd actually love to be able to store stuff in containers and then putting the container via crane or something into the ship.
  8. Why not subcontract it or find a partnership? Find someone able to do it, where you also benefit from that. I, for example, know a company here in Germany that prints some sick cards (their name is not as sick though). And I'm able to set up a webshop and always looked for some kind of opportunity to do something like that *hint hint*
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