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  1. I just received another email: "Last Call: Come help load testing DU!" encouraging me to share my activation link with friends ....the activation link I never received. I'm not quite sure why these "reminder" emails couldn't include the activation link that we need...
  2. Maybe it was because I became a sponsor yesterday. So I got the "Call to Arms" email after I became a sponsor, but those who got the email with the activation key received it for being a backer the day prior? I'm guessing no one who knows would be looking at these forums, huh?
  3. I received an email today with the following text: To that end, all DU Alpha backers were sent a unique activation link to share with their friends, which can be activated a total of five (5) times. PLEASE send these out to as many people as possible! It insinuates that an email was sent previously with a "unique activation link"; however, I have not yet received anything. Am I looking in the wrong place?
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