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  1. Good commentary so far... also try to expand your thoughts beyond drugs... there are many other items that a governing body (organization) may want to make illegal in their jurisdiction, e.g. (explosives/certain weapons, embargoed goods, perhaps exotic goods...we will be in another part of the galaxy, let your imagination go wild.)
  2. So I already browsed the referenced link, and instead of posting to an older post decided to try this conversation from a different angle. Assuming the game mechanics allow it eventually there is a good chance we will have a black market associated with illegal goods. Illegal goods in one area may be legal in another depending on the organization that governs the area. The government decisions to permit one substance as legal versus illegal will have various consequences, which can add additional content and suspense to playing the game. It would be fun to find/manufacture/procure/obta
  3. I like this idea and think it should be added, as there is so much content potential here. Of course the basics of the game need to be added first, and then this content should start to be added and expanded on. I can see not only the horticulture, forestry skill tree, but also the genetics features about this implemented. I know they have indicated their will be pets, so there may be a animal husbandry skill tree in the future as well, which may be related to this topic.
  4. I agree with Reptoks, contact their support desk. I know when I upgraded I had an issue with it as well (not your specific issue, my issue was more what Lights spoke about). Their support desk contacted me immediately... I think it was a live chat or something. They should help you resolve the issue. Good luck.
  5. I like the idea of self destruct, but this also will need to be balanced with the ability to jam or disable as previously mentioned. As for the EMP type device, this is interesting as well, it could be designed with some Lore that will only allow it to be used in specific settings e.g, (space, unprotected areas, etc...) The EMP device should have a balance between range and resource requirements. To balance against the EMP device players should be able to shield areas that are needed to ensure the electronics are not impacted. As for ships, since most electronics are already hardened to su
  6. Please add links on the forum page to the main website, similar to how the main website has links to the forum. I realize this is not exactly on the high list of priorities for gameplay mechanics, however it should help with communications with the community and potential future community members. Forgive me if the link is somewhere on the forum web page, however I could not locate it, which should be good feedback in and of it self. I did not see a post on this yet, so my apologies if this has already been mentioned. Looking forward to the Dual Universe experience.
  7. Well dang, no one has volunteered, so I guess someone has to, Code24 if you need someone to shoot at you I will do it for the cause. Heck we can even simulate multiple people shooting you... Interested Lights? Overall this idea has merit, perhaps the pledge could be altered to state something like "without mutual consent" to engage in hostilities, thus providing the necessary flexibility for players to test out the functionality, tactics, strategy, etc...
  8. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Happy New Years to all.
  9. not sure if this is the country lordtitanos is referring too or not, but do not see Sweden listed under Europe
  10. Hello, I am looking to join an organization...perhaps yours. I have played a variety of games going on my second decade. (Don't make fun of older people... ) I played eve online for one of those decades and enjoyed the game immensely, but I decided to stop inserting quarters into that game. I am really looking forward to watching the DU game take shape and help shape it. If you look me up in Steam I am under the same character name. Game style: Explorer; Support Function, Electronic Warfare, Scout, Miner, Industrialist, Researcher, Large Fleet Warfare, Loyal, Honor Code. If yo
  11. Interesting concept that I imagine they may consider later in the game development to add additional game content. I believe at least initially the idea is to focus on the game mechanics, physics, systems that will allow the player base to build player content into the game. I agree that after the game is released adding some additional story line game content into the game sounds reasonable and fun.
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