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  1. I do not claim to know what NQ will do, I will follow the signs and indicators across the course of beta and pretty much all of them point at a wipe prior to release. It's really not hard to connect these dots. I am also certain NQ knows what is going to happen either way as just a few months away from release, they'd better be. If they do not then indeed, they and the game are in trouble..
  2. You're suggesting that NQ allow/include the possibility to generate tokens in game that have a hard real world value, hence will draw in shady/criminal/scammy organisations who will exploit this and exploit actual people to generate $$$ in a game. Your idea is basically a goldsellers dream. You can make money in game and then buy a DAC in game for Quanta,allowing you to effectively play for free, yes. This is something we know wil lbe possible. But allowing what you describe "will DACs be craftable by the players the high tier ores and plasma?" would be a very, very bad idea. You may have misspoke and meants something else instead, but of not then your idea/suggestion is terrible.
  3. NQ has generally pushed away most sensible ideas and suggestions coming from the community based on it "being too difficult to implement," "not having time and/or resources", "not being a priority" and more such terms. I'd agree that NQ has locked their feature set for what they call "release" and on top of that, the game's core is so bare and basic it has no room to accommodate anything innovative or radically different from what they are doing now. I have made quite a few fairly detailed suggestions over the years and certainly the last two year and as with many others, have really not seen anything that would tell me NQ ever really considered anything but their own ideas, even when they were shown that these would not work or would be too basic. It's also very interesting to see NQ deflect ideas because "it would be a lot of work to make that happen" and then come out with new stuff that basically covers exactly what is needed for the original idea. Things like refueling ships at a base or even from another ship really should be possible with existing mechanics, transferring fuel from cargo/storage to fuel tanks should really not be hard to achieve. I've posted on power management with a solution which would not potentially solve several existing problems, it would allow for a good basis to expand the mechanic towards the future. I posted on a better way to introduce schematics to the game loop(s) I posted on better element deterioration mechanics I've posted ideas on multicrew gameplay (construct mangement) options which, when discussed with NQ were deemed "interesting" but from that obviously never went anywhere. Al of these ideas were posted early in beta and frankly, well before that.. and NQ really can't maintain the "no time" excuse on these IMO .. I guess the point is that NQ has had ample time and opportunity to come to a pretty well rounded base game but instead opted to plough ahead and now end up with something extremely shallow and limited and effectively not all that much different from where they were three years ago, in fact they took a few massive steps back by removing core gameplay and replace it with a cheaper version that mostly plays in the UI and not in the game world itself at all.
  4. If you actually pay attention, you already have your answer and frankly, knwoing what NQ knows about their playerbase they have everyreason to only announce the wipe they have certainly planned at the very last moment. Several reasons actually and each of them valid ones. While I would agree that NQ has handled the situation around the coming wipe terribly, and the pretence they are still "disscussion this internally", the fact it's coming only really makes sense and the #1 reason why you can easily deduct that it's happening is that IF NQ were to NOT have the wipe planned there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to not have made that clear already. Mind you NQ has not once said "we have not made a decision on whether to wipe or not", everything they say is that they have ongoing discussion on it, which IMO means the HOW and WHEN, not the WHETHER.. NQ knows when they plan to release, the debate will likely be about the headstart period between the wipe and "release" and the commercial exploitation of that period as well as possibly the details of the actual wipe, although I'd expect that to be decided on by now as well since the wipe is probably little over 2 months away..
  5. Another underwhelming episode, pretty much showing how bare and unfinished DU still is. While the reasons for that are entirely understandable and by themselves not an issue, seeing NQ storming towards a "release" with a blatantly unfinished product which not even deserves a "beta" label is really concerning. My overal impression is that NQ plans to just keep going as long as they can on the path they have been on since pre-alpha and cal lit a release in a few months not because the game is ready, but because they need to start generating reveue (or drop the game if they can't). And IMO that is a very wrong reasoning, but I fear NQ has no choice anymore. LUA changes Post release - will disrupt existing constructs Pretty much defining this as another Alpha feature still and also implying that NQ sees no issue with knwoingly breaking the game post release. Griefing Very vague and frankly dangerous definition presented Lumi Voxels Should have been in already, this feels like whoever did the white lumi voxels has left and no one knows how to expand on the code. At the same time, how difficult can this really be? Obviously, again, post release. Mention of better BP system.. also post release FTUE Great that NQ thinks mission are a good follow up from the introduction. The FTUE should cover this though, not just "see the planning board" Also, something "may not be interesting to a player" should not be a reason to NOT include it in FTUE as not including it would also mean not getting it in front of those who may like it. What NQ calls the FTUE is really just what woudl be a "how to get started" part of the FTUE.. Alien cores Another "in progress" story.. Seems like NQ intends to just slap a release label on a game which is really still in Alpha.. By the time Beta rolls around game mechanics and features should be complete and only need polish, bug fixing and some tweaking. Alien cores are also of no value to anyone but PVP groups as there is no real benefit to them that justifies the risk involved, the answer given really implies these cores are there to promote combat for the sake of promoting combat, not be a part of the production/industry cycle of the game.
  6. I kind of have a feeling the comment this refers to was actually implying as much and was meant in a joking fashion.. I can see the poster having a good chuckle it was responsed to this way
  7. I do not consider the post NQ made as putting anyting on the table as I am convinced they have made their decision to do a wipe as I have laid it out quite some time ago and the post is really just filler and a stalling tactic. The post really did not tell us anything.
  8. Because talent points are directly linked to game time and thus paid for by subscribers. On top of that, I can't see NQ differentiate backers and beta subscriptions so from tthat I expect talent points accrued during beta will return to the pool on the wipe.
  9. A friend or foe identifier of any kind always needs to relate to the pilot and/or org they are part of, not the construct.
  10. @LeoCora Everything was cleared a week before beta started. A wipe where you keep BPs for constructs you are cretaor for or which have no RDM, talent points accrued back in the pool and everything else reset would be the wipe I expect to happen at the "head start" point before official release. I do expect more detail will arrive over the next 4-6 weeks as I believe release is at most 13 weeks away, more likely 8-10 ..
  11. Obviously DAC will come in after the wipe and on release It actually is.. RL scams are against TOS and specifically mentioned This is a point that was raised back when NQ announced subscription in April 2020, obviously they have not said a word on this since. I actually expect they will bump gametime to something bwteeen $12 and $15 on release with DAC going at $18-$20
  12. With NQ publishing the first devblog around release, I updated my expectations in OP
  13. Why are there still people not expecting one? Of course there wil lbe a wipe and wit the first devblog around the release now out, that will happen fairly soon.
  14. I certainly feel that NQ has consistently ignored the opportunity and possibility to make voxels be what drives the game. Make it more than just "armour" or "pretty". Design elements to be a core/a foundation of a functionality and then allow voxels, which can be shaped as needed, to bring out the elements attributes as/where needed. Have voxels with lift attributes buff wings, have voxels with thrust attributes glow and enhance engine efficiency as engines energize them. Have emissive voxels enhance radar ranges or focus it. Have voxels be conduits, actually connecting elements. The opportunities here for customization and specialization are almost endless and it mostly takes is numbers in a database while the effect in game can be massive in many ways. It's simple, efficient, low cost and easy to implement as well as allows for the "foundation" elements to be of simple and easy to integrate design and styling. Oh, and none of this is new ideas, they were put forward very early on by myself and several others.
  15. Radar identifier could easily just be a colored inicator for whatever construct.. Adding a transponder woudl be nice, but generally woudl mean work NQ probably has no time/resources for. It would be much easier to use a standing system (set manually in the org list), with basic colors but also an option to set these to custom values (to support colorblind people!) RED - Hostile BLUE - Not Set GREEN - Friendly GRAY - No Owner DOT - dynamic SQUARE - static TRIANGLE - player
  16. The thing is, NQ is very inconsistent in how they "fix" things or where they make entirely irrelevant changes. Radar obstruction is not in any way a problem in game. Hiding a radar inside a ship does not generate an unfair advantage of any kind, forcing it to have line of sight is only detrimental to players abilities to make nicely designed ships as the elements are eye sores. This change adds _nothing_ to the game and really only is a detractor.
  17. Today's changes to radar will force players to once more redesign. They also mean that the genrrally rather antiquated and oversized radar element designs to make designing nice looking ships more difficult as these lements really are not pretty to look at and now ships will need to have warts sticking out.. Today's sensory elements IRL are nothing like this, phased array receivers and emitters have taken over and these are mostly flush and flat on ship hulls and.or masts The sphere on top is actually the satvav dome.. Radar and comms antennas are the flat elements ... I expect that this is another one of the disruptive changes NQ is pushing through which will make players leave.. It's yet another sign the powers that be at NQ really do not understand what the playerbase wants and does.
  18. I'd absolutely agree that NQ is not in any way malicious, just as I expect that the faces and voices, we hear have no intention of misleading anyone. It is the middle and upper management at NQ which is (or is not) setting policy and process and that is where this is going south. Again, not out of malice, but because of what seems to be a total lack of direction and a complete disconnect with the community around the game. What is happening at NQ is a management problem and unfortunately that is generally very tough to get back on track once it goes off the rails. IMO, the fact that several people at the low end, the ones we talk to/who should be listening to us, have rotated in and out, while the style and attitude has remained roughly the same is showing this to be the case.
  19. Unless a miracle happens and NQ finds many millions in funding to not be forced to, DU will release this year in whatever state it is. Once past release, a wipe in any form is really no longer an option. I originally expected DU woudl get to "release" end of the year but I expect Nq won't be able to stretch thei budget that far. We'll see..
  20. As I've said before, NQ knows hey will wipe and roughly when. There may be some factors still not set in stone, but they know when they plan to release an dthey know how they wil lhandle the lead up to that release, which I have no doubt wil linclude a partial wipe. The problem here is that NQ totally fails at communicating and seems so disconnected at this point they just do not know how to communicate the plan towards release and are their usual self in waiting until the very last moment. MEanwhile , anyone with half a brain knows a wipe is coming and the only sensible fomr of that is a partial one, where talent points and blueprints for the constructs your are either cerator for or which are DRM free are retained. If NQ was not planning a wipe, they woudl have said so by now as ther is absolutely no a single reason I can think of to not make that announcmeent. So from that, the conclusion a wipe is going to happen is very reasonable an least and the worst part of that is NQ seemingly being oblivious to this..
  21. Yes and no. That the server tech has its limitations is not new nor unknown. There have been many instances, from very early on (before pre-alpha started even) where NQ has been quite open about that. The problem is that, while known to be limited, NQ still tried to shoe-horn in mechanics which they should have known would not function wel enough to be viable. And on top of that they designed their backend in such a way that it started to drain resources once beta opened to the extent NQ has been trying to recover from that ever since and had to fire their visionary and CEO. Insteead of knowing your limitations and then building what you know is achievable, NQ tried to consistently find ways around the limitation and fall on their face, losing time and money in the process as they then needed to repair. The lack of long term planning and absence of a project manager to control all this are the driving factors in that IMO.
  22. If NQ had gotten the player numbers they appear to have expected, enough to cover the proper completion of the base game feature set, and that player base would have created a game world which is needed for the game to function then sure.. At this point the player pop is extremely low while the game world is littered with junk and a good few of the remaining players are sitting on goods and funds in game which will allow them to practically just play in their own bubble, not in any way contributing to the game overall and that is bad for the game. the terrible way schematics were handled and the reluctance with which NQ has handled exploits have only stifled the game. IMO the problem is not NQ doing a partial wipe or not, it is that NQ has failed to clearly communicate their intention from the get-go and has effectively just made thing worse by half-baked and vague comments which only fueled the discussion, not end it. NQ is not in control of the situation and is not doing anything to try and fix that. There never-ending culture of wanting to debate and consider things at length is really just working against them and the game.
  23. This is not about the effect of a skill, it is about the time it takes to train it. And that is exactly the same between DU and EVE in that the way it is designed will allow a new player to get up to 80% of the same skills is considerable less time than what a more tenured player "is ahead" since that new player will train several talents to L4 in the same time a tenured player trains a single L5 of one skill by that time. All talents, like skills ins EVE, have a 80-20-20-80 sctructure which means that you train 4 levels in 20% of the time it takes to train the full talent and the 5th level takes 80% of that time. So effectively, "catching up" is really not a concern at all. But we're getting off topic here..
  24. While I agree, NQ could communicate this openly and directly, lay down the facts and debunk the perception. NQ actually has an open chance here to use this to their advantage but I expect they won't as they do not see it.
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