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  1. This would make much more sense with the state the game is currently in. seeing how the game started development around the end of 2014 and opened to backers in closed Alpha September 2017 I'd say that NQ's very careful attitude and not being more forceful with the need to wipe and the need to make sweeping changes to even sometime just see how they would play out has delayed progress very much. DU is 8 years in the making and seeing the scale of the game, they are probably 2 years behind what realistically should have been possible. NQ has always had the illusion that what they are doing would draw in many tens of thousands, their initial pitch was actually based on "we want to not rely on investors and crowdfund to remain independent". The crowdfunding of the game really failed as the 2.2-ish million they raised that way was spent the moment it was transferred and so added nothing to their ability to develop the game. I have always said, and continue to feel this way, that DU is a great idea, but NQ lacked and lacks the ability to make long term plans as well as know where to compromise early on by understanding what is achievable and what is not. By blindly chasing his dream, JC lost focus of reality and eventually lost his company and his dream. And since the shake up all NQ has been able to do is cut fat and hollow out the game to a level it remained sustainable for players. I think they have always been chasing the facts of reality and never caught up. I wish, I really do, that NQ would be able to find a healthy chunk of money and then withdraw, pull the plans for a release and actually fix the game from the ground up, adjusting what was ignored and fixing what was dismissed. The potential for greatness is there but the incomplete foundation on which they are continuing to shoehorn in more and more top-level stuff just makes it a house of cards, which inevitably will fall over. DU is being developed not based on what's needed but on how much time NQ has before they run out of money which really is not a good place to be in. But as it stands, the cards are on the table and it looks like NQ has decided they will make a hail Mary move in rushing to a release with the funding and resources they have, probably hoping that the many tens of thousands they need will still come. NMS has become a pretty string game, obviously Hello gamees has a healthy bank account and also a revenue stream form other titles. The reasons why NMS borked at launch also werenot a bad foundation for the game but a published (Sony) pushing the release whil ethe game wasnot ready for it. So Hello games both had the funding an dthe talent to hunker down, ignore the bad press and get to work. NQ is a very top heavy company where the actual team working the game is a fairly small part of the game. Too many in middel/upper management, directors, "senior" this or that, "so and so lead" .. I have no doubt the devs at NQ do what they can with te tools they have but the interests and agendas of the levels above them I can see hinder that effort more than aiding it. If NQ would push the actual development of DU to Montreal and focus Paris on theyr "new ploject", that might actually be a good start but I think they are too late to right the ship and will just run into the wall that is their (no doubt allready set as a fixed point) release date fo rthe game. DU will realease not ready but in the state it is in at that time with whatever not being complete pushed out beyond that point..
  2. Yeas and no, I actually feel the original ideas for DU are good, if not great. it is the way these ideas took form in game and the lack of cohesion between them that is the problem. Also shoehorning something intho place where it really doe nsot fit is not good, you need to adjust and mold things to co-exist and be interdependent. And it is there where DU fails consistently Not really, The core of DU is really just a box with sand, there is no dynamic or random core mechanics on which things like NPCs or interactive PVE content would be built. It's simply not there and it shows through the fact that everything NQ added that nudges in that direction is entirely static and mostly based on a UI interaction.
  3. Pretty solid overview, The TheYamiks video I would put a sub zero value as his MO is to be negative and bash anything an everything. Yes, the M15 issue was handled badly by NQ buttey were not wrong really. It seems that overall you agree with what is my position here, if NQ does a wipe they can't againdo a full wipe as that woudl destroy the value people pad mpney for which indeed is a big nono. A wipe where the gameuniverse is reset/cleared, quanta and schematics are deleted and players get to keep blueprints for the constructs they are creatro for or which are DRM free. Based on the NQ post I do expect they may remove schematics from the game entirely which is a shame as the idea (as with many things in NQ) is good but he implementation is not. I do think that my thoughts on how schematics woud be better iomplemented are still very valid (see HERE) NQ indeed painted themselves into a corner with et choices made at bets and wil ldo so again at "release" as once they go past that point, a wipe is no longer an option while the game is effectively still very much in an alpha state and willprobably need another wipe, likely more in the years after that point, provided NQ actuallly gets to a point where they complete the core game to a level it woudl be justifyably carry a "releease" tag. It is my opinion that the only way DU can really be completed to a state it deservs to be "released" would be to pull it back, the devs to hunker down and pull a NMS, but that requires both financial security and the willingness to do so which is something I believe NQ does not in either case. It feels liek they want to get it over with, sink or swim and move on. The focus for NQ is not DU, it is keeping NQ alive and DU will not be what makes that happen, something I have always believed to be the case and which only now is starting to bubble to the surface from the NQ side. Mind you, that would not have to be a negative thing as when NQ could start generating revenue from other projects, like their voxel/server engine as a main asset, and continue development on DU as the showcase for that, a lot of the (financial) issues around a niche product like DU woudl go away, at leeast to some extend. A showcase product can and often will come at al oss but have those losses covered in the companies mai activity/asset. Only time will tell, for now I have several years of free game time in DAC waiting and so I can eaily sit it out whatever happens.
  4. I was not bashing his ideas at all, in fact I agree with most of them. IMO though, NQ has made choices and has limitations at this point which prevent them from consideration which is a real shame. You may not agree but at the same time I doubt you can counter my comments with anything meaningful or show them totally false. And in that regard, your post would be pretty much what you define mine as.. I would really lke to see NQ stepup and prove me wrong. Problem here is that I have been waiting for them to do that for the last three+ years and based on their current situation, I have little hope they may yet do so. To me, DU has promise and potential but (due to the mismanagement by JC) is driven be a focus on saving cost and keeping the company developing it alive first and foremost where NQ has, does and will sacrifice and comprimise mostly anything to achieve that. And that is just not a healthy breeding ground for a game the scale and complexity DU can be. If someone were to pull a NMS on NQ, shrink them down to 10-15 people and hunker down with a good chunk of cash then maybe they could make the game work. You can disagree with my view which is fine and my opinion really does not reflect on any one staffer at NQ. At the top level NQ has already moved on and is in the process of getting their next project off the ground (which I expect is monetizing their server/voxel engine). DU will see a release and from there will be sink or swim with continued minimal support from the side of NQ as far as I have set my expectations..
  5. How is a glow effect "HDR mode" Does NQ even know and understand what HDR stands for as far as what it achieves? glowy bits certainly doe snot qualify in that regard.
  6. Not you obviously.. even when you did and are responding to a response to someone else's post.
  7. If you would try and make this case relating to NQ once they wipe .. you will be laughed out of court faster than you could say WIPE You are not in any way "financially injured", certainly not in the context of this quote, if NQ decided to wipe, even if they did a full wipe. The T&C for the game, which you agreed to as you signed up and which woudl superceed any comments made by individual NQ staff, leave it entirely for NQ to do as they deem is needed, including a full wipe. The conditions for lifting safe zones around planets has been pretty well defined and the required state of the game has not yet been met. The big blue ball around Alioth/Madis/Thades was a direct result of the warmongering and "we wil lcome and kick over your sandcasteles as soon as we can" talk that happened prior to and earlu into beta. DU is not a PVP game and the devs rightly will/have/should protect the game against that part of it becoming all emcompassing and going everywhere. Basically, the trigger happy crowd jump the gun and by doing so shackled themselves. The whole loop this relates to is extremely under developed and really is one of the big pointers the game is really still knee deep in alpha.. Unfortunately I doubt NQ will ever get back to fixing this as they will not have the time to do so and the game will not be around long enough to justify it NQ's original idea was good but because their inability to really build the rest of the gam efrom there and their horrid planning and financial management led to this being all but a shell of what it was menat to be and again, I can't see them find opportunity to ever recover from that. The game has no hooks or logic to support NPCs, any and all "content" NQ creates is entirely static. JC thought he could literayy just build a box and dump sand in it to then see massive amount sof players come and buils the game for him. Many of us have told NQ that was a pipedream from very ealy on and obviously, NQ did not listen or care. In EVE, PVE content and NPC activity lies at the core of everything that happens in the game, it is the well from which all player activitie flows. For DU to even have a basic form of that woudl probably require a massive rewrite fo the core game, something which simply wil lnot happen. Here again, NQ has no gamedesign skillset, they created a technical solution which has no gameplay value in RDMS. A relational mechanic which defines Neutral, Friend or Foe woudl be a very basic thing to have but again, it's not something NQ seems to consider or be able to come up with. Fair, Frankly, if I look at the siege mechanic Frozenbyte is designing for STarBAse, it is simple, effective and clear. You initiate the attack, the defender sets the time for the attck to commence. If you manage to capture the defeated defenders get he opportunity to take it back and if they can't it's yours and a safezone is re-established. It's really not hard and while DU lacks many of the intricate parts of what EVE and also StarBAse do, at least they can get close enough to make the mechanic work, interesting and worthwile. But again, I do not think the game will be around long wnough for it to flesh out. I believe part off why NQ never really aggressively pursued expliots is because it was _always_ the plan to wipe come release. You need imagination to create lore and events. And unfortunately NQ has yet to show a sense of that. Agree DU is still alpha, it is a collection of mechanics with no glue and no substance. NQ ran out of ideas, lost their vision and ha sno funding. They are stuck and al lthey have is hope that pushing a release and rushing to it triggers in influx of players big enough to survive long enough to get to the next expansion.
  8. Not really, this pretty much woudl be the same situation as a group of players joined in an org and dividing talents/skills. Effectively though, they will always hav ethe upper hand as eny one of yor characters can't utilize the other's talents at the same time in the same moment, unless you have several separate PCs you can only log in the character you need and it woudl be far more efficient to play with a group than with Alts, which is my point. Yes, you as a player have several characters which can doo it all between them, but not at the same time
  9. We need Bookmark folders We need Org Bookmarks Constructs should be separated into Separate categories for dynamic, static and space and probably also between personal and org. I agree that having a visual representation of at least org owned dynamic constructs on the space map would be really nice. The improved space map is good, long overdue but good. Could be better though
  10. It is easy to prove that NQ doe snot read everything as they very clearly have missed quite a few very clear posts and/or feedback. It is also not true they refrain from posting much because the community over analyzes what they say. The moment pre-alpha started they stopped being fairly open and direct with the community. For what reason tha tis we can only speculate on, but that has been the case. And people do not "over analyze" what they do say because people mean to be a nuisance or find allthe weak spots, It's because NQ has a tryly terrible trackrecord on communication and making clear and meaninful statements. The lateest wipe post is a textbook example of that. It answers nothing, creates no clarity at all and pretty much just fuels the discussion and speculation. NQ seems more concerned with not wanting to accept accountability and ownership of their choices (good or bad) than about bieng informative and open/transparent as they promised they would be. And frankly, the comunity facing NQ staff is he victim of this mangement choice as they are the ones having to deal with it, which I can understand is not always very nice to have to do. People have left NQ over these choices and this pressure which is entirely on the plate of those setting the policy, not those who left or us.
  11. A gamedesigner is not a creative director. the two work together but it's a very different skillset with some overlap. Having a game designer as creative director does somewhat eexplain some choices made (of late). Also, I personally see a lot of potential pitfalls with people who joined very early on as "do-ers" gettin into positions where they need to be "thinkers" in such a volatile stage of development. That also really explains some choices that hav ebeen made and are not al lthat great. I still believe the lack of a project manager who keeps tabs on progress and the departments heads in check is something NQ really needs.
  12. VIDEO SOURCE I thought this to be an interesting video which holds some interesting detail and frankly, may be a good signal for DU. The video basically sets up NQ as "the metaverse company using voxel technology", it mentions DU but really only in passing. To me, this video sets up NQ as a company with a "new project" which I expect is actually not new at all, it is their voxel/metaverse server tech being repurposed as their main asset. Not really a surprise and something many of us have been expecting. I am pretty sure that the investors initially came on board because of the tech, not so much DU. And this allows that line to be built out. How does this benefit DU then? For one, if NQ manages to attract new funding for their "new project", some of that could trickle down into DU as the "showcase" project. As it stands there is no clear separation of Paris and Montreal, and this could well change all that. Paris could become a more "NQ/Metaverse" focussed office while the DU related work is pushed to Montreal, something that honestly makes sense. Focus on DU at the Montreal office will allow more direct and faster decision making, keeping the "core tech" in Paris will open up a number of further options, not excluding it being absorbed by a big publisher like Ubisoft eventually. Also, separating the two would allow either to fold without too much of an effect on the other. I doubt we will see anything from NQ as far as them commenting on this and in this case, I could see why and not disagree. But it's something that is important to us as DU community, so I feel it's worth discussing.
  13. You said: "the developers did say there wouldn't be a wipe after alpha" to which I replied "Source? as this is not true" Not sure what I missed here, you clearly are saying NQ said/promised to not wipe. And the comment was in relation to you voicing an idea which you effectively break yourself in the same post.. Trying to modify what you wrote after the fact to be able to argue a point is kind of a weak position to take especially when you try and spin it towards me "not understanding". If you read back and realize you may not have worded your opinion clear enough then sure, fair enough. But this is not me missing a point at all.
  14. More like eearly alpha still. Source? as this is not true I actually believe a partial wipe was always the plan and al lthe talk is around a full/global wipe like we had prior to "beta" start. The latter I'd agree will not happen again. Player balance has never been a consideration,it is a factor pushed into the argument by some players A bigger draw would be for new players coming in and finding experienced players there to take them on theior journey, including them in building the world togetrher. Actually I do not agree here, leaving htings as is will establish eth status quo, the have and have nots verry early on and in turn cause retention problems. True, and "NQ promised to not wipe" is one of the most persistent and incorrect stories causing much mayhem. NQ being completelty out oftouch with tis and posting articlees that only fluel that argument is not really helping either. You are actually playing part in the exact thing you are saying should not happen. Indeed as in a few years there will not be a game called DU. NQ is already preparing for their next project and has now come out clearly stating the purpose of the company is NOT making DU as they claimed to be the case since kickstarter (source) .. DU was what seesm to be an experiment, a showcase, a tool to develop what NQ considers their actual asset.. as many of us have said was the case for many years.
  15. I would really not be surprised if NQ actually thought that their post was a porper response to the issue and they ticked the "update on wipe" box off the list. By en large the community is well aware it was just throwing more fuel to the fire but hey.. what do we know.. /s
  16. I certainly think it will be interesting to start "fresh" with talent points and blueprints maintained. I actually can see a good few veteran players bond together and start buildinging actual communities around them, including new players which is eexactly what the game needs, instead of the high and mightly towers of wealth and "I have it all" that exists today. ANd that in itself is well worth a wipe IMO.
  17. I do not think they did. NQ is astoundingly naive in their thought patterns and decision making in these things and the post painfully exposes the massive disconnect between what NQ thinks is playing in the community and what actually is happening. But that is not new and NQ is completely tonedeaf to any and all signals that try and make them aware. And that is what I fear for in regards to the success of DU, the game can be fixed (eventually) but as long as NQ stays on the course tthey are on and maintains the attitude they have, that chance is slim at best.
  18. The fact they have not made an official announcment really only points in one direction. Not announcing a non wipe makes no sense, not announcing a wipe untill the last possible moment does, certainly in the well establiushed mindset of NQ
  19. I have, in the context of the conversatioions these quotes are taken from they refer to anothe "full" of "global" wipe, something which I'd agree should/will/can't happen again. Also, none of the quotes your post here say "We will not wipe again after beta launches." Maybe take some time and actually listen to/read the quote sin context or even read the actual quotes instead of just copy pasting what you think you are . And oh.. instead of namecalling and breaking forum TOS, If you can't have an adult discussion/argument, maybe keep quiet ..
  20. That promise was never made, you think it is, but you are mistaken. No matter how many times you or anyone who thinks the same for some reason tries to make that stick, it won't.
  21. There wil lnot be magic blueprints as since that few times this was mentioned a lot has happened which woudl make tha bad idea. The person who made those comments also no longer runs or is even part of the company so what he may or may not have said (and he has said some crazy things) is really not relevant. All these comments also refer to another FULL/GLOBAL wipe if needed, not the partial wipe I expect wil lhappen. My money is stil on a wipe shortly before release with normal blueprints for the constructs you either are the creator for or have no DRM as well as talent points back to the pool
  22. That opinion would only be valid IF the progression accounts make is shared across all accounts the player owns. And that is not the case. I have 10 alts currently, come "release" I will probably just have my four backer accounts accounts and each of these are entirely separate. Funny thing is one of my characters is playing with some of the people who have no idea it's one of my accounts. and probably would not be happy if they find out as some of them love to pick fights with me here on Discord. The core of the argument here is "I play solo, I choose to not play together with others, and I am not able to match their abilities which is why I am reeling against the people who run multiple accounts." Fact is that four players going at it together are FAR more advanced and powerful than one player with four accounts. Instead of complaining about this, why not find others and join forces as a group to achieve a better progression together.
  23. Something like the drop pods in Space Engineers would have been so much nicer.. But wait .. DU does not have the ability to do simple stuff like that which actually allows for proper interaction with an object.. Having to enter build mode is so.. not immersive.. Typical NQ rush job and them forgetting to announce it ahead of time is just.. so NQ ..
  24. Nowhere in that statement does JC commit to a no wipe. In the context of the actual conversation he is saying that post beta NQ would not do another global/full wipe unles they really have to, which was and still is exactly what they are saying on a full wipe. This does not at all relate to or reference partial wipes which have always been very much on the tabel with the sidenote of keeping BPs and talentpoints. Big problem here is that NQ is really muddying the water and making this more difficuylt that it has to be. Yes it woudl make sense to hnot have another global wipe like we had pre beta, absolutely. At the same time, it makes perfect sense if NQ decides to wipe the world, put talent points back in the pool and give you blueprints for all constructs you created. I really see no argument against that wipe happening at all. It maintains the advantage existing players have and also provides a good baseline for new players to enter the game. I;ve said it before, at the start of beta (and in the press release mentioning it) NQ was referncing the wipe they did pre beta, such a wipe wil not happen again yes..
  25. There is _no_ guarantee given that there would never be a full wipe again and NQ did not suggested as much. It is fair to argue that with taking payments you pretty much close that door unless you have no other options, which actually is _exactly_ what NQ has always said First off, being a persistent game does not in any way exclude a ipe of any kind any time prior to the game being officially released. the two have nothing to do with each other so that argument is void. You are an Alpha backer which means your access at the moment is a perk, a benefit. You preordered gametime which is going to be valid from the moment the game releases, as a benefit you were given access to the game prior to release at no extra cost. So effectively, you are currently playing for free. And there goes that argument You spent many hundreds of hours in game. Well that's fair enough and so it is entirely reasonable that that time spent (and for people who subscribed the money they spent) remains rewarded which is where having talent points being returned to the pool and blueprints for constyructs you created woudl com ein to play. Just thos etwo alone will give you a _massive_ advantage over any new player on the start ofthe game post a wipe. I'd say that pretty much nullifies the argument as far as it relates to being against a wipe. What is left is this; NQ has not committed to no wipe, they never did. It is reasonable to expect NQ has lost some of their options on a wipe once they took payment for access before official release and they will need to reward time spent in game if they wipe. That excludes another gobal/full wipe which is really not a point of discussion here at all. As far as not wanting a partial wipe, I get that is what you or anyone wants, but it just that, a preference. NQ will not break any promises or "betray" any one on a partial wipe as decribed above. Anything else?
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